Karmic Impression



The different size buttons play well with the desktop as maximized windows buttons are large and progress dialogs buttons small. The highlight button colors represent Ubuntu.

One unique attribute of this theme is the use of the gradient bottom panel. To my knowledge this has not been attempted before and adds color without getting in the way.

Synergy across Desktops


Moblin-2 beta-1

The close - maximize - minimize buttons of this theme tracks very closely to the Jaunty Impression. The simplicity of the design was my inspiration for Karmic Impression.


Netbook Remix

The menus of this design are very Euro doing away with the high contrast shading of traditional gnome menus. This became the inspiration for Karmic Impression as this theme's menus leverage this contemporary design. As this theme shades the top panel, Karmic Impression uses the same gradient technique to shade the top and bottom desktop panels.


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