SFD Plans and ideas

  • Software Freedome Day is now approximately 5 weeks off, let's discuss current plans and share our ideas. (I suggest we leave this for last item) - MelissaDraper (elkbuntu)

  • (Late Notice) Report on event at Mawson Lakes, Adelaide - PaulSchulz (pschulz01)

  • Pschulz01 reported on his plans for a SFD event at Mawson Lakes, Adelaide.

Meeting time

  • Although no meeting time will be good for everyone, I think the Meeting Day Chooser page should stay active+edited. Meeting days will change. Thats why its there Smile :) - KarlGoetz (Not attending meeting, got TAFE).

  • The meeting day page was designed to be left open, so no changes were needed.

  • We need a specific Ubuntu-Au Photo Gallery, considering the amount of trouble that I encountered chasing down a photo for APC. This would be a great resource for promiting our image, as a fancy map of australia isnt enough, we should promote the idea we are 'Humans', as per the Ubuntu Philosophy. I suggest a flickr.com Group. - Ben Duivesteyn (xice)
  • Xice created the necessary flickr.com group, and it was decided that the team could use this group

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