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Primary Master: MelissaDraper (elkbuntu)

LoCo Mentoring Update

  • An update on the LoCo Mentoring project.

  • A positive report was given to the team, and it was realised that the actual mentoring was finished. JonoBacon, the Ubuntu Community Manager, was present and encouraged the teams to work on a report for other LoCo teams.

Wiki Clean Up

Roundup of activities around Australia

Community Council Meeting Tomorrow

  • I would like some support for Ubuntu membership -- PaulSchulz (pschulz01)

  • Everyone was in favour of PaulSchulz 's membership, and a few people are going to cheer him tomorrow night.

Edgy Parties

  • Where/When - PaulSchulz (pschulz)

  • There will be a release party on October 26th, starting after work at the Belgium Beer Cafe, east end of Adelaide. EdgyReleaseParties has more release parties.

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