Primary Master: MelissaDraper elkbuntu

(Meeting Chair)

Mentoring a fellow LoCo

  • Our LoCo is going to be involved in mentoring a fellow loco, the NZ team. They are joining us today to have their input on the SFD topic Smile :)

    • While we had the presence of the NZ team, there was lots of discussion occurring and the SFD topic didnt touched by them. A meeting for NZ set for tomorrow (19th at 9am UTC)
    • MelissaDraper (elkbuntu) will be the main point of contact, a 2IC needs to be appointed

SFD Wrap-up

  • What happened where and how successfully - MelissaDraper elkbuntu

    • 1000 dapper cds in Melbourne
    • 200 cds at Canberra at the previous week's substitute SFD

The status of Edgy Eft

  • How is Ubuntu progressing with Eft? Where is help needed? What release parties are people planning? - PaulSchulz pschulz01

    • Resident devs Fujitsu and ajmitch filled us in


  • Should we use this as our main address when pointing people to the team page? - DavidSymons bimberi

  • The Documentation section of http://www.ubuntu.com.au/ is stagnant. What thoughts are there on what to do about it? I'd suggest moving the valuable content to the wiki and taking it off the site. -- DavidSymons bimberi

    • It was decided to use .org.au
    • Documentation will be moved to the wiki so that more people can work on it

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