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  • Save the planet!
    • Melissa put out a request for people interested in having their blogs added to http://planet.ubuntu.org.au/. Publicity of the planet came up as something to work on.

  • Calendar
    • It was decided to go with the http://ubuntu.org.au calendar as 'master' for several reasons. These were Centralising all Ubuntu-Australia resources, and support for exporting to iCal. The calendar needs the meeting time and date added Action: Fujitsu to add the meeting date to the calendar.


  • Save the planet!
    • It is a little-known fact that we have a planet. Planet Ubuntu-Au is not publicised anywhere, and consequently only has two members and few visitors. I have added a link to the Australian Team wiki page, but we should at least have another link on the main ubuntu.org.au page. I was thinking of having one as a tab in the top-right corner. - Sridhar Dhanapalan (yama)

  • Calendar
    • Following the recent happenings regarding an Ubuntu-Au calendar, how about we make a decision as to which calendar will be the 'official' one. (Google, the Fridge, or Ubuntu-Au) - Melmazzone (Melchiorre)

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