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Hardware Documentation

The Australian Loco has a range of hardware related projects to provide other users with information about hardware availability and compatibility within the Australian computer retail market. The pages below go through several different options with regards to retailers and a large amount of information about notebooks.

Retailer Information

  • The Ubuntu Friendly Computer Shops page documents what computer stores in Australia are available that are more open to Ubuntu as an operating system.

Notebook Information

  • The Ubuntu friendly notebooks page has an outline of all things Ubuntu and notebook related. It has a large amount of information on it including how you can assist in contacting retailers to see if they are willing to provide notebooks or other hardware without locking you in to paying for an operating system you don't want or need.

  • The Notebooks with Ubuntu page documents places where you are able to purchase notebooks within Australia that offer Ubuntu pre-installed.

  • The Notebooks with a different distribution page documents notebook suppliers that offer linux as an alternative to paid software but not necessarily Ubuntu.

  • The Notebooks without an operating system page documents notebook suppliers that offer notebooks without any pre-installed operating system allowing you to choose what operating system you want to install on it.

  • The Notebooks with Linux overseas page documents retailers that offer notebooks for sale overseas with linux as an alternative to paid software but are not always available for sale in Australia.

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