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Ubuntu-AU Local Meetings

In Brisbane, we've been having social gatherings on a quarterly basis. I'm proposing that we hold technical gatherings monthly in the two months between each quarterly social gathering.

Here are the current suggestions about what the meetings would look like:

  • Location:
    • family-friendly venue (i.e. not a pub, fully non-smoking venue)
    • convenient location (central, or perhaps rotating through different regions)
    • free parking
    • close to public transport
    • easy access to coffee/food (or at least facilities to prepare such)
    • free/very cheap wireless Internet access
    • preferably a local Ubuntu mirror
  • Activities:
    • install-fests
    • BugJams

    • share problems or challenges and try to solve them together
    • informal technical talks about things we're working on
    • accessible to all levels of technical expertise (i.e. newbie friendly)
    • open to potential Ubuntu users as well as actual Ubuntu users
    • log our actions on IRC and/or wiki

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