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Website Renewal


As discussed at the March Team Meeting it's time we organise some sort of renewal of the team website. So to this end we need to discuss what options are available and what are requirements are. Please feel free to contribute to this page so that we can all benefit from having it all in one place but please remember to email the team mailing list when you update information so we can all be aware.

We need to completely redo the whole thing from scratch but just update what we currently run to current versions.

Upgrade to Drupal 6.X

First and foremost I think we need to try and organise to get the Drupal instance updated to a a newer version that can support the UbuntuDrupal modules.

Ubuntu Drupal

There is a great resource available to us at the UbuntuDrupal wiki page which we should make use of. Looking at that page the basics of what we need to incorporate are the following:

  • Ubuntu Drupal Theme
  • Ubuntu Drupal Theme Header
  • Ubuntu Drupal Theme Sidebar
  • Ubuntu Release Countdown
  • Ubuntu Planet

This should cover what we already have in place on our current website but with the current Ubuntu branding as opposed to what we have which is the old branding.


To make it compatible with what we currently have we also need to have some sort of calendaring module. The goal of the calendar module needs to be to integrate an ICAL or RSS feed from the Ubuntu-AU Loco.U.C events page so this would be a requirement for the module. Do we even need a calendaring module? We can just provide a direct link to the team page?

Can anyone think of anything else the website could do with? We shouldn't be adding stuff just for the sake of adding it but we need someone with knowledge of Drupal to suggest some relevant modules if it's felt we need more on the website.


Team Members willing to help with testing

  • MoLE

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