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Proposed Council Structure



The models described below have been voted on by the team online. The results were discussed at the team meeting on the 13th of July 2010 and it has been decided to proceed to discuss options based around the 1A option.

Current roles described and named

It was also requested at the meeting that further information about the roles and that the people currently fulfilling them be listed. This information is heavily drawn from the Ubuntu LocoTeams best practices and guidelines.

Team Contact

Instead of rewriting it all if you go to the Loco Team Contact page there is a fairly comprehensive description of the role and what it requires.

The current team contact for Ubuntu-AU is Melissa (aka elky).


The team chair of meetings is responsible for holding the monthly meeting, setting the agenda (create an agenda page under meetings and let people add to it), communicating the meeting with the team. The team chair should also be willing to either moderate the meetings or if unavailable make sure that there is a designated meeting chair.

The current chairpeople are Ryan Macnish (nisshh) and Jared Norris (head_victim).

Web Admin

The team's web admin is responsible for maintaining the Ubuntu-AU team website. THis involves adding content and calendar events to the website and being available as a moderator for other team members willing to contribute content or calendar events.

The current website admins are Andrew Swinn (aka Phlosten) and Paul Gear (aka blahdeblah).

Mailing List Moderators

The mailing list moderators are required to moderate the mailing list within the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

The current mailing list moderators are Daniel (aka dns53) and Jared Norris (aka head_victim). The current mailing list administrator is Melissa (aka elky).


The role of the IRC op is to ensure that the CoC is followed in all #ubuntu* namespace by regulating bans, voice and ops (if required).

The current IRC ops (for the #ubuntu-au space only, not the whole freenode network) are wgrant, Phlosten, elky, yama and head_victim.

Wiki Maintainers

This role is designed to ensure this wiki is kept up to date and as tidy as possible. This is currently done by any member of the team with no one person or people overseeing the changes.


1. Current Model: Meritocracy

  • Loco Contact: Manages LoCo Assets & assigns roles

  • Web Master: Looks after the website.

Election Process: Appointed


  • Great for starting a LOCO
  • Controls tightly LOCO assets


  • Process not transparent
  • Breadth of talent is limited

1A. Meritocracy (current model) but with recognition of those already performing the duties.

This model is currently in use but not everyone is aware of what is being done behind the scenes to make everything work. There is also currently a need for a Chairperson type of role. This is not to say these roles are never rotated, in fact quite the opposite, they are ALREADY rotated. It's just that as some people find they have less time to do things others find they have more time and put their hand up. If you are regularly contributing to an area/s within the community you will find yourself IN one of these roles already if not on the radar should someone have a need to step away for a bit.

  • Loco Contact - roles described here

  • Chairperson - responsible for chairing and documenting regular meetings (doesn't have to do all the work just needs to make sure it gets done)
  • Webteam (numbers dependent on changing requirements, suggest minimum of 3) - responsible for Ubuntu-AU mailing list moderation, administrating the Ubuntu-AU website and keeping the Ubuntu-AU Wiki page up to date.

2. Conventional Committee Model: Democratic

  • Chairperson: Chairs meetings (driving discussion & Decisions)

  • President: Serves as 'Loco Contact'
  • Vice-President: Assists President
  • Ordinary Members (4-6)
    • Election: General (Annual or Bi-annual) Election by all Ubuntu-au Members


  • Creates a process, with public responsibilities


  • Elections & politicisation

3. Australian Community Council (ACC) Model (Ideally 7 +- 2 people) :Democratic

  • Loco Contact: Allocates Asset access in consultation with ACC, liaises with CC & Canonical

Election: Is reviewed yearly and appointed by Ubuntu-CC (with recommendation from outgoing LoCo contact)

  • Chair Person: Chairs meetings, moves discussion and calls for decisions to be made.

Election: Rotational within the ACC membership

  • Webmaster: Looks after the website.

Election: Elected (Annually) by Council Members, Nominations from Members.

  • Representatives: State/City/Regional representatives, make national decisions. (see 3A & 3B) More Details here

Elections: Each representative is elected/appointed by Ubuntu members in each corresponding State/City/Region. (Seats are to remain open if no-nominations have been received. Chair person to assume responsibility)

Other positions

  • Marketing - Media - Publicity
  • Junior contact (Under the age of 18)

Elections: Elected or appointed by 'Ubuntu-au Council'


  • Gives each State/Region/City a voice in the direction of the community
  • Delegates responsibility
  • A local contact person
  • Open & Transparent process

  • Decision making process easier ie. 8 instead of 40 in an IRC meeting
  • Group leadership Team
  • Country wide co-ordination


  • Election process & politicisation

  • A structure

3A. Local City/Region Representative

  • Each City/Region LoCo elects/appoints a representative to the ACC.

  • Its members would represent a City or Region.
    • e.g. Brisbane, Sydney, Cairns, Northern Rivers, Mt Isa, Western QLD etc.
  • Roles: As per description in Model 3.


  • City/Regions have a direct representation on the 'ubuntu-au council'
  • Each member in the City/Region has a say in appointing/electing representative.


  • Election/Appointment Process

3B. State Council Representative

  • A 'State council' would be created when there are 5 or more city/Regional representatives (in One state) on the ACC.
  • Cities/Regions would then elect/appoint representatives to the 'State council' rather than the ACC.
  • A state representative, would then be appointed/elected to represent their respective state in the ACC.
  • Roles: As per Description on Model 3.


  • Each state is responsible for appointment/Election of the ubuntu-au council representative for the ubuntu-au council
  • Reduces the size of the ACC.


  • Another structural layer


  • Ubuntu-au Council- At least every 3 months, more if urgent issues arise. Quorum: 50% of Council members + 1

  • Ubuntu-au General- Once a Month, if agenda items are posted. Quorum: # of Council members + 1

  • Ubuntu-au State- Once a Month, if agenda items are posted. (Only required if "State councils" are created)

Notices are to be posted to email lists, Wiki and and Facebook.

Election Process

Ubuntu-au Council

  • Notice to members, Email Lists, Wiki,, Facebook.
  • Nominations called & displayed on, All positions.

  • Each State/City/Region appoints/elects a representative (if more than one nomination).
  • Can be done using an online poll or a local meeting. Only City/Regional/State members eligible to vote.
  • Each City/Region will keep their own 'official' membership list.
  • Web Master appointed by council members, in consultation with Ubuntu-au Team Contact.

(Note: A Detailed description for models 3 & 3A & 3B can be found here)

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