Edubuntu at the BETT Show 2007

Thanks to the guys at OpenForumEurope, Edubuntu will be going to the BETT show in London in January 2007. This is a great opportunity to show open source to the education sector in the UK and indeed Europe. There is quite a lot of European participation at BETT. This page is a chance for people to comment on ideas and methods that have worked at similar shows. Let's really make Edubuntu shine here Wink ;)



10-13th January


Olympia, London

Stand Size

Small (3m x 3m)

Main Participants


Other Participants

Alan Cocks - currently registered as a visitor, I plan to attend Fri. 12th and Sat. 13th as volunteer helper if that is useful. I attended LinuxWorld as a UK team member. email is aeclist at candt dot waitrose dot com


Things I need

  • Case studies
  • Videos of Edubuntu in use
  • Dress advice Wink ;)

    • nothing that needs high-heels ... you'll be on your feet for most of the day
  • a quantity of live CDs to hand out (?)
  • a quantity of install CDs to hand out (?)
  • a Laptop or two with at least Eubuntu workstation (?)

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