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About Me

I'm a 24 year old IT manager, I do a bit of everything, coding, packaging, documentation, managing, you name it. Currently working a lot on edubuntu, and my own apps. Also in the background working on Devenix, a complete web dev studio bootable off of a USB stick

Ubuntu Work

Still learning a lot about everything really, have been helping out with bug fixing, packaging, documentation, man pages, writing utility apps. I love the Ubuntu community, such a friendly bunch of people, always willing to help out the n00bs. Currently focusing more efforts on edubuntu as I work in a school it is of extreme interest to me. Also worked(ing) on the following

  • Interviewing Edubuntu Team on YouthLUG radio - coming soon
  • Writing documentation for ltsp script man pages for edubuntu
  • Testing latest releases of edubuntu
  • Distribution of Ubuntu CD's at work and conversion of windows users to Ubuntu
  • Review of the Ubuntu Packaging Guide for the documenation team

  • Creating Devenix - complete web dev studio bootable from usb stick eventually in ubuntu from knoppix
  • Help maintaining and
  • Created gisomount - An iso mounting utility gui for gnome

  • Helping people on ubuntu-motu, and reviewing packages on REVU
  • Working on grasynco - A front end gui app for ogra's rsyncer script

  • Completed the StudentControlPanelCompletion - Package

  • Patched Pessulus for SCP integration
  • Working on StudentControlPanelSpec - Package

  • Created phimage - A photo viewer for opengl

  • Sponsored representation at the BETT (British Educational Technology Trade Show)

  • Created EdubuntuLeaflet for BETT

  • Wrote the ESA, Edubuntu Schools Advocacy, which has been the root of many Edubuntu based leaflets and info docs

Ubuntu Wiki

Bazaar branches



I Worked(ing) On

#4541] - In progress - String of Dependencies linked to this one
#23647] - Rejected - Not a bug
#30075] - Pre fix submitted (working on better solution)
#30075] - Final fix submitted
#31449] - Fix submitted

I Reported

#39197] - Reported Tosh Sat Pro Bug
#39531] - Reported Launchpad username search bug
#39547] - CoC1.0.1 bug on whitespace
#40053] - UVF exception requested to fix #4541
#40496] - Proto site search not working
#40053] - UVF Exception 0.20 -> 0.22
#41731] - Clicking cancel during install should produce a confirm message
#41732] - Cancelling install via X button on progress bar does not halt installation
#42434] - Edubuntu khangman won't start
#42447] - Edubuntu using set time crashes ubiquity
#42531] - Nautilus Edubuntu won't display files saved on desktop

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