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39 (May 29 1968)


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Ubuntu History

Ever since November 2005 I've become a Windows-free Ubuntu-user. On 14 February 2006 I joined the forum of Ubuntu-nl. In September 2006 I was asked to become a forum moderator, a request I couldn't resist. Also I became a member of Ubuntu-be. In order to promote Ubuntu in Belgium I've been the organizing team leader of several Ubuntu-fairs. I also actively join the meetings on IRC and in real life for Ubuntu-be and Ubuntu-nl.

My main goal is to promote Ubuntu in several ways: I give support on the forum of Ubuntu-nl, I'm moderating this forum, I m searching and coaching volunteers for promotional activities on fairs and Release Parties and I give support to the Ubuntu-nl teams.

Ubuntu Contributions

- 2005-11 Start using Ubuntu.

- 2006-02 Joined the Dutch forum where I like to help newbies with there Ubuntu installation. Nick: bartek

- 2006-05 Wrote the dutch documentation-page: Working with the Terminal

- 2006-07 Wrote the dutch documentation-page: How to use Wine

- 2006-09 I can call myself a forum moderator of the dutch forum now.

- 2007-01 Organised the Ubuntu stand on the Dipro Computer Fairs (Read the report)

- 2007-02 Attend the Wintermeeting for Ubuntu-nl.

- 2007-09 Wrote : "Introduction into Linux and Ubuntu" (in Dutch) (.odt-file). I use this to give presentations on events.

- 2007-05 Organised the Ubuntu stand on the Dipro Computer Fairs.

-2007-09 Attend the Summermeeting

- 2007-09 Joined the Ubuntu-nl and Ubuntu-be teams on launchpad.

- 2007-10 Organized a Gutsy Release Party in Hasselt with a local computerclub BitMappers on October 20 2007.

- 2007-10 Actively supported Ubuntu-nl for the Gutsy Release Party in Hilversum (NL).

- 2007-12 Give a lesson in Ubuntu to 30 Ubuntu newbies. (Introduction in Ubuntu, how to install software and filestructure)

- 2008-01 Give a lesson in Ubuntu to 30 Ubuntu newbies. (Introduction into the Terminal)

- 2008-05 An even bigger event is due to be organized together with CatsandDogs and a local computerclub BitMappers for the next release Hardy Heron, more info later. Wink ;)


I have been working with Bart Broeckx for a long time now (for more than a year) as co-moderator of the Ubuntu-NL forums. He's a really good guy. Always friendly, not afraid to speak out his mind, and very social towards the community. We have met a lot of times in real life too. He's exactly the same in real life. A friendly, social guy that likes to communicate with the community. I would love to see Bart become an official Ubuntu member, as he has put a lot of time and effort into maintaining the Ubuntu-NL LoCo forums and into helping many new Ubuntu users. -- WesleyStessens [04 october 2007]

bartek is an active moderator on the dutch forums, just recently organized a large ReleaseParty in Hasselt and seems to be quite active at several Belgian LoCo activities. I can't even remember him becoming a moderator (yes, it has been that long). Personal note: great guy to be around and drink a beer with. SebastianSchauenburg [22 October 2007]

Bart is a long time ubuntu advocate. Online ( and offline, he's investing lots of time in the Good Cause. I was really positively surprised by his latest and greatest success, the Hasselt 7.10 release party. I'm thrilled to hear him say he is already working on a bigger one for 8.04 LTS. He's honest and always open to discussion, especially over a drink. I like that. -- MarkVandenBorre [26 november 2007]

Bart is not only tall in length, but also in patience and understanding, alway able to see the good things in what happens and willing to give respect and space to others. A real Belgian in my opinion ;). -- Willem Hellinga [30 november 2007] [30 november 2007]

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