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BitMappers Computerclub

The BitMappers Computerclub has been very busy in Hasselt(B) since 1992. About 80 members from all ages are gathering once a month to discuss soft- & hardware matters. Mostly Windows based programs. The BitMappers Computerclub is a group of people who share there passion for computer and technology. Every month on the 3th friday of the month, there is a meeting in the Vrijzinnig ontmoetingscentrum at Hasselt. The theme of the meeting changes every month.

This year (2007) the management decided to participate into another world: Linux based UBUNTU. They even hosted the release party for the latest ‘Gutsy Gibbon’ in coörporation with UBUNTU Belgium. This interaction worked so well that soon after the party they unanimous decided to become a full ‘supporting point’ for UBUNTU users within the region.

The BitMappers Computerclub is one of the best equipped unions in Limburg. They offer very comfortable accommodations for there member meeting into which all necessary display and audio equipments are foreseen. For educational purposes, the club has full access to a well installed computer classroom, including e-mail and Internet access.

Ubuntu Contributions

Gutsy release Party 20/10/2007

Just recently, the BitMappers Computerclub organised a Gutsy Gibbon Release party in coöperation with BartBroeckx (Bartek).

Culture fair in Hasselt 8+9/09/2007

The BitMappers promoted Ubuntu on the Culture fair in Hasselt

14/12/2007 First Ubuntu lesson

Fabian gave an introduction to the installation of Ubuntu for new members followed by a presentation about the file structure by BartBroeckx (Bartek).

May 2008

The organisation of a release party with 300 visitor in Herk de Stad in participation with 3 other Ubunteros.

Ubuntu lessons

- Lessons about the terminal - Lessons about installing Ubuntu on a pendrive - Lesson about remote desktop and wubi

Culture fair in Hasselt 6+7/09/2008

The BitMappers promoted Ubuntu on the Culture fair in Hasselt (OpenOffice, wine, firefox,ect)

Ubuntu releaseparty 22 november 2008 - Intrepid Ibex 8.10

A third succesfull releasparty in Hasselt. 83 visitors.

Computer fair Antwerp expo 31/1/2009 + 01/02/2009

The computer fair Antwerp is the biggest computer event in Belgium. The BitMappers were there and promoted Ubuntu. We burned more than 200 cd's for the visitors.

Computer fair at Genk - 8/3/2009

We did the computer fair at genk. 53 possible new subscribers.

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