The '''Launchpad Focus Group''' exists to help BT members educate and participate in Launchpad. Our focus groups goals are to educate the Ubuntu Community on Launchpad and to use Launchpad's tools to contribute to Ubuntu and the community.

Joining the Focus Group

If you are interested in joining the Launchpad Focus Group you first need to be a member of the Ubuntu Beginners Team. If you are already a member please join the Focus Group on Launchpad and add your Launchpad ID and skills to the Members Skills page. If you are not a member of the Ubuntu Beginners Team, you will first need to become a member. You can find out more information here.

New members of the Launchpad Focus Group are initially given three (3) months until their membership needs to be reviewed. At the end of the three (3) months members will have a better feel for what the Focus Group does and can then decide whether or not to resubmit their membership for approval.

Focus Group Members

Find out more information about current and pending members and their skills on the Members Skills page.

For more information on the Launchpad Focus Group's projects, please look at the projects page on Launchpad.


Launchpad is an software collaboration platform that provides:

IconsPage/info.png Some highlights of the new Launchpad 3.0


Launchpad Answers is a community based answer tracker. It is a great place to ask questions about Launchpad projects (ex. Ubuntu, Inkscape) . Some of the strengths of Launchpad Answers over other support resources are:

  • tracking user questions in a similar way to bug reports
  • notifying volunteer support contacts of new questions
  • building a searchable knowledge base of good answers
  • allowing people to ask questions and offer support in different languages.

It also serves as a simple ticketing system for tracking Launchpad admin requests.

More about Launchpad Answers


The two most common uses of Launchpads Bug feature by Ubuntu users is to report bugs and to triage bugs. Reporting Bugs you experience in Ubuntu and Ubuntu programs gives you a voice in getting problems with your software fixed. With Open Source Software you can fix, complain about, and help resolve issues with the software.

Bug Reporting

Bug Triage

If you have questions, feel free to ask other members of the LP Focus Group, or in the #ubuntu-bugs IRC channel.

Ubuntu package building and hosting

Using Launchpad, you can build and distribute packages for operating systems that use Debian-style packaging. Right now, Launchpad's packaging system (sometimes called Soyuz) supports the build and distribution of packages for Ubuntu. Learn More.

To start...

Installing software from a ppa.
Publishing to a PPA to distribute software


With very little administrative overhead, Blueprint helps you to create a roadmap for your project and shepherd individual features through to release. Learn more.


Using Launchpad, you can translate free software projects and distribution packages into your own language. learn more

I want to...
translate my project using Launchpad
help translate other projects

Launchpad's channel on YouTube has some informative Translation screencast
Sharing translations between releases of the same project.
Exporting Translations to a Bazaar Branch.
Importing Translation Templates to a Bazaar Branch

Code Hosting

Using Launchpad, you can publish Bazaar branches of your code and, optionally, associate them with projects. You can even import Subversion and CVS repositories into Bazaar branches.

If you're already familiar with Subversion or CVS, it's worth noting that Bazaar is a distributed version control system.

Learn more about publishing, browsing and getting hold of the code you want.

Teams & Projects

In addition to the BT Launchpad Focus Group Team, depending on your interest, you might want to also join some other Teams in the community.
The launchpad Focus Group has a Ubuntu Beginners Team Launchpad Focus Group Projects page that we use as a parent project to track all our other projects.

Some teams of interest might be:

Translation Groups

Bug Groups

Ubuntu Package Building Groups

Some projects of interest:

Team Meetings

Team Meeting Page


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