General Agenda Items and Proposals


This means:

  1. If there is an issue for the team, add it to the agenda.
  2. Agenda items then should be discussed "informally" on #ubuntufourms-beginners. 90 % of the discussion should have taken place before the meeting.
  3. Meetings are primarily for decision making/team votes. Read the agenda and discuss your thoughts before the meeting. 10 % (or less) of the discussion should happen during the meeting.
  4. Agenda items that require more then 5 minutes of discussion may need to be deferred.




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Agenda discussion

  • Security Focus Group - new page, launchpad team, mission summary


   1 [22:12:57] <starcraft-ntbk> duanedesign: how about you run the meeting, it's not hard. And ya don't need votebot, I'd do it but my class terminates in 30 minutes at latest then I go.
   2 [22:13:12] <duanedesign> Sure
   3 [22:13:18] <nigel_nb> i think pleia2 is around.. probably she could
   4 [22:13:29] <drubin>  agenda?
   5 [22:13:33] <duanedesign> TOPIC-  Roadmaps
   6 [22:13:34] <pleia2> nigel_nb: I'm already in two meetings at once ;)
   7 [22:13:49] <PabloRubianes> Duane Duane Duane Duane Duane Duane Duane Duane Duane Duane Duane Duane Duane Duane
   8 [22:13:51] <nigel_nb> pleia2: oh :)
   9 [22:13:55] <starcraft-ntbk> Agenda for folks to read ahead > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Meetings
  10 [22:13:55] <duanedesign> Lots of ideas get thrown around and then little happens on them. This is something the whole community is wrestling with.
  11 [22:14:3] <starcraft-ntbk> And people, lets quit the spam!
  12 [22:14:11] <duanedesign> Roadmaps are a quick and easy way for us to be more productive and organized.
  13 [22:14:54] <duanedesign> they are based around OBJECTIVE
  14 [22:14:58] <duanedesign> GOALS
  15 [22:15:12] <duanedesign> SUCCESS CRITERIA
  16 [22:15:31] <duanedesign> and DRIVER
  17 [22:15:41] <starcraft-ntbk> I think we get idea, why caps? I agree, but how specific do you think is required?
  18 [22:15:44] <duanedesign> the objective is what we want to accomplish
  19 [22:16:16] <duanedesign> the caps are highlighting the 'points'
  20 [22:16:19] <duanedesign> :p
  21 [22:16:39] <duanedesign> some of the things that we have discussed recently
  22 [22:16:48] <duanedesign> that would make good roadmaps
  23 [22:16:58] <forestpiskie> o/
  24 [22:17:1] <duanedesign> 1. Improve the membership process
  25 [22:17:8] <duanedesign> yes forestpiskie
  26 [22:17:11] <starcraft-ntbk> duanedesign: ah right, looking over page now. Should have read earlier. Been a bit busy.
  27 [22:17:29] <duanedesign> 2. Increase mentors in Help
  28 [22:17:39] <forestpiskie> are we trying to have a meeting?
  29 [22:17:45] <nigel_nb> forestpiskie: yes
  30 [22:18:8] <forestpiskie> ok - cool - who's chair then?
  31 [22:18:23] <FFEMTcJ> i am? since im not a member.. lol
  32 [22:18:25] <duanedesign> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Roadmaps/Lucid/LoCoCouncil
  33 [22:18:27] <starcraft-ntbk> forestpiskie: we are. Minus bodhi and nhandler. Duane
  34 [22:18:33] <duanedesign> here is a sample roadmap
  35 [22:18:37] <starcraft-ntbk> I can't do it, leaving in a moment.
  36 [22:19:0] <forestpiskie> descending slowly into chaos are we then lol
  37 [22:19:20] <Silver-Fox-> Do you wish me to do it?
  38 [22:19:21] <duanedesign> >:)
  39 [22:19:27] <forestpiskie> well we don;t need bodhi et al - we can do it :)
  40 [22:19:43] <starcraft-ntbk> Silver-Fox-: you go to sleep, your sick!
  41 [22:19:54] <pleia2> the roadmaps were used extensively at UDS for planning work that wants to get done during the lucid cycle
  42 [22:19:57] <Silver-Fox-> So?
  43 [22:20:0] <nigel_nb> duanedesign: do we have more objectives? or the 2 that you gave are starters?
  44 [22:20:0] <forestpiskie> sorry I am late - mate turned up
  45 [22:20:1] <duanedesign> as you can see it is just basically get our ideas down and have measurable goals
  46 [22:20:1] <pleia2> so far it's been really great for putting projects on track
  47 [22:20:5] <starcraft-ntbk> and with that, I turn off. About to run out.
  48 [22:20:26] <PabloRubianes> thouse 2 are the only topics we have?
  49 [22:20:35] <bodhi_zazen> meeting ?
  50 [22:20:39] <duanedesign> some other benefits of roadmaps
  51 [22:20:43] <duanedesign> Direction – one of the biggest complaints teams often report is a lack of direction. If a team gets into the habit of creating a roadmap at the beginning of a cycle, it gives the team a sense of focus and direction for the coming cycle.
  52 [22:20:53] <drubin> bodhi_zazen: yes you late
  53 [22:20:54] <FFEMTcJ> welcome bodhi_zazen
  54 [22:20:55] <duanedesign> Documented commitments are more effective – a common rule in Project Management training is that actions assigned to people in a shared document are more effective than ad-hoc or private commitments.
  55 [22:20:57] <drubin> :)
  56 [22:20:58] <bodhi_zazen> =)
  57 [22:21:6] <duanedesign> Feeling of success – regularly revisiting a roadmap and checking off items that have been completed can develop a strong feeling of progress and success. It makes a team feel productive.
  58 [22:21:23] <nigel_nb> +1 ^^
  59 [22:21:24] <forestpiskie> o/
  60 [22:21:29] <forestpiskie> please
  61 [22:21:37] <duanedesign> I think jono has done a good job at explaining and creating templates for the roadmaps
  62 [22:21:59] <duanedesign> the biggest issue i see is how we come up with objectives
  63 [22:22:3] <duanedesign> yes forestpiskie
  64 [22:22:4] <Raidsong> oh hai Rocket2DMn
  65 [22:22:16] <drubin> forestpiskie: say what you wanted to say.
  66 [22:22:22] <forestpiskie> once upon a time  we had peaceful meetings in here where if people wanted to sya something we o/ - then it ran much more fluently
  67 [22:22:30] <Rocket2DMn> hi, are awe having th meeting here or in #ubuntu-meeting ?
  68 [22:22:31] <duanedesign> true
  69 [22:22:31] <PabloRubianes> duanedesign +1
  70 [22:22:40] <forestpiskie> I just came  here - late - and it is chaos :(
  71 [22:22:43] <duanedesign> Rocket2DMn: here
  72 [22:22:45] <bodhi_zazen> o/ FTW =)
  73 [22:22:49] <jacob> /a
  74 [22:22:53] <jacob> sorry
  75 [22:22:58] <forestpiskie> Rocket2DMn: the other channnel has CC in it
  76 [22:23:6] <Rocket2DMn> k, thanks, sorry im late
  77 [22:23:6] <swoody> +1 forestpiskie, we need to cut the banter down during meetings
  78 [22:23:6] <Silver-Fox-> I am upset at the chaos
  79 [22:23:27] <forestpiskie> can we please just work through any agenda we have and then get to members
  80 [22:23:46] <_marx_> ease up people duanedesign stepped up to chair the meeting...
  81 [22:23:54] <duanedesign> I was covering the agenda item for nhandler
  82 [22:24:5] <_marx_> stands corrected
  83 [22:24:11] <bodhi_zazen> Sorry,  I thought the meeting was later =)
  84 [22:24:11] <forestpiskie> cool - but if people need to speak then o/
  85 [22:24:30] <forestpiskie> ort perhaps we need to go to moderated then only voiced people can speak
  86 [22:24:34] <bodhi_zazen> Where are we on the agenda ?
  87 [22:24:42] <duanedesign> roadmaps
  88 [22:24:52] <drubin> o/
  89 [22:24:53] <forestpiskie> there bodhi_zazen ;)
  90 [22:25:3] <duanedesign> drubin
  91 [22:25:7] <forestpiskie> drubin:
  92 [22:25:22] <drubin> forestpiskie: The problem isn't the unvoiced people it is the rest of the team.
  93 [22:25:40] <nigel_nb> o/
  94 [22:25:43] <drubin> We need to cut down the chatter during meetings.
  95 [22:25:57] <duanedesign> I sent out a lot of stuff on the mailing list on this topic,
  96 [22:26:3] <duanedesign> Roadmaps that is
  97 [22:26:9] <forestpiskie> o/
  98 [22:26:15] <duanedesign> does anyone have any questions
  99 [22:26:17] <bodhi_zazen> If you wish to speak on - topic, just speak
 100 [22:26:30] <bodhi_zazen> otherwise, save it to the end of the meeting please =)
 101 [22:26:35] <forestpiskie> ty
 102 [22:26:46] <bodhi_zazen> === Topic ===
 103 [22:26:49] <bodhi_zazen> Roadmap
 104 [22:27:1] <bodhi_zazen> Who is interested in developing a Roadmap for the team ?
 105 [22:27:10] <duanedesign> o/
 106 [22:27:26] <duanedesign> i think we have at least two objectives
 107 [22:27:34] <duanedesign> that have come up recently
 108 [22:27:36] <pleia2> the team should have one, I am willing to help out :)
 109 [22:27:41] <stlsaint> o/
 110 [22:27:49] <duanedesign> improve the membership process
 111 [22:27:55] <stlsaint> (offering help on roadmap)
 112 [22:27:55] <forestpiskie> I am happy to help to pleia2
 113 [22:27:56] <duanedesign> increase support in help
 114 [22:28:9] <nigel_nb> I too wish to help pleia2 :)
 115 [22:28:15] <forestpiskie> o/ a word on the padawan process
 116 [22:28:22] <duanedesign> Oh, and elevate the banter in our channel to a family friendly level
 117 [22:28:30] <duanedesign> so that there is 3
 118 [22:28:42] <yvan300> duanedesign, what do you mean by banter?
 119 [22:28:51] <duanedesign> overall conversation
 120 [22:29:2] <dvz-> quality control, my friend :) you're more than welcome.
 121 [22:29:5] <dvz-> mt
 122 [22:29:16] <forestpiskie> we should use the other channel we have duanedesign - - cafe
 123 [22:29:42] <duanedesign> forestpiskie: good idea
 124 [22:29:53] <stlsaint> o/
 125 [22:29:56] <drubin> I really am in favour of getting ride of -help since people normally join this channel for help any way
 126 [22:29:57] <yvan300> duanedesign, cafe?
 127 [22:30:14] <pleia2> drubin: I agree (but are we off-topic now? maybe this should wait?)
 128 [22:30:17] <yvan300> +1 drubin
 129 [22:30:17] <talsemgeest> Well, +1 on the roadmap from me :)
 130 [22:30:18] <stlsaint> o/
 131 [22:30:22] <PabloRubianes> drubin 1+
 132 [22:30:32] <forestpiskie> yvan300: ubuntu-beginners-cafe
 133 [22:30:34] <drubin> pleia2: I thought it would be part of the road map of things to change/do
 134 [22:30:50] <bodhi_zazen> I suggest we identify people interested in writing a roadmap and have them meet at another time or discuss on wiki / email format
 135 [22:30:57] <pleia2> bodhi_zazen: +1
 136 [22:30:59] <drubin> pleia2: But if it is too off topic it can be moved to another section.
 137 [22:31:0] <bodhi_zazen> count me in on that of course =)
 138 [22:31:4] <duanedesign> My only concern/question is how we decide on Objectives
 139 [22:31:10] <drubin> bodhi_zazen: I like
 140 [22:31:17] <FFEMTcJ> bodhi_zazen: count me in
 141 [22:31:20] <forestpiskie> I think - 1 at a time duanedesign
 142 [22:31:23] <dvz-> drubin: I think that the channel structure is still an IRC team group..maybe the irc group can meet with the roadmap group when those paths cross
 143 [22:31:37] <bodhi_zazen> I would say our objective are :
 144 [22:31:40] <drubin> duanedesign: I think that is a huge concern I can almost never attend meetings but I would still like a vote in things
 145 [22:31:41] <bodhi_zazen> 1. Help on fourms
 146 [22:31:48] <drubin> possibly use launchpads voting system?
 147 [22:31:53] <bodhi_zazen> 2. introduce new users to Ubuntu
 148 [22:32:20] <pleia2> bodhi_zazen: roadmap objectives are more solid things
 149 [22:32:25] <bodhi_zazen> 3. Encourage new users to become more involved in the greater Ubuntu community =)
 150 [22:32:40] <swoody> +1 pleia2
 151 [22:32:41] <bodhi_zazen> At least that is where we should start
 152 [22:32:47] <pleia2> like "in the lucid cycle, we will introduce 50 new people to ubuntu"
 153 [22:32:49] <drubin> I agree we need to explain what/who we are going to help on the forums/launchpad/wiki/irc
 154 [22:32:51] <duanedesign> bodhi_zazen: I like that. Coming up with Success Criteria for those will help a lot I think in improving our productivity in those areaas
 155 [22:33:1] <swoody> bodhi_zazen, what you're listing seems to be more of a Mission Statement than a roadmap
 156 [22:33:11] <pleia2> swoody: yeah
 157 [22:33:16] <forestpiskie> pleia2: I disagree to a point on that
 158 [22:33:53] <forestpiskie> we are not here to do that - we are the team that cares for new people - they are already here and trying
 159 [22:34:0] <duanedesign> One suggestion I think Jono made was to create a wiki page to FLUSH out ideas for objectives
 160 [22:34:8] <pleia2> forestpiskie: it was a poor example
 161 [22:34:10] <forestpiskie> roadmaps are all well and good ...
 162 [22:34:12] <bodhi_zazen> +1 duanedesign
 163 [22:34:28] <_marx_> flush or flesh
 164 [22:34:36] <forestpiskie> +1 this is not something that should be looked at over one meeting
 165 [22:34:44] <PabloRubianes> i think we have to do that and then vote for 3 o 4 roadmaps
 166 [22:35:0] <forestpiskie> flush I would say
 167 [22:35:2] <pleia2> forestpiskie: an "objective" is something that should be done during a release cycle, so something to complete in 6 months
 168 [22:35:3] <PabloRubianes> create a wiki i mean
 169 [22:35:4] <drubin> PabloRubianes: what is 3 or 4 roadmaps?
 170 [22:35:4] <dvz-> i agree with pleia2 ... if you want progress, then you need to set finite, reachable goals that can be checked off when completed...tangible objectives.
 171 [22:35:21] <dvz-> now what those "tangible objectives" would be, that's for us to come up with and decide.
 172 [22:35:25] <PabloRubianes> drubin 3 o 4 objetives...
 173 [22:35:26] <pleia2> at least going by the structure in Jono's docs, which I believe we are basing this all off of
 174 [22:35:41] <drubin> dvz-: Simple, reachable goals is key... if you have to many things get daunting and people stop working
 175 [22:35:49] <dvz-> drubin: +1
 176 [22:35:51] <drubin> we can always re-asses what we have done.
 177 [22:35:57] <duanedesign> true one benefit of the roadmaps is 'Feeling of Success'
 178 [22:36:5] <drubin> lets call it Agile beginning(tm)
 179 [22:36:13] <duanedesign> so we can feel like we are moving forward
 180 [22:36:19] <duanedesign> accomplishing things
 181 [22:36:22] <forestpiskie> pleia2: why are we bound by whatever cycle ubuntu chooses - noobs are always - daily - they don;t appear once every 6 months
 182 [22:36:29] <drubin> duanedesign: Yes. that is how Agile devlopment works
 183 [22:36:36] <pleia2> forestpiskie: this is what we are basing this discussion on: http://www.jonobacon.org/2009/11/10/creating-a-roadmap-for-more-successful-teams/
 184 [22:36:40] <dvz-> forestpiskie: i think she was just giving that as an idea
 185 [22:36:43] <bodhi_zazen> OK, I suggest we start with a wiki page then =)
 186 [22:36:44] <dvz-> an example
 187 [22:36:51] <drubin> small simple goals that are re-evaluated every 2 weeks (we can make this longer though)
 188 [22:36:57] <duanedesign> bodhi_zazen: i agree
 189 [22:36:58] <pleia2> *I'm* not doing it, I'm explaining the idea :)
 190 [22:37:7] <forestpiskie> pleia2: I know - but still ...
 191 [22:37:11] <forestpiskie> :)
 192 [22:37:20] <pleia2> shooting the messenger, I see! :P
 193 [22:37:33] <PabloRubianes> but we have to put a deadline to decide what to do...
 194 [22:37:33] <forestpiskie> lol
 195 [22:37:36] <duanedesign> watch out i hear pleia2 is good with a gun
 196 [22:37:53] <forestpiskie> ha ha ha
 197 [22:38:22] <duanedesign> I will create a wiki page and we can put up some objectives
 198 [22:38:29] <pleia2> duanedesign: great!
 199 [22:38:36] <forestpiskie> so can we say that the roadmap needs more talk then :)
 200 [22:38:42] <bodhi_zazen> Any further discussion on roadmaps ?
 201 [22:38:48] <forestpiskie> that will do the first one :)
 202 [22:39:2] <drubin> bodhi_zazen: Just a final point of who is going to create them for the minutes.
 203 [22:39:20] <drubin> bodhi_zazen: It is very important to link tasks to people so they and others know who is doing what.
 204 [22:39:26] <bodhi_zazen> duanedesign: will create a wiki page, and people can add suggestions
 205 [22:39:31] <forestpiskie> +1
 206 [22:39:36] <dvz-> forestpiskie: noobs are daily and not on ubuntu's cycle sure...but if we, as the ubuntu community, don't bring fresh users in, than we're going off the cycle of relying on other people to "bring fresh users in"  it sounds like ultimately, if we have a goal of bringing 50 new people to use ubuntu, then we are charged with expanding ourselves , in personal lives and in computer life to expand the knowledge of ...
 207 [22:39:40] <bodhi_zazen> we can discuss them at any time either on mailing list or in this channel
 208 [22:39:42] <dvz-> ... ubuntu to others.
 209 [22:39:45] <duanedesign> then perhaps we vote on the ones we want to adopt at next meeting
 210 [22:39:55] <bodhi_zazen> approval of roadmap next meeting ? One month ?
 211 [22:39:57] <duanedesign> or the mailing list
 212 [22:40:11] <duanedesign> bodhi_zazen: yeah we should do it quicker
 213 [22:40:12] <drubin> bodhi_zazen: You just need some one that is going to drive it. Not every one involved
 214 [22:40:27] <duanedesign> each objective will have a driver
 215 [22:40:32] <bodhi_zazen> Anyone want to volunteer to drive ?
 216 [22:40:51] <bodhi_zazen> or are you volunteering drubin ?
 217 [22:40:53] <bodhi_zazen> =)
 218 [22:40:56] <duanedesign> i will
 219 [22:41:7] <bodhi_zazen> Anyone else ?
 220 [22:41:15] <FFEMTcJ> duanedesign: have a driver to get the whole thing started, but each objective will needs its own
 221 [22:41:21] <bodhi_zazen> going once ...
 222 [22:41:30] <bodhi_zazen> going twice ...
 223 [22:41:39] <bodhi_zazen> duanedesign: FTW =)
 224 [22:41:42] <duanedesign> FFEMTcJ: ok, i was a little fuzzy on what i was exactly volunteering for
 225 [22:41:46] <duanedesign> :)
 226 [22:41:48] <FFEMTcJ> lol
 227 [22:42:6] <forestpiskie> I can help drubin
 228 [22:42:7] <bodhi_zazen> thank you duanedesign , I will help you later as well =)
 229 [22:42:11] <FFEMTcJ> I think driving getting the project going.. the 'roadmap' for roadmaps if you will
 230 [22:42:21] <bodhi_zazen> any other comments on roadmap ?
 231 [22:42:33] <bodhi_zazen> notices we have other agenda items
 232 [22:42:34] <duanedesign> if you have not look over the roadmap materials i sent out on the mailing list
 233 [22:42:45] <dvz-> duanedesign: if you need help, i'll help ye out.
 234 [22:43:9] <forestpiskie> duanedesign: I was on the wring list :(
 235 [22:43:21] <bodhi_zazen> == Next topic: Ubuntu User Days
 236 [22:43:27] <bodhi_zazen> pleia2: =)
 237 [22:43:41] <bodhi_zazen> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDaysTeam
 238 [22:43:54] <Hellow> Sorry for being late.
 239 [22:43:57] <pleia2> at UDS the idea was tossed around to create additional days outside of Ubuntu Open Week throughout the release cycle for training
 240 [22:44:13] <Hellow> rises
 241 [22:44:19] <forestpiskie> I will help with partitions and the like pleia2
 242 [22:44:23] <pleia2> rather that individual classes like the Classroom project promotes, we'd have full UserDays (which started out being called "Beginner Days"
 243 [22:44:38] <pleia2> forestpiskie: great :)
 244 [22:44:54] <pleia2> I mostly wanted to bring it up at a meeting to see if the Beginners Team wanted to formally get behind helping out
 245 [22:44:57] <forestpiskie> :)
 246 [22:44:58] <drubin> bodhi_zazen: Nope sorry I not sure I will be able to do it
 247 [22:45:10] <FFEMTcJ> forestpiskie: can you add your name to the page if you havent?
 248 [22:45:23] <forestpiskie> FFEMTcJ: what page?
 249 [22:45:30] <forestpiskie> ^^ that one
 250 [22:45:39] <_marx_> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDaysTeam
 251 [22:45:42] <pleia2> there is a "possible instructors" section at the bottom
 252 [22:45:49] <duanedesign> i think the educational/Informative IRC sessions are awesome
 253 [22:46:1] <bodhi_zazen> I will help as time allows, I like IRC sessions =)
 254 [22:46:9] <pleia2> unfortunately I have been unable to get ahold of Saj0577
 255 [22:46:15] <bodhi_zazen> I can not commit without seeing the time schedule
 256 [22:46:18] <pleia2> no replies on IRC or to email (he's the education focus group leader)
 257 [22:46:23] <pleia2> bodhi_zazen: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays
 258 [22:46:30] <pleia2> shooing for Jan 16th or 23rd
 259 [22:46:33] <Hellow> I would also like to see a time schedule. I may help out.
 260 [22:46:46] <forestpiskie> pleia2: I will add myself to the page as a possible
 261 [22:46:51] <pleia2> forestpiskie: thanks! :)
 262 [22:46:53] <FFEMTcJ> Thanks forestpiskie
 263 [22:47:22] <bodhi_zazen> thanks pleia2 , weekends are bad for me, at least at those times
 264 [22:47:36] <FFEMTcJ> We do have quite a good list of courses to offer... just need people to instruct
 265 [22:47:47] <forestpiskie> and I can do euro times- not always good for some ....
 266 [22:47:47] <pleia2> bodhi_zazen: the times are flexible, we decided upon saturday because all open week, dev week, etc are on weekdays
 267 [22:48:20] <Hellow> If it's on the weekends, I can ttend.
 268 [22:48:45] <bodhi_zazen> I understand pleia2 , perhaps I can add my name and availability on the first page ?
 269 [22:48:54] <Raidsong> is there still a meeting going on?
 270 [22:49:0] <pleia2> bodhi_zazen: sure :)
 271 [22:49:8] <pleia2> Raidsong: yes
 272 [22:49:14] <FFEMTcJ> Weekends was one of the recomendations at UDS to allow people who work during the week to attend.. since they are geared towards new(er) users
 273 [22:49:31] <forestpiskie> this I understand FFEMTcJ
 274 [22:49:41] <bodhi_zazen> pleia2: my impression is that there would be I ma guessing 2-3 people here who would run an IRC class
 275 [22:50:8] <pleia2> bodhi_zazen: great :)
 276 [22:50:15] <pleia2> I don't think we need a vote then or anything
 277 [22:50:22] <forestpiskie> good
 278 [22:50:31] <bodhi_zazen> any other comments, or shall we move to the next topic ?
 279 [22:50:34] <forestpiskie> better to havepeople just do it imho
 280 [22:50:36] <Hellow> pleia2, Would it be amendable for me to add myself to the "Possible Instructors" list?
 281 [22:50:41] <pleia2> Hellow: go for it :)
 282 [22:50:42] <forestpiskie> move on bodhi_zazen
 283 [22:50:54] <bodhi_zazen> === Topic : Public channel logging  ===
 284 [22:51:0] <forestpiskie> -1
 285 [22:51:2] <bodhi_zazen> pleia2: you are up =)
 286 [22:51:4] <dvz-> -1
 287 [22:51:7] <pleia2> well, I'm a big 'ole troublemaker for this topic :)
 288 [22:51:8] <FFEMTcJ> Anyone who is interested can.. also, pleia2 my suggestion would be for them to put what they are interested in leading
 289 [22:51:14] <drubin> -1
 290 [22:51:17] <bodhi_zazen> I know this is a hot topic , please keep the conversation civil
 291 [22:51:35] <forestpiskie> I said my bit
 292 [22:51:35] <pleia2> the reason this came up is due to a distructuve user on IRC who had been involved with -beginners
 293 [22:51:38] <ibuclaw> -1
 294 [22:51:45] <drubin> but I do think even with out the logging we need to tone down some of the conversations that go on in here
 295 [22:51:48] <bodhi_zazen> Personally I assume all conversations on all channels are logged all the time =)
 296 [22:51:57] <pleia2> while handling this, the -ops asked if there were public logs of this channel, I discovered there weren't, and dropped a note to the team about it
 297 [22:51:58] <Hellow> -1
 298 [22:52:15] <forestpiskie> o/
 299 [22:52:20] <swoody> o/
 300 [22:52:21] <pleia2> logging is one of those things that's offered for productive, mature ubuntu teams
 301 [22:52:29] <duanedesign> I think public logging of help would be beneficial to other users
 302 [22:52:35] <Hellow> o/
 303 [22:52:45] <nigel_nb> o/
 304 [22:52:50] <dvz-> o/
 305 [22:52:54] <forestpiskie> then I would say that this channel should go to help and we chat in the cafe
 306 [22:53:0] <nigel_nb> forestpiskie: +1
 307 [22:53:19] <pleia2> forestpiskie: where would you stand on logging if that were the case?
 308 [22:53:23] <forestpiskie> pleia2: we come here to chill out not to be logged
 309 [22:53:26] <_marx_> add directions to channel topic
 310 [22:53:36] <dvz-> forestpiskie: i agree...either create a -team channel for the team to have their meetings, -cafe for random banter, and keep this channel as a help channel.
 311 [22:53:38] <forestpiskie> then I would chat in cafe and be logged here in help
 312 [22:53:40] <pleia2> I agree that currently this channel is not really log-worthy :)
 313 [22:53:49] <pleia2> forestpiskie: +1
 314 [22:53:51] <dvz-> scratch out "either"
 315 [22:53:53] <swoody> +1 pleia2
 316 [22:53:55] <Hellow> dvz-, That's redundant, there's #ubuntu-beginners-help.
 317 [22:54:13] <pleia2> fwiw - "cafe" is kinda of a forums convention, in irc the social channels tend to be called "offtopic"
 318 [22:54:16] <dvz-> Hellow: get rid of help and change it to here...since people tend to go here before they go to help
 319 [22:54:23] <forestpiskie> then what is the point - I've no issue with the help channel being logged - but HERE is our little home
 320 [22:54:32] <bodhi_zazen> We have too many channels as a team as it is
 321 [22:54:34] <pleia2> this team is a mix of forums and irc, so I could see it going either way, but IRC people will be more used to the "offtopic" convention
 322 [22:54:39] <forestpiskie> +1 bodhi_zazen
 323 [22:54:43] <pleia2> bodhi_zazen: I think the idea is getting rid of -help
 324 [22:54:43] <swoody> I would agree with making this channel the 'help' channel, and creating a 'cafe' or OT style channel for team banter
 325 [22:54:43] <bodhi_zazen> big -1 to another channel from me =)
 326 [22:54:46] <Hellow> But, there really isnt a need to log. I don't want the things that I say on IRC posted online, indexed by google, and who knows reading it.
 327 [22:55:1] <seidos> +1 swoody
 328 [22:55:8] <forestpiskie> so then I would -1 logging this channel and force help elewhere
 329 [22:55:21] <bodhi_zazen> May I ask a few questions of people here ?
 330 [22:55:34] <forestpiskie> pleia2: no - not imo
 331 [22:55:40] <forestpiskie> bodhi_zazen: yeas
 332 [22:55:48] <dvz-> i think we should have at least one room that is not logged, esp. since we tend to put email addresses and other information in this channel.
 333 [22:55:55] <ibuclaw> as stated in the mailing list, this channel is our team's equivalent of ##club-ubuntu - which is not logged either afaik.
 334 [22:56:2] <bodhi_zazen> First, the #1 argument against logging is what, privacy ?
 335 [22:56:5] <Hellow> ibuclaw, It's not logged :P.
 336 [22:56:11] <Hellow> bodhi_zazen, Mainly, yes.
 337 [22:56:17] <pleia2> bodhi_zazen: privacy and "our banter is not useful anyway"
 338 [22:56:20] <drubin> Hellow: reason for -help is we don't allow help in here. and most users come here first and we kick them out
 339 [22:56:28] <pleia2> drubin: yeah, I don't like that
 340 [22:56:34] <bodhi_zazen> #2 people wanting to be "relaxed" ?
 341 [22:56:34] <Hellow> That's the same argument used when public logging was brought up for ##club-ubuntu.
 342 [22:56:49] <drubin> bodhi_zazen: that point is moot since well I could publish my logs from the last year and well they would be public.
 343 [22:56:58] <dvz-> drubin: i think WE should be the ones to be inconvenienced in having to "switch channels" not the new users seeking help.
 344 [22:57:0] <drubin> in general irc is public and that is the way it is.
 345 [22:57:8] <forestpiskie> pleia2: I'm sorry but that does not wash - go to ubunt+1 and ask for jaunty help
 346 [22:57:11] <seidos> bodhi_zazen: i somewhat jest when I say I would be against logging so that my ignorance wouldn't be that easy to "dig up"
 347 [22:57:16] <drubin> dvz-: Been trying to say that for years
 348 [22:57:24] <pleia2> dvz-: yeah
 349 [22:57:30] <forestpiskie> we are a chat channel - the help channel is -help
 350 [22:57:40] <Hellow> drubin, But most of the Internet's users don't use IRC. I don't want random people reading my IRC conversations through a web browser.
 351 [22:57:56] <bodhi_zazen> OK
 352 [22:57:57] <seidos> do random people care?
 353 [22:58:2] <pleia2> forestpiskie: in the mind of users, #ubuntu is the main channel, not #ubuntu+1 (you need to know about +1) - here it's the opposite, people assume #ubuntu-beginners is the default beginners channel, and have to be told about -help
 354 [22:58:5] <bodhi_zazen> Arguements for logging ?
 355 [22:58:20] <swoody> +1 pleia2
 356 [22:58:23] <dvz-> forestpiskie: the name is misleading...ubuntu-beginners...people think it's a channel for beginners at ubuntu...they dont' expect to join then have their questions kicked out and redirected to ANOTHER channel.
 357 [22:58:27] <pleia2> assumes everything she ever says on IRC is logged anyway, has no privacy issues
 358 [22:58:33] <Hellow> seidos, Fairly extremely, your conversations on IRC could be used to build up a information database on you if someone wanted to come after you for something.
 359 [22:58:34] <forestpiskie> pleia2: then we nned a channel we can chat in
 360 [22:58:44] <swoody> I think it's a pretty good indication that something needs to change when we have to inform people of #u-b-h
 361 [22:58:49] <Hellow> But, again, that's extreme.
 362 [22:58:53] <drubin> Hellow: Come one if random people are reading your irc well I think you prolly shouldn't be in irc and need body guards
 363 [22:59:4] <seidos> come after me for helping ubuntu beginners?
 364 [22:59:4] <forestpiskie> dvz-: that has been the way since I was here ...
 365 [22:59:4] <seidos> that's messed up
 366 [22:59:10] <swoody> I feel this channel would be better suited as the 'help' channel
 367 [22:59:15] <dvz-> hence #ubuntu-beginners-team ...as the name indicates...-team is like -dev, -irc, -security...it's a set that we identify...
 368 [22:59:23] <ibuclaw> dvz-, in a way this channel is somewhat of a help channel ... just not a "I have an issue with xyz" sort.
 369 [22:59:42] <forestpiskie> ibuclaw: was hat the name before we had to change it?
 370 [22:59:45] <Hellow> Suggestion: A sort of "Members-only" channel? I don't know how that would work out, but heh.
 371 [22:59:48] <drubin> pleia2: That is what I said on the mailing list. If I was to bymistake do cp ~/.irssi/logs/ /srv/www/ well all logs would be public any way
 372 [22:59:55] <ibuclaw> more of a "I'm looking to contribute to Ubuntu, but don't know where to start"
 373 [22:59:56] <dvz-> and #ubuntu-beginners should be the default directory..offering help...and other stuff...if users need to ask questions about dev, then they can be directed to -dev, etc.
 374 [22:59:58] <pleia2> drubin: *nod*
 375 [23:0:14] <bodhi_zazen> I think we should offer help in this channel as needed
 376 [23:0:26] <duanedesign> there seem to be 2 issues. What is our IRC structure and which channels do we log
 377 [23:0:29] <bodhi_zazen> if it is detailed, extended , focused help, move to -help
 378 [23:0:35] <bodhi_zazen> lets not get too strict =)
 379 [23:0:42] <forestpiskie> so why the topic then bodhi_zazen ? either it is here or it is there?
 380 [23:0:47] <drubin> I am ok with banter being in this channel as well just feel it needs to be appropriate.
 381 [23:1:3] <forestpiskie> and with the banter comes the need to be unlogged
 382 [23:1:4] <ibuclaw> bodhi_zazen, not to forget that -help has always been preferred as it is generally quieter.
 383 [23:1:6] <Hellow> I think it would be a good idea to have a separate channel for random discussions that's not the team's primary channel.
 384 [23:1:6] <dvz-> i think this is also something that the irc team can go more into depth on when we meet in the next meeting.
 385 [23:1:8] <LeAstrale> Meeting time?
 386 [23:1:9] <swoody> +1 drubin, we need to maintain a family-friendly channel here
 387 [23:1:14] <Hellow> That's unlogged, too.
 388 [23:1:25] <seidos> if this were a business, i think there would be a separate channel for interaction with customers, and another for interacting with employees
 389 [23:1:25] <pleia2> dvz-: +1
 390 [23:1:30] <drubin> bodhi_zazen: personally I feel *help* is the main focus of the team and we shouldn't move users out so we can chitchat but rather we should move out
 391 [23:1:30] <dvz-> and then we can come up with a proposed plan/solution and bring it back to the team at the next meeting.
 392 [23:1:32] <forestpiskie> LeAstrale: now :)
 393 [23:1:42] <bodhi_zazen> +1 drubin
 394 [23:1:42] <LeAstrale> o.O
 395 [23:1:45] <ibuclaw> noise in this channel (and #ubuntu suffers from it too) does not help in giving support.
 396 [23:1:47] <seidos> beginners are probably not ready for things that are said in this channel
 397 [23:1:49] <bodhi_zazen> but, to me it depends
 398 [23:1:52] <forestpiskie> drubin: then a cafe
 399 [23:1:58] <bodhi_zazen> a "simple" problem can be answered here
 400 [23:1:59] <drubin> and if the team has issues with reading support stuff they they proberally shouldn't be on the team (so that is none of you guys right... :)
 401 [23:2:5] <seidos> heck, i barely am :)
 402 [23:2:10] <drubin> forestpiskie: I am ok with a cafe
 403 [23:2:11] <forestpiskie> :) drubin
 404 [23:2:16] <bodhi_zazen> a more complex problem that takes detailed explinations is best moved to -help
 405 [23:2:19] <forestpiskie> yea - me too
 406 [23:2:19] <pleia2> seidos: good point
 407 [23:2:41] <seidos> is there an ubuntu-advanced?  or ubuntu-intermediate?
 408 [23:2:42] <forestpiskie> seidos: indeeed :)
 409 [23:2:47] <Hellow> Actually, I feel that we should keep team-specific discussion in here, move banter to a different channel, and in-depth help goes to -help.
 410 [23:2:52] <forestpiskie> ubuntu +1 seidos
 411 [23:3:3] <bodhi_zazen> Ugg, too many channels Hellow =)
 412 [23:3:7] <nigel_nb> Hellow: but that would just increase channel numbers?
 413 [23:3:8] <drubin> seidos: how about a ubuntu-beginner-to-intermediate-with-advanged-apachhe-skills
 414 [23:3:10] <dvz-> i disagree with that bodhi_zazen ...i think all problems should be addressed here and we should be in our own "lounge" / team area...in essence, -help moves here, -team replaces -help. drop -help
 415 [23:3:17] <_marx_> +1 seidos business approach example
 416 [23:3:23] <pleia2> dvz-: I agree
 417 [23:3:27] <forestpiskie> bodhi_zazen: a question pplease ...
 418 [23:3:29] <Hellow> Well, this channel's primary purpose would be to discuss the team.
 419 [23:3:30] <nigel_nb> dvz-: +1
 420 [23:3:30] <seidos> drubin: or ubuntu-certified-beginner.  /me goes to this channel
 421 [23:3:34] <Hellow> And with that, I will be right back.
 422 [23:3:58] <forestpiskie> bodhi_zazen: how many channel do we have - and how many are used regularly?
 423 [23:3:59] <drubin> the only time I would suggest moving to another channel is if there are more then one person needing help and they are both indepth
 424 [23:4:1] <seidos> all i'm saying is we all need a room to regroup
 425 [23:4:2] <bodhi_zazen> sure forestpiskie
 426 [23:4:2] <ibuclaw> seidos, may has well be asking for #ubuntu-tier2 - advanced software support.
 427 [23:4:12] <dvz-> if there's one thing that pisses me off when joining a channel to ask for help, it's being told that "this isn't a help channel.  read the topic. go #somechannel-here"
 428 [23:4:13] <ibuclaw> and #ubuntu-tier3 - hardware support
 429 [23:4:13] <seidos> ibuclaw: you said it not me
 430 [23:4:14] <drubin> then I might suggest moving it out to another randomchannel
 431 [23:4:18] <seidos> ibuclaw: +5
 432 [23:4:29] <forestpiskie> bodhi_zazen: ^^ do we need to get vicious with the pruning?
 433 [23:4:29] <ibuclaw> but both give empty promises IMO
 434 [23:4:40] <ibuclaw> we can't fix every solution. =)
 435 [23:5:0] <ibuclaw> every problem, even... :/
 436 [23:5:1] <forestpiskie> kettle on - back shortly ...
 437 [23:5:3] <seidos> I think to start two channels makes sense, with one channel for us to regroup
 438 [23:5:20] <seidos> *two, sorry to state the obvious
 439 [23:5:41] <Rocket2DMn> o/
 440 [23:5:47] <dvz-> or if it's that big of a deal to have another room, let's get rid of -help, move that mission to this channel and move our banter in with club-ubuntu or some other non-logged channel offered by ubuntu
 441 [23:6:8] <pleia2> dvz-: club-ubuntu is *way* too scary
 442 [23:6:16] <bodhi_zazen> dvz-: Sounds good in theory, I doubt it will work in practice
 443 [23:6:40] <Rocket2DMn> I would be -1 for moving the team to another channel.  We don't get support requests in here nearly often enough to up and move ourselves.  Other teams have no issues redirection users to support channels, and its ok to offer support here if you'd like.
 444 [23:6:40] <_marx_> pretend you are a 2 month old ubuntu user and a first time irc user: what would you expect from this channel?
 445 [23:6:44] <nigel_nb> just a doubt, is everyone okay with logging if there is no banter here and we just help?
 446 [23:6:57] <bodhi_zazen> +1 Rocket2DMn
 447 [23:7:2] <dvz-> bodhi_zazen: so then we have two non-logged channels for ubuntu community...because teh BT is a subset of the ubuntu community...
 448 [23:7:8] <ibuclaw> dvz-, if we move to club-ubuntu - how do you propose we separate members from non-members? eh? :)
 449 [23:7:8] <Rocket2DMn> As for logging, I think we need to keep convos in here safe enough to be logged - if you have something personal to say that you dont want logged, open a PM to whoever you're speaking to or go ot another channel
 450 [23:7:23] <FFEMTcJ> I'm not yet a member, but my suggestion: forward I think its possible) -help to -beginners, making that only one chan, and then create a - -team (or whatever you want to call it) for regular chatting
 451 [23:7:25] <nigel_nb> +1 Rocket2DMn
 452 [23:7:26] <Rocket2DMn> I'm not saying we SHOULD log, but anything said should be log-safe
 453 [23:7:32] <dvz-> ibuclaw: we don't. we seperate members from nonmembers in this channel and lose our identities in club-ubuntu then.
 454 [23:7:35] <forestpiskie> _marx_: I expected to be moved to wher I could get help - and was ...
 455 [23:7:38] <ibuclaw> I'm pretty certain ##club-ubuntu wouldn't be happy for us to invade. ;)
 456 [23:8:2] <pleia2> ibuclaw: there are a number of us who won't go to that channel
 457 [23:8:17] <seidos> i would be -1 to moving the team to another channel too, but modifying ubuntu-beginners-help to ubuntu-beginners-lounge I wouldn't be opposed to
 458 [23:8:24] <dvz-> i'm just shooting ideas, since it seems people don't want logging. they dont' want to move. yet they dont' want to compromise and work to identify a solution.  (not everyone, some people).
 459 [23:8:26] <bodhi_zazen> OK, lets get back on topic of logging this channel =)
 460 [23:8:28] <seidos> I've always wanted to have a lounge where I worked
 461 [23:8:41] <drubin> ibuclaw: I wont go into that channel
 462 [23:8:42] <seidos> then log ubuntu-beginners and not ubuntu-beginners-cafe
 463 [23:8:44] <ibuclaw> pleia2, that is understandable - large channels tend to accumulate their own unique groups of people.
 464 [23:8:50] <bodhi_zazen> If we want to discuss team channels , move it to later in the meeting or mailing list or next meeting
 465 [23:9:11] <bodhi_zazen> For now, What Rocket2DMn said :
 466 [23:9:12] <seidos> never been to that channel
 467 [23:9:25] <drubin> I vote no for logging this channel in its current state
 468 [23:9:29] <bodhi_zazen> "We don't get support requests in here nearly often enough to up and move ourselves. Other teams have no issues redirection users to support channels, and its ok to offer support here if you'd like."
 469 [23:9:34] <swoody> +1 drubin
 470 [23:9:40] <dvz-> i'd propose that all discussion on irc restructuring and logging be first brought up in the IRC meeting this month on an isolated level to iron out pros and cons..
 471 [23:9:49] <bodhi_zazen> .Vote "Log this channel"
 472 [23:9:49] <Votebot> We Are Now Voting On: Log this channel
 473 [23:9:49] <Votebot> Vote with +1, -1, or 0
 474 [23:9:49] <Votebot> You can also /msg Votebot your vote
 475 [23:9:54] <bodhi_zazen> 0
 476 [23:9:55] <pleia2> bodhi_zazen: I don't think that's really true, people are *Frequently* told to go to -help
 477 [23:10:1] <Silver-Fox-> 0
 478 [23:10:4] <drubin> -1
 479 [23:10:6] <duanedesign> -1
 480 [23:10:6] <swoody> -1
 481 [23:10:8] <pleia2> -1
 482 [23:10:9] <dvz-> -1
 483 [23:10:13] <TuxPurple> 0
 484 [23:10:16] <Rocket2DMn> 0
 485 [23:10:24] <bodhi_zazen> pleia2: people may help here or -help as far as I am concerned =)
 486 [23:10:30] <Raidsong> -1
 487 [23:10:33] <_CommandeR_> hi anyone knows how to patch wine ?
 488 [23:10:48] <_CommandeR_> or know any good guide.
 489 [23:10:48] <swoody> bodhi_zazen, but more than often, if someone is helping in here, they will be told to take it to -help
 490 [23:10:52] <swoody> even if it's a small issue
 491 [23:11:9] <bodhi_zazen> I do not have a problem with the either swoody
 492 [23:11:11] <drubin> I suggest we change the topic then. it is kinda rude.
 493 [23:11:11] <dvz-> bodhi_zazen: they may as far as your concerned, but where you're not concerned, they're redirected to -help.
 494 [23:11:37] <bodhi_zazen> really, at the end of the day , we are not primarily a support channel and I do not see asking to move to -help as that big a deal
 495 [23:11:43] <ibuclaw> -1
 496 [23:11:52] <bodhi_zazen> it is not as if we are passing the person to #ubuntu or some unknown
 497 [23:11:52] <dvz-> bodhi_zazen: we are a support group.
 498 [23:12:5] <pleia2> bodhi_zazen: often when people come here it's because someone else within Ubuntu told them about this team
 499 [23:12:11] <drubin> Ok i really need to get some sleep sorry guys. I have voted.
 500 [23:12:13] <bodhi_zazen> er are prividing one-on-one support in -help and it does not ge tmuch better then taht
 501 [23:12:17] <dvz-> so whether we are a support channel or not...we innately assume the roles of a support channel because of our nature as a support group.
 502 [23:12:22] <pleia2> so they joined their loco team, someone told them to join -beginners.... THEN we tell them to join -help...
 503 [23:12:30] <bodhi_zazen> Any other votes for logging ?
 504 [23:13:1] <bodhi_zazen> .Vote
 505 [23:13:1] <Votebot> We Are Done Voting On: Log this channel
 506 [23:13:1] <Votebot> 11 People Voted. 0 People For. 7 People Against. 4 People Neutral.
 507 [23:13:31] <bodhi_zazen> pleia2: I do not see a problem with that
 508 [23:13:48] <bodhi_zazen> I most channels , when people are told to join say #ubuntu what happens ?
 509 [23:13:53] <pleia2> bodhi_zazen: people complain about it, being bumped to a bunch of different channels is frustrating (espcially when you already have a problem)
 510 [23:14:18] <bodhi_zazen> the person who sent them to #ubuntu does not follow or provide support
 511 [23:14:18] <nigel_nb> bodhi_zazen: what about logging in -help?
 512 [23:14:18] <swoody> +1 pleia2
 513 [23:14:22] <bodhi_zazen> here, people are moved to -help and support is provided, totally different
 514 [23:14:23] <Rocket2DMn> pleia2, better than ignoring them.  We don't always want to drop what we are doing atm to provide support for somebody
 515 [23:14:34] <swoody> I think we should make our 'team chat' channel more obscure to find than our 'support' channel
 516 [23:14:46] <Rocket2DMn> I don't only sit here when I want to be available to help people, I have other things that I participate in
 517 [23:14:46] <dvz-> and further, -help has fewer people in it ...what's wrong with maintaining the help in the support team's main channel where just about everyone resides when they log on?
 518 [23:15:2] <swoody> on top of that, it would prevent a new user from getting another detour
 519 [23:15:47] <swoody> think about how 'fun' it is when you call an 800 # to try and get help, to be passed along from department to department...
 520 [23:15:48] <bodhi_zazen> IMO, people here should NOT move someone to -help without being willing to join the person in -help and provide support =)
 521 [23:16:0] <bodhi_zazen> doing so is rude and passing the person on
 522 [23:16:1] <Rocket2DMn> i disagree bodhi_zazen
 523 [23:16:16] <Rocket2DMn> Would you prefer that we just ignore them?
 524 [23:16:21] <Silver-Fox-> +1 bodhi_zazen
 525 [23:16:32] <seidos> I can see how this is an issue.  We're a group first and foremost, our function is secondary to that fact
 526 [23:17:18] <bodhi_zazen> No, but if you can not help them, don't send them to -help, that channel is way to quiet
 527 [23:17:18] <seidos> I'm probably over stepping, since I'm not technically in the group
 528 [23:17:18] <bodhi_zazen> at least move them to #ubuntu
 529 [23:17:18] <seidos> :|
 530 [23:17:22] <swoody> seidos, I think it can be looked at in the reverse as well. We all have a common goal, without that goal, we are not a team :)
 531 [23:17:42] <Rocket2DMn> I always provide both channels as options when I redirect users
 532 [23:18:7] <seidos> i suppose so
 533 [23:18:8] <bodhi_zazen> Basically, be polite and as helpful as possible then
 534 [23:18:20] <pleia2> I think we should have the IRC FG put together a few proposals (I know they've been discussing channel organization) and revisit this
 535 [23:18:24] <Rocket2DMn> +1
 536 [23:18:43] <Rocket2DMn> (that was for bodhi's comment)
 537 [23:18:44] <bodhi_zazen> I am going to have to go in 10 minutes =)
 538 [23:18:48] <dvz-> so...what is the problem if someone is helping someone and they're going on helping the problem int he main room.  i've been told several times to relocate my help to -help (when this room is dead)
 539 [23:19:8] <bodhi_zazen> I do not have a problem with that dvz-
 540 [23:19:15] <seidos> swoody: it can be looked at that way, but i think that's why the channels are separate, etc.
 541 [23:19:23] <dvz-> bodhi_zazen: you may not, but other people have other opinions.
 542 [23:19:45] <nigel_nb> \query bodhi_zazen
 543 [23:20:15] <swoody> dvz-, very true
 544 [23:21:0] <seidos> #ubuntu-beginners-team?
 545 [23:21:3] <ibuclaw> dvz-, if anyone butts into conversation to move support to -help, let me know =)
 546 [23:21:57] <seidos> it's probably perfect how it is, if i just figured it out
 547 [23:22:39] <bodhi_zazen> shall we move on to new members ?
 548 [23:22:47] <forestpiskie> please ...
 549 [23:22:48] <swoody> indeed :)
 550 [23:22:51] <bodhi_zazen> discuss team channels on mailing list and revisit next meeting ?
 551 [23:22:54] <Silver-Fox-> Yes
 552 [23:23:2] <swoody> sounds good, bodhi_zazen
 553 [23:23:14] <bodhi_zazen> === NEW MEMBERS ===
 554 [23:23:17] <forestpiskie> ibuclaw: if it goes on and on then it should be elsewhere ino
 555 [23:23:23] <forestpiskie> +1 bodhi_zazen
 556 [23:23:24] <bodhi_zazen> nigel_nb: you are up =)
 557 [23:23:29] <bodhi_zazen> tell us about yourself
 558 [23:23:32] <nigel_nb> :) thanks bodhi_zazen
 559 [23:24:6] <nigel_nb> I've been around with BT for the past month and a half.  Been able to work with a very nice team and fellow team members.  I started of helping with wiki and forums
 560 [23:24:25] <duanedesign> wiki?
 561 [23:24:28] <nigel_nb> now, I mostly help on IRC whenever I can and answer questions on Launchpad
 562 [23:24:48] <bodhi_zazen> w00t
 563 [23:24:48] <nigel_nb> duanedesign: yes, I cleaned up the swap page on my first few days
 564 [23:25:1] <nigel_nb> lately, I've been working with pleia2 and the UCLP
 565 [23:25:5] <bodhi_zazen> .Vote " nigel_nb for membership"
 566 [23:25:5] <Votebot> We Are Now Voting On:  nigel_nb for membership
 567 [23:25:5] <Votebot> Vote with +1, -1, or 0
 568 [23:25:5] <Votebot> You can also /msg Votebot your vote
 569 [23:25:11] <duanedesign> +1
 570 [23:25:12] <pleia2> +1
 571 [23:25:15] <bodhi_zazen> +1
 572 [23:25:18] <Rocket2DMn> +1
 573 [23:25:30] <ibuclaw> +1
 574 [23:25:44] <Silver-Fox-> PM vote
 575 [23:25:55] <forestpiskie> +1
 576 [23:26:48] <ibuclaw> forestpiskie, on and on I can deal with.
 577 [23:26:53] <swoody> +1
 578 [23:27:4] <nigel_nb> whoa! thanks guys :)
 579 [23:27:4] <bodhi_zazen> Any additional votes ?
 580 [23:27:52] <bodhi_zazen> .Vote
 581 [23:27:52] <Votebot> We Are Done Voting On:  nigel_nb for membership
 582 [23:27:52] <Votebot> 9 People Voted. 9 People For. 0 People Against. 0 People Neutral.
 583 [23:27:57] <swoody> welcome aboard nigel_nb!
 584 [23:28:4] <forestpiskie> elsewhere then ibuclaw :D
 585 [23:28:6] <nigel_nb> w00t :)
 586 [23:28:8] <swoody> Keep up the good work :D
 587 [23:28:10] <nigel_nb> thanks swoody
 588 [23:28:33] <dvz-> +1
 589 [23:28:35] <dvz-> srry
 590 [23:28:43] <dvz-> lol know i voted for you in my heart nigel
 591 [23:28:55] <nigel_nb> dvz-: thanks, I know you did :)
 592 [23:29:2] <bodhi_zazen> =)
 593 [23:29:2] <FFEMTcJ> ouch
 594 [23:29:20] <nigel_nb> I was waiting for that ceremonial kick :P
 595 [23:29:21] <bodhi_zazen> nigel_nb: LP name ?
 596 [23:29:25] <swoody> :)
 597 [23:29:28] <nigel_nb> nigelbabu
 598 [23:29:33] <bodhi_zazen> any other issues to discuss ?
 599 [23:29:35] <nigel_nb> https://launchpad.net/~nigelbabu
 600 [23:30:23] <forestpiskie> wb nigel_nb
 601 [23:30:40] <paul-tizzle> hey all
 602 [23:30:45] <duanedesign> good timing paul-tizzle
 603 [23:30:50] <duanedesign> :p
 604 [23:30:50] <bodhi_zazen> nigel_nb: https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-beginners
 605 [23:30:51] <paul-tizzle> How did the meeting I missed go?
 606 [23:31:0] <Silver-Fox-> I would ask why,  but that would be a foolish question
 607 [23:31:1] <duanedesign> we are just finishing
 608 [23:31:25] <duanedesign> nigel_nb just got his ceremonial /KICK
 609 [23:31:36] <nigel_nb> hehe
 610 [23:31:47] <duanedesign> :)
 611 [23:31:58] <forestpiskie> night ...
 612 [23:32:8] <bodhi_zazen> === END MEETING ===


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