Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph / pleia2 / lyz

Elizabeth has been dabbling in Ubuntu since Warty, but has used and worked with Debian since 2002. Since becoming an Ubuntu Member on May 29th 2007 she has worked on a variety of projects, including US Teams, Pennsylvania LoCo, California LoCo, Ubuntu Classroom, Ubuntu News, Women. She was a member of the Ubuntu Americas Membership Board from May 2008 through 2012. In October 2009 was elected to the Community Council and remained on this council until the end of her term third in 2015. As of November 2011 she is the Xubuntu Marketing and has also served as the Website lead for that project.

Now residing in San Francisco, she works full time as an Automation and Tools Engineer at HPE with a focus on the OpenStack project infrastructure. She is also the former coordinator for Philadelphia area Linux Users Group (PLUG).


Ubuntu News Team

  • Primary editor for the UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter

  • Fridge editor since March 2010
  • Worked with Amber Graner and Nathan Handler in Oneiric cycle to relaunch the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter with an emphasis on making releases easier for contributors while continuing the high quality which the community expects

Ubuntu California LoCo Team

  • Involved with planning and attended many events since moving to California in 2010
  • Hosting monthly Ubuntu Hours in San Francisco
  • Has served as one of three elected leaders of team
  • One of the two individuals responsible for G+/twitter/facebook updates for the team
  • Writes monthly team reports
  • Manages team website (and the server it runs on)


  • Marketing Lead
  • Runs the Xubuntu at... series where organizations are interviewed about how they use Xubuntu

  • Manages team social media accounts for G+, Twitter and Facebook
  • Assists with ISO and packaging testing, sometimes running Ubuntu Global Jam events in San Francisco focused on Quality Assurance (QA)

Ubuntu Community Council

  • First elected in October of 2009, 3rd term ended in 2015
  • Have taken a leadership role within the Council to push along nominations and appointments to boards and councils
  • Worked with dholbach on the Council to collect and make sure tasks aren't missed
  • Worked to maintain Team Reports for the Council and get meeting logs posted
  • Helped Ubuntu projects and members resolve desputes
  • Worked with teams to make sure they had the resources they need to effectively do their work

Ubuntu Pennsylvania LoCo Team

(have since moved to California)

Ubuntu Americas Membership Board

Member of the Ubuntu Americas Membership Board from 2008 to 2012.


Ubuntu US

Team now largely inactive.


Project faded away in 2014, but while it was active:

  • One of the primary administrators of the project
  • Worked closely with RyanKavanagh to revitalize the project in 2007

  • Worked with BeginnersTeam for partnership in 2009

  • Worked to integrate into Ubuntu Learning project in mid 2009
  • Help with reorganization, defined volunteer roles for project so people know how to help
  • Keep wiki and #ubuntu-classroom topic updated

  • Works with groups hosting classes and Week events to avoid conflicts
  • Testing and testing hosting of a ClassBot

  • Worked with Lernid developer to do testing to get working Lernid release back into Ubuntu
  • Coordinated Ubuntu UserDays each cycle

Other Major F/OSS Contributions

Local Involvement

Testimonials for UW Leadership

Ubuntu I'm so glad Lyz has put her name up for this role. Lyz has been an outstanding Ubuntu member and I can't more enthusiastically endorse her as one of the leaders for the UW group. Her accomplishments and involvement in all things Ubuntu and Floss speak for themselves and the UW group will continue to benefit from her leadership. Good luck! -- Dinda

Ubuntu I strongly support Liz for one of the leadership roles in the Ubuntu-Women project. I really think people like her who have a long standing commitment and a profound knowledge of the project are the most capable to lead the group. Glad to see she is running for the job Smile :) -- myriam 2010-06-08 21:51:05


County: San Francisco

While I have only lived in California since February 2010, I have been involved with planning numerous Ubuntu California events since moving here. I was heavily involved with running the PennsylvaniaTeam before my move and currently am on the leadership team of the USTeams project where we help struggling US LoCos find the resources they need to become successful teams.

I have greatly enjoyed my past term as a leader in the team and would like the opportunity to continue in this role.

Beyond my involvement in LoCos, I have extensive leadership experience from the Philadelphia Linux Users Group to the CommunityCouncil which I feel will benefit in helping the team move forward.

#xubuntu and #xubuntu-offtopic Ops

I have been a member of the Xubuntu Team since July 2011 and in November 2011 took over as Marketing and Website Lead of the Xubuntu project.

I have been an active user in #xubuntu on and off over the past several years and constantly since joining the core team. In this past cycle we revived traffic in the #xubuntu-offtopic channel, which is now quite active.

Currently I am the founder of the #ubuntu-women channel where I have held ops since 2006, have taught multiple classes about IRC for Ubuntu Women, including 2 about being an Op in the channel (links here). I have worked with the IRC Council over the years, and now continue to do so in my capacity as a Community Council member for some time.

I am typically on IRC from 16:00 UTC through 00:00 UTC on weekdays, and then frequently later in the evening from 00:00 through 05:00 UTC. Weekends the times are similarly within this range, but vary based on weekend event plans Smile :)

Other Testimonials

Ubuntu Lyz has always been super nice to me, when ever we have chatted on IRC and in Person, She has helped me set up a a couple of classes on Ubuntu Classroom, and also given me great advice for many things. I can say that it has been a great honor to even get to talk with her. Her community effort speaks for its-self And I am so glad that there are people like her in are community. -- josephjamesmills

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