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  1. If there is an issue for the team, add it to the agenda.
  2. Besides voting on new members, there will be no voting at these meetings. The Beginners Team Council will review all discussions and will vote on issues once they are ready to be voted on.




FAQ page needs attention, it is messy and difficult to read


Replace VoteBot with ubottu


Membership Requirements

Agenda discussion


   1 Started logging meeting in #ubuntu-meeting
   2 [18:04:40] <ibuclaw> OK, who is here?
   3 [18:04:42] <ibuclaw> o/
   4 [18:04:44] <nhandler> o/
   5 [18:04:48] <ddecator> o/
   6 [18:04:48] <nhandler> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Meetings
   7 [18:04:53] <PabloRubianes> o/
   8 [18:04:54] <swoody> o/
   9 [18:04:56] <man0riaX> o/
  10 [18:05:00] <Silver_Fox_> o/
  11 [18:05:25] * ZachK_ is here
  12 [18:05:27] <Rocket2DMn> o/
  13 [18:05:28] <duanedesign> o/
  14 [18:05:47] <malev> o/
  15 [18:05:54] <kidtp> what are we doing? :(
  16 [18:06:00] <ddecator> attendance
  17 [18:06:16] <kidtp> o/
  18 [18:06:17] <kidtp> ?
  19 [18:06:20] <kidtp> sorry
  20 [18:06:23] <bodhi_zazen> o?
  21 [18:06:27] <bodhi_zazen> o/
  22 [18:06:37] <ibuclaw> OK, what is first on the agenda?
  23 [18:06:39] <bodhi_zazen> although I have to leave in 25 min or so ...
  24 [18:07:19] <ibuclaw> [TOPIC] FAQ page needs attention, it is messy and difficult to read
  25 [18:07:46] <nhandler> Doesn't look like Bodsda is here
  26 [18:08:06] <nhandler> ZachK_: This would probably be another good task for the Wiki FG to work on
  27 [18:08:10] <ZachK_> nhandler: ok
  28 [18:08:19] <ZachK_> ibuclaw: link for that page?
  29 [18:08:28] <ibuclaw> [LINK] https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/FAQ
  30 [18:08:36] <ibuclaw> I presume he means that page
  31 [18:08:45] <ZachK_> ibuclaw: i'll get to work on that after i finish writing a tutorial
  32 [18:08:49] <ZachK_> for the forums
  33 [18:09:06] <ibuclaw> which overall, feels kinda out of place compared to the rest of the /Beginners pages
  34 [18:09:22] <ibuclaw> thank-you ZachK_
  35 [18:09:25] <duanedesign> is anyone aware of which page it might be reffering to as (duplication)?
  36 [18:09:30] <ZachK_> ibuclaw: :)
  37 [18:09:32] <duanedesign> signposts
  38 [18:10:10] <Rocket2DMn> much of the rest of the wiki...
  39 [18:10:24] <ZachK_> Rocket2DMn: agreed
  40 [18:10:45] <ZachK_> It seems like that FAQ page is pretty repetitive
  41 [18:10:55] <Rocket2DMn> that page has probably been superseded by Signpost
  42 [18:11:52] <duanedesign> So link to appropriatte content that exists on the wiki where possible
  43 [18:11:56] <ZachK_> Rocket2DMn: think we should just delete it then?
  44 [18:12:23] <ibuclaw> ZachK_, perhaps replace it with a link to another project
  45 [18:12:28] <ibuclaw> ie: Ubuntu Manual
  46 [18:12:42] <Rocket2DMn> if anywhere, back to the wiki homepage
  47 [18:12:53] <cjohnston> o/
  48 [18:13:02] <Rocket2DMn> or at least - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Signpost/Questions#help
  49 [18:13:17] <ZachK_> Rocket2DMn: you wanna do that then?
  50 [18:13:17] <ibuclaw> 'lo cjohnston - have something to add? Or just saying hi. :)
  51 [18:13:29] <cjohnston> saying hi
  52 [18:13:29] <ZachK_> Rocket2DMn: or do you want me to do it
  53 [18:13:35] <ZachK_> hey cjohnston
  54 [18:13:39] <cjohnston> I will have something to add to the end though..
  55 [18:14:17] <Rocket2DMn> go for it ZachK_ , please check pages that link to it and either remove links or adjust accordingly
  56 [18:14:24] <Rocket2DMn> i believe you know how to handle the wiki, ZachK_
  57 [18:14:38] <ZachK_> Rocket2DMn: yes i do...
  58 [18:14:48] <duanedesign> ;)
  59 [18:15:41] <malev> so, no more FAQ?
  60 [18:15:54] <nhandler> ibuclaw: You might want to give ZachK_ the [action]
  61 [18:16:31] <ibuclaw> [ACTION] ZachK_ to clean up Beginners FAQ page
  62 [18:16:53] * ZachK_ shall do so...when he's done with his UF Tutorial
  63 [18:16:57] <ZachK_> :)
  64 [18:16:59] <duanedesign> malev: just take advantage of existing documentation
  65 [18:17:04] <ibuclaw> I assume no objects and everyone in agreement? :)
  66 [18:17:16] <ibuclaw> ZachK_, again, thank-you.
  67 [18:17:21] <nhandler> ibuclaw: It is a wiki page. Anyone can edit it if necessary
  68 [18:17:24] <malev> I agree!
  69 [18:17:27] <malev> o/
  70 [18:17:28] <ibuclaw> nhandler, true.
  71 [18:17:29] <ddecator> sounds good to me
  72 [18:17:41] <ZachK_> ibuclaw: no prob
  73 [18:17:48] <ZachK_> ibuclaw: it's what I'm here for
  74 [18:18:09] <ZachK_> I'll have a topic when everyone is done if that's ok
  75 [18:18:24] <ibuclaw> OK, anything else before we move on?
  76 [18:18:32] <ibuclaw> 3, 2, 1...
  77 [18:18:38] <PabloRubianes> move on!
  78 [18:18:45] <ibuclaw> [TOPIC] Replace VoteBot with ubottu
  79 [18:18:58] <ibuclaw> nhandler, you are leading this discussion...
  80 [18:19:02] <bodhi_zazen> +1
  81 [18:19:08] <bodhi_zazen> =)
  82 [18:19:12] <ibuclaw> and yes, +1
  83 [18:19:16] <ibuclaw> =)
  84 [18:19:22] <ddecator> i'm honestly not sure what the differences are. i like ubottu, but i'm more familiar with it so i'm biased =p
  85 [18:19:31] <nhandler> Well, the only feature from VoteBot that we actually still need are the factoids. This can be provided by ubottu
  86 [18:19:48] <duanedesign> who created votebot?
  87 [18:19:53] <nhandler> ubottu also adds a few other features such as fetching URLs for bugs and !info and stuff like that
  88 [18:19:54] <ubottu> Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)
  89 [18:19:55] <bodhi_zazen> nhandler: are the factiods channel specific ?
  90 [18:19:56] <ibuclaw> duanedesign, nhandler did
  91 [18:19:56] <nhandler> duanedesign: I did
  92 [18:20:05] <ddecator> +1 for bug links
  93 [18:20:08] <nhandler> bodhi_zazen: They can be, but we really have no realy factoids that are not jokes
  94 [18:20:36] <Rocket2DMn> bug links are nice, i use them all the time in other channels
  95 [18:20:36] <Silver_Fox_> We are removing one of the more fun elements from the team ?
  96 [18:20:37] <bodhi_zazen> Well, some factiods are probably best ##ubuntu-offtopic - at best
  97 [18:20:59] <duanedesign> that would be my only concern. Make sure the author is ok with it.
  98 [18:21:08] <duanedesign> Rocket2DMn: +1
  99 [18:21:11] <ZachK_> The factoids are part of what made this team what it is IMO
 100 [18:21:15] <bodhi_zazen> I would -1 migrating the factiods
 101 [18:21:27] <nhandler> ZachK_: If that is the case, you have some major misconceptions of the team
 102 [18:21:28] <bodhi_zazen> And I really do not want to go through them one - by -one
 103 [18:21:41] <Silver_Fox_> The team is about helping ZachK_
 104 [18:21:43] <ibuclaw> Rocket2DMn, does ubottu integrate bug links?
 105 [18:21:52] <ddecator> ibuclaw: yes
 106 [18:21:59] <ddecator> bug 1
 107 [18:22:00] <ubottu> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Timeout)
 108 [18:22:15] <ZachK_> nhandler: I'm not saying that Factoids are what the team is about...I'm saying that it just seems to me that it's what makes us a little different
 109 [18:22:30] <ibuclaw> and fails spectacularly at the Bug Description... ;)
 110 [18:22:58] <ddecator> ibuclaw: not normally =p
 111 [18:23:04] <duanedesign> bug 554185
 112 [18:23:14] <duanedesign> lol
 113 [18:23:29] <ddecator> yes, so...ubottu is not making its case atm >.>
 114 [18:23:42] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 554185 in ubuntuone-client "Ubuntu One Preferences app field values should update periodically" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/554185
 115 [18:23:46] <nhandler> ddecator: ^^^
 116 [18:23:49] <duanedesign> \o/
 117 [18:24:02] <Silver_Fox_> Okay, so its slow... :)
 118 [18:24:14] <ddecator> also not normally, haha
 119 [18:24:16] <ZachK_> At least it pulled the info down
 120 [18:24:31] <nhandler> So does anyone else see any other real reason to keep VoteBot?
 121 [18:24:33] <ddecator> it also has support for upstream trackers (not sure if that's a default or just in -bugs)
 122 [18:24:36] <ibuclaw> ZachK_, IMO - Votebot has been deprecated in this team for quite some time.
 123 [18:24:59] <nhandler> ibuclaw: Yep. It doesn't serve much use now that we are an official Ubuntu team and hold meetings in here
 124 [18:25:12] <bodhi_zazen> +1 re: votebot == depreciated , lol
 125 [18:25:19] * ZachK_ agrees
 126 [18:25:25] <bodhi_zazen> It was a very nice bot nhandler , thank you for making it
 127 [18:25:34] <ZachK_> lol @ bodhi_zazen
 128 [18:25:38] <nhandler> bodhi_zazen: Yep. It served its purpose, but now it is time to move on
 129 [18:25:59] <bodhi_zazen> vote or just axe it ?
 130 [18:26:01] <ibuclaw> ok
 131 [18:26:10] <nhandler> bodhi_zazen: No more votes at meetings, remember
 132 [18:26:16] <ddecator> i think it has the majority, haha
 133 [18:26:20] <ibuclaw> how many channels still use Votebot?
 134 [18:26:39] <nhandler> ibuclaw: Only the BT channels use it
 135 [18:26:43] <ibuclaw> +#ubuntu-beginners-council +#ubuntu-beginners-team
 136 [18:26:57] <ibuclaw> OK, so no notice is required for other teams / etc. :)
 137 [18:26:58] <nhandler> ibuclaw: And all the FG channels and -beginners
 138 [18:26:59] <duanedesign> #ubuntu-beginners ?
 139 [18:27:03] <nhandler> ibuclaw: Nope
 140 [18:27:29] <nhandler> So the council will vote on the issue, but based on the discussion, it looks like VoteBot will be leaving us soon
 141 [18:28:24] <bodhi_zazen> well, we need an [ACTION] or {AGREED] , IMHO
 142 [18:28:25] <nhandler> Any more comments about this topic?
 143 [18:28:26] <ZachK_> nhandler: -wiki doesn't have Votebot so ya know
 144 [18:28:40] <ddecator> i think we're set
 145 [18:28:56] <nhandler> bodhi_zazen: Not really, this is just for discussion (like a ML discussion)
 146 [18:29:05] <nhandler> The action will come based on the council's decision
 147 [18:29:47] <ibuclaw> [ACTION] BT Council to vote on replacing VoteBot with ubottu
 148 [18:30:10] <bodhi_zazen> TY ibuclaw
 149 [18:30:13] <ibuclaw> last subject
 150 [18:30:15] <ibuclaw> [TOPIC] Membership Requirements
 151 [18:30:29] <ibuclaw> nhandler, off to you again.
 152 [18:30:31] <bodhi_zazen> those tags [ACTION] make the logs MUCH EASIER to review later =)
 153 [18:30:39] <ddecator> ha, i was just asking swoody about this (kinda)
 154 [18:31:00] <ibuclaw> bodhi_zazen, compared to .action .topic and the like?
 155 [18:31:20] <nhandler> ibuclaw: MootBot picks up [ACTION]
 156 [18:31:31] <nhandler> Well, I am failing to find the link. If anyone has it, please post it
 157 [18:31:40] <bodhi_zazen> yes, and better then no MARKS in the LOGS
 158 [18:31:50] <nhandler> But basically, paultag started working on some criteria we can use when determining whether to accept someone as a BT member
 159 [18:32:14] <ZachK_> nhandler: link for?
 160 [18:32:27] <nhandler> Currently, it focuses a bit too much on numbers/stats imo. But I wanted to get some feedback on what everyone thought some good criteria for being a UBT member would be
 161 [18:32:32] <nhandler> ZachK_: The criteria wiki page
 162 [18:32:38] <ZachK_> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Membership
 163 [18:32:41] <ZachK_> that it?
 164 [18:33:43] <ddecator> i think having the CoC signed isn't too much to ask
 165 [18:33:50] <nhandler> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Paultag/UBTCriteria
 166 [18:34:15] <duanedesign> I like the recommendation from someone outside of BT that is recognized in their area of the community.
 167 [18:34:22] <bodhi_zazen> +1 signed CoC
 168 [18:34:39] <bodhi_zazen> It is nto *that* hard to sign,
 169 [18:34:50] <nhandler> The requirements on the Membership page really aren't that bad. It is the UBTCriteria page I really wanted feedback on
 170 [18:34:51] <PabloRubianes> I like the changes but I don't see "Have at least one recommendation from someone outside of the Beginners Team who can attest to the quality of your contribution" a must
 171 [18:35:12] <nhandler> PabloRubianes: We were trying to avoid having people who *only* participate in the UBT channels
 172 [18:35:30] <nhandler> If they are working with a FG, they will be active in other parts of the community, and should be working with people outside the team
 173 [18:35:34] <ddecator> so each sections applies depending on what FG a person applies for, yes?
 174 [18:35:47] <PabloRubianes> nhandler: good
 175 [18:36:10] <nhandler> ddecator: "applies" probably isn't the best word. They are just some criteria that can be used to judge the work a person has done in a certain area
 176 [18:36:17] <nhandler> Like I said, I feel it focuses too much on #s
 177 [18:36:43] <ddecator> yah, maybe it should be more like a bug-control application? email and provide links that demonstrate and understanding of how things work
 178 [18:36:51] <ddecator> s/and/an
 179 [18:37:14] <ZachK_> nhandler: I don't feel that a procurement of Wiki pages that the Candidate has worked on would be a good requirement as most new people don't know how to edit the wiki...I'd make it an option at the very least like, "If you have made any contribution to the Ubuntu Wiki list them here" or something
 180 [18:37:19] <nhandler> ddecator: That wouldn't work as well for other areas of the community
 181 [18:37:43] <nhandler> ZachK_: New people probably aren't ready to join the team. They should work with a FG until they are ready
 182 [18:37:50] <swoody> how about some requirement for the IRC FG? Perhaps 2 or 3 testimonials - again from people well known in the community, inside or out of the BT
 183 [18:38:04] <ZachK_> nhandler: true
 184 [18:38:17] <ZachK_> nhandler: and the Wiki FG would probably be easier than most
 185 [18:38:41] <ibuclaw> nhandler, so we are moving to a more close knit group then.
 186 [18:38:44] <nhandler> It would be great to have the different FGs brainstorm some criteria that would be useful in evaluating the work a person has done in a certain area. Remember, it should be stuff like "The # of wiki pages edited" instead of "Edited at least X wiki pages"
 187 [18:39:08] <nhandler> ibuclaw: The idea is to have some real requirements instead of just "hang around for a month and get voted in"
 188 [18:39:22] <nhandler> We want to also ensure our members are qualified
 189 [18:39:25] <Silver_Fox_> Are we suggesting that "You must help outside of UBT" ?
 190 [18:39:25] <ZachK_> nhandler: I agree with that...
 191 [18:39:50] <nhandler> Silver_Fox_: Yes. The FGs would help with that. Most of them already interact with other teams in the community
 192 [18:39:58] <nhandler> i.e. Wiki FG works with the Doc Team
 193 [18:40:10] <ZachK_> Silver_Fox_: well shouldn't we try to be the team that Produces people who move on to the Ubuntu community on a large scale?
 194 [18:40:11] <ibuclaw> nhandler, that I can agree on. But having the FGs as an entry point onto the team? And main membership granted with merits later?
 195 [18:40:30] <ddecator> true, the FG members can be members of other teams that help introduce new people to the workflow of the different areas
 196 [18:40:47] <duanedesign> I think it is important that as we adopt as a part of our mission help new users not only with Ubuntu but with the community that prospective members can be new to the community.
 197 [18:40:48] <ddecator> well, "members" of other teams, not that it's a requirement i suppose (unless you decide it should be)
 198 [18:41:03] <ibuclaw> As opposed to main membership first ... then the *possibility* of joining an FG, *if* the member doesn't laze about.
 199 [18:41:29] <PabloRubianes> one thing...
 200 [18:41:33] <nhandler> duanedesign: *Prospective* members can be new to the community. But until they learn and are ready to actually help in their area of interest, they should remain *prospective*
 201 [18:41:33] <Silver_Fox_> I thought the idea was for the BT to point people in the direction of the wider community, not have it a prerequisite for joining the BT. I saw it more of a stepping stone if you will.
 202 [18:41:47] <duanedesign> nhandler: +1
 203 [18:41:56] <nhandler> Silver_Fox_: The FGs are that bridge to the community
 204 [18:42:36] <PabloRubianes> I think only bt member can be really part of the FG on launchpad... otherwise they recive the BTmember sign even if they are not members...
 205 [18:43:04] <ZachK_> nhandler: but if you make it so that people can just join an FG and then do work in that most people won't try to attain any more that that...most want recognition for the Label...not what they themselves have actually done
 206 [18:43:11] <nhandler> PabloRubianes: That is correct. But that shoul not stop them from participating with a FG
 207 [18:43:50] <PabloRubianes> yes, but somewhere it must say that, on the new membership process wiki
 208 [18:43:57] <nhandler> ZachK_ If their only reason for joining the team is to say they are a member of the UBT, they probably shouldn't be a part of the team
 209 [18:44:19] <duanedesign> I think there are two cases here. 1. Someone who wants to participate in the community *and* help others do this. They would be joining the team. 2. Users we help join the community but are interested in being a member and helping others do the same
 210 [18:44:22] <ibuclaw> PabloRubianes, nothing official yet. This is just a proposal for a revision.
 211 [18:44:38] <PabloRubianes> ok
 212 [18:44:46] <duanedesign> s/are/are not
 213 [18:46:16] <ZachK_> If we make it so that you can join say a part of the team but not all until you "Prove yourself" than what good is that? If a person is going to be a prospective member to the UBT make it so that they are a Prospective member to all aspects of the team..including FG's
 214 [18:46:23] <nhandler> Well, it is clear more discussion is needed before any vote can take place. We should probably get the different views documented on the wiki or ML
 215 [18:47:28] <nhandler> ZachK_: Well, they aren't really joining the FG. They are just working with them
 216 [18:47:37] <ZachK_> nhandler: ok...just making sure of that
 217 [18:48:15] <ZachK_> nhandler: personally I feel that you shouldn't be able to join one until you are a full member of the BT but that's My opinion
 218 [18:49:00] <Silver_Fox_> A difference exists between joining and helping a focus group
 219 [18:49:18] <nhandler> Can FGs work on updating the criteria wiki page for some good criteria to judge contributions in their respective areas? Revisions to the membership page (in a new Comments section at the bottom) would also be helpful
 220 [18:49:21] <ibuclaw> Silver_Fox_, precisely
 221 [18:49:49] <ZachK_> nhandler: I'll definitely do that for the Wiki Section
 222 [18:50:16] <ddecator> i do think part of the membership process should involve encouraging prospective members to check out the various FGs (not require, but encourage them so they can try new things)
 223 [18:50:21] <nhandler> Having the different views documented on the wiki should help the council make a decision
 224 [18:50:22] <Silver_Fox_> Am I correct in understanding that it is unlikely that if someone only helps out with a FG they are not going to become full members of UBT ?
 225 [18:50:37] <nhandler> Silver_Fox_: No
 226 [18:50:44] <Silver_Fox_> Okay, good :)
 227 [18:51:43] <nhandler> Any more comments?
 228 [18:51:47] <ddecator> none here
 229 [18:52:02] <ZachK_> nhandler: I had the SoD topic if that's ok
 230 [18:52:05] <bodhi_zazen> gotta run =)
 231 [18:52:10] <ZachK_> nhandler: i forgot to put it on the meeting page
 232 [18:52:16] <duanedesign> and today during UDS there was some discussion about the team and its role in helping people get involved in the community. Overall it was a positive response. I felt like Jono and others on the community team were willing to provide advice/input. Might be a resource we should utilize.
 233 [18:52:18] <ibuclaw> bye bo^H^H^H
 234 [18:52:38] <cjohnston> duanedesign: I want to talk on that tonight if we get to it before I crash
 235 [18:53:00] <nhandler> Well, I'm done. ibuclaw you're up Mr. Chair
 236 [18:54:27] <duanedesign> is that it for agenda items?
 237 [18:54:30] <ibuclaw> Silver_Fox_, I don't think it is necessary to help out in BT to be part of this team (for example my role has changed wildly in the last 2 years) - I think the new criteria should provoke a push for FGs to get more *out there* and active in Ubuntu.
 238 [18:54:53] * nhandler -> dinner
 239 [18:54:58] <ZachK_> duanedesign: I had one...
 240 [18:55:01] <ibuclaw> nhandler, okies
 241 [18:55:27] <Silver_Fox_> Activity should be encouraged ibuclaw :)
 242 [18:56:08] <ibuclaw> [ACTION] Membership Requirements to be discussed on ML and wiki
 243 [18:57:18] <ibuclaw> Silver_Fox_, indeed - as opposed to just dawdling ... (*cough*) That FG shame remain nameless, but I'll be poking around some time later. >:)
 244 [18:57:28] <ibuclaw> ZachK_, you have a final topic?
 245 [18:57:32] <ZachK_> ibuclaw: i do
 246 [18:57:38] <duanedesign> so does cjohnston
 247 [18:57:45] <Silver_Fox_> I have no idea to what you refer ibuclaw ;)
 248 [18:58:54] <ibuclaw> [TOPIC] Summer of Documentation Project
 249 [18:59:00] <ibuclaw> ZachK_, fire away
 250 [18:59:36] <ZachK_> ibuclaw: Thanks...Ok I'm sure most of you have received one or more emails from me regarding the Summer of Documentation Project...any questions on that?
 251 [18:59:43] <duanedesign> I always liked the Summer of Documentation Project.
 252 [18:59:51] <duanedesign> I think it is a good idea
 253 [19:00:08] <ZachK_> I'm welcoming Ideas, input, and especially help
 254 [19:00:17] <ddecator> i can help after i'm done with school
 255 [19:00:18] <PabloRubianes> it should be called Summer/winter
 256 [19:00:22] <ZachK_> The Wiki FG has been somewhat slim regarding Members.....and contributions
 257 [19:01:19] <ZachK_> Any questions/ideas anyone?
 258 [19:01:35] <Silver_Fox_> ZachK_, As I said earlier, I am happy to help with SOD again.
 259 [19:01:38] <Silver_Fox_> :)
 260 [19:01:47] <ZachK_> Silver_Fox_: ok join the wiki fg channel...
 261 [19:02:15] <ddecator> ZachK_: a howto of sorts will help =)
 262 [19:02:29] <ZachK_> ddecator: ok....good idea that
 263 [19:02:34] <Silver_Fox_> ZachK_, Has the list been updated ?
 264 [19:02:38] <duanedesign> PabloRubianes: haha pablo has a point. It is winter down South. :)
 265 [19:02:43] <ibuclaw> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Wiki/SoD2010
 266 [19:02:43] <ZachK_> Silver_Fox_: list?
 267 [19:02:55] <ZachK_> TY ibuclaw
 268 [19:02:58] <Silver_Fox_> ZachK_, List of pages that require attention
 269 [19:03:00] <Silver_Fox_> :)
 270 [19:03:08] <ibuclaw> Those who wish to participate, please bookmark that. =)
 271 [19:03:16] <ddecator> ZachK_: for example, i have the content almost done for the software center page (just need some more screenshots) but idk how to format the page, so i'll probably just go into a finished one and copy the formatting, but a wiki detailing everything would help
 272 [19:03:52] <PabloRubianes> I think we have some new people who speak spanish arround now, so do it it in spanish is ok? Documentation in Spanish is not so good...
 273 [19:03:54] * ddecator bookmarks page
 274 [19:04:02] <ZachK_> ddecator: ok I'll put a link on the Wiki FG page as there is already a wiki page with formating help on it
 275 [19:04:17] <ddecator> ZachK_: but for BT pages specifically?
 276 [19:04:41] <ZachK_> ddecator: the format is the same for all wiki pages...
 277 [19:05:13] <ibuclaw> PabloRubianes, go for it. =)
 278 [19:05:37] <ddecator> ZachK_: but i mean like the navigation area at the top of main pages that are for BT pages
 279 [19:05:57] <ZachK_> ddecator: that would be the /include bt header
 280 [19:06:05] <duanedesign> cjohnston: are you still with us?
 281 [19:06:08] <ZachK_> ddecator: i'll tell you all about it later
 282 [19:06:16] <cjohnston> yes
 283 [19:06:21] <ddecator> ZachK_: well then mention it on a wiki, because i had no idea =p
 284 [19:06:24] <ZachK_> ibuclaw: unless anybody else has anything more that's all i got
 285 [19:06:41] <ibuclaw> ok, thank-you ZachK_
 286 [19:06:58] <ZachK_> ibuclaw: yup
 287 [19:06:59] * ZachK_ out
 288 [19:07:01] <ibuclaw> I'm hoping to see more members contribute this year. =)
 289 [19:07:06] <duanedesign> +1
 290 [19:07:07] <ZachK_> ibuclaw: as am i
 291 [19:07:09] <cjohnston> Am I up?
 292 [19:07:16] <ZachK_> cjohnston: yuppers
 293 [19:07:20] <cjohnston> Okie...
 294 [19:07:33] <cjohnston> Today at UDS we had a session on fixing this page:
 295 [19:07:34] <ibuclaw> IMO - Open Source documentation is lagging behind the FAST development pace
 296 [19:07:37] <cjohnston> http://www.ubuntu.com/community
 297 [19:07:44] <cjohnston> duanedesign participated remotely with us
 298 [19:07:47] <ibuclaw> cjohnston, wait for it =)
 299 [19:07:54] <ibuclaw> topic?
 300 [19:08:23] <cjohnston> umm
 301 [19:08:40] <cjohnston> UDS Community Involvement discussion
 302 [19:08:46] <cjohnston> without the spelling errors
 303 [19:09:01] <ibuclaw> I see none =)
 304 [19:09:03] <ibuclaw> [TOPIC] UDS Community Involvement discussion
 305 [19:09:28] <ibuclaw> take it away then.
 306 [19:09:41] <cjohnston> Ok.. Today at UDS we had a session about fixing this page: http://www.ubuntu.com/community
 307 [19:09:50] <cjohnston> duanedesign participated remotely with us..
 308 [19:09:56] <cjohnston> I think we had some good ideas...
 309 [19:10:12] <cjohnston> Currently there are a couple problems with the page..
 310 [19:10:17] <cjohnston> 1) it looks old
 311 [19:10:27] <cjohnston> 2) some of the pages under it arent really correct
 312 [19:10:42] <ddecator> oh yah, i remember seeing this page when i was first getting involved and i wasn't sure where i was supposed to go..
 313 [19:10:49] <cjohnston> so we want to redeisgn the page to 1) provide accurate information on getting involved with the community
 314 [19:11:00] <cjohnston> and 2) update it to the new "light" theme of Ubuntu
 315 [19:11:14] <cjohnston> We want the end result to look similar to: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/1004features
 316 [19:11:40] <cjohnston> The top set of images (header image) will be pictures of people (contributors, users, etc)
 317 [19:11:44] <cjohnston> under that...
 318 [19:12:05] <cjohnston> Each of the "sections" that are there now will be changed to different ways to get involved
 319 [19:12:21] <cjohnston> So the current browse the web could be something like Documentation
 320 [19:12:31] <ibuclaw> More Human, less Tango?
 321 [19:12:35] <cjohnston> yes
 322 [19:12:49] <cjohnston> with a little discription of what is involved in documentation
 323 [19:13:03] <cjohnston> and a link to get more info on what documentation means and how to get involed
 324 [19:13:15] <cjohnston> we want to include the different ways to contribute to ubuntu
 325 [19:13:20] <cjohnston> and really just make the page better
 326 [19:13:37] <cjohnston> we are planning on waiting to sstart this IIRC until the new website design is relased
 327 [19:13:40] <cjohnston> hopefully soon
 328 [19:13:59] <cjohnston> but duanedesign and I had mentioned that since the BT is wanting to focus on helping users become contributors
 329 [19:14:05] <cjohnston> this may be something good for us to help work on
 330 [19:14:25] <cjohnston> I just wanted to see if any members had any interest in helping out with redoing this pagr
 331 [19:14:28] <cjohnston> page
 332 [19:14:36] <nhandler> I would be up for helping out
 333 [19:14:44] <ibuclaw> cjohnston, so is the design on the main Ubuntu site you linked open to anyone to help out?
 334 [19:14:59] <ibuclaw> [LINK] http://www.ubuntu.com/community
 335 [19:15:04] <cjohnston> and if so, we will get together with jono at some point, and go over what he is wanting from this, and bounce ideas off each other and make it happen
 336 [19:15:21] <duanedesign> i think anything the team can do here would be good.
 337 [19:15:29] <cjohnston> ibuclaw: we will design the new page, and then after being approved by jono, he will submit it to the proper authorities to get it changed
 338 [19:15:30] <nhandler> cjohnston: I can't help with design stuff, but in terms of the content that should go on there, I can help with that
 339 [19:15:47] <cjohnston> we wont be able to edit that page directly
 340 [19:16:02] <ibuclaw> cjohnston, just confirming what I thought was the case, thanks.
 341 [19:16:04] <nhandler> Bleh, the page links to projects, not teams :(
 342 [19:16:27] <cjohnston> nhandler: that sounds good.. i think we almost more need help with the content more than the design just because ultimatly the design will have to be done by the webmaster
 343 [19:16:31] <cjohnston> and the website team
 344 [19:16:41] <nhandler> cjohnston: An email to the ML asking for volunteers might also be handy
 345 [19:16:44] <cjohnston> but we can provide them with the mock design (working preferably) to go off
 346 [19:16:47] <cjohnston> of
 347 [19:16:50] <cjohnston> nhandler: sounds like a good idea
 348 [19:16:57] <cjohnston> ill have to try to remember that
 349 [19:17:34] <duanedesign> cjohnston: ill try and help with that ;)
 350 [19:17:57] <ddecator> i can help with bugsquad related material if it's needed
 351 [19:18:20] <duanedesign> here is some notes from that session. http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/community-m-improvement-ubuntu-community-pages
 352 [19:18:42] <cjohnston> Ok.. so nhandler and duanedesign are interested.. I'm going to send an email to the ML at some point, hopefully soon, and solicit more help.. Like I said, it may be a litte while before the real work starts, however we could technically start gathering content now, and just put the content into place once we have the design to work off of
 353 [19:18:47] <cjohnston> and ddecator
 354 [19:18:54] <cjohnston> thanks duanedesign
 355 [19:19:11] <duanedesign> thank you cjohnston for representing th BT at UDS
 356 [19:19:11] <cjohnston> and I did put it into a gobby doc (not that it matters) afterwords
 357 [19:19:15] <cjohnston> np
 358 [19:19:21] <cjohnston> thanks for being there to help me with that
 359 [19:19:30] <cjohnston> I had to represent a team im not even a part of earlier :-x
 360 [19:19:44] <cjohnston> because they werent there but i kinda agreed with their points
 361 [19:19:47] <cjohnston> but thats off topic
 362 [19:19:50] <ibuclaw> IMO - I think this is a great opportunity for the team to proves themselves and give out a solid point of recognition =)
 363 [19:19:57] <cjohnston> ibuclaw: absolutly
 364 [19:19:59] <duanedesign> ibuclaw: +100
 365 [19:20:04] <ddecator> ibuclaw: +1
 366 [19:20:13] <cjohnston> as duanedesign will attest, jono had mentioned that the BT has been off his radar...
 367 [19:20:23] <cjohnston> and I think this would be a great way to get the BT on his radar
 368 [19:20:33] <ddecator> definitely
 369 [19:20:34] <cjohnston> let him know we are hear and want to help
 370 [19:20:58] <cjohnston> would you three mind sending me an email (or someone shoot me an email reminding me that the three of you are interested in helping)
 371 [19:21:04] <cjohnston> im so tired ill forget
 372 [19:21:10] <ibuclaw> cjohnston, I'll be keeping an eye. Not sure of much I can do to assist, but as always, time will tell.
 373 [19:21:22] <ddecator> cjohnston: is your email on your lp page?
 374 [19:21:28] <nhandler> cjohnston: Do you get emails when someone MemoServs you ?
 375 [19:21:38] <cjohnston> and ill talk to jono tomorrow at some point and let him know that there is a definate desire for the BT to help out
 376 [19:21:40] <nhandler> ddecator: chrisjohnston@ubuntu.com
 377 [19:21:41] <cjohnston> nhandler: dunno
 378 [19:21:44] <cjohnston> ddecator: chrisjohnston@ubuntu.com
 379 [19:21:45] <ddecator> nhandler: thanks
 380 [19:21:47] <cjohnston> if i spelled it right
 381 [19:22:13] <cjohnston> jono was looking for someone to take this project because he doesnt really have time to do it himself, but it most definatly needs major work
 382 [19:22:28] <cjohnston> that I think is all that I have... unless anyone else has any questions
 383 [19:22:29] <cjohnston> also
 384 [19:22:46] <cjohnston> does anyone have any questions/concerns that they would like me to bring up at any point with anyone
 385 [19:22:56] <kermiac> sorry, still waking up - I can give ddecator a hand with bugsquad info
 386 [19:23:04] <ddecator> kermiac: thanks mate
 387 [19:23:13] <cjohnston> :-)
 388 [19:24:20] <duanedesign> cjohnston: cant think of anything but i will be remote participating the rest of the week if anyone has anything i know where to find you :)
 389 [19:24:30] <duanedesign> thanks again cjohnston
 390 [19:25:00] <duanedesign> doesnt look like any oof the prospective members up for membership are here
 391 [19:25:13] <cjohnston> :-)
 392 [19:25:16] <nhandler> duanedesign: We should probably finalize the criteria anyway first
 393 [19:25:19] * cjohnston goes to bed
 394 [19:25:24] <ibuclaw> night cjohnston
 395 [19:25:35] <nhandler> Any more topics for discussion?
 396 [19:25:36] <cjohnston> as it is 230a and 7a will be here quick
 397 [19:26:02] <ddecator> haha, night cjohnston
 398 [19:26:58] <ibuclaw> OK
 399 [19:26:58] * Silver_Fox_ should consider bed... is 01:26
 400 [19:27:04] <ibuclaw> [LINK] http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/community-m-improvement-ubuntu-community-pages
 401 [19:27:11] <ibuclaw> for anyone interested.
 402 [19:28:04] <nhandler> ibuclaw: Are you going to take care of updating the Meeting page and sending minutes to the ML ?
 403 [19:28:06] <duanedesign> nhandler: we have three prospective members who were in the process before adoption of the new process.
 404 [19:28:41] <nhandler> Well, none of them are here, and most of the masters are missing too
 405 [19:28:54] <ibuclaw> nhandler, no probs. Just direct me on what to do. =)
 406 [19:29:04] <nhandler> ibuclaw: Yeah, I can help with that
 407 [19:29:10] <nhandler> Shall we end the meeting then?
 408 [19:30:25] <PabloRubianes> yes
 409 [19:30:29] <ibuclaw> #endmeeting
 410 Meeting ended.


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