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LINK: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-p/meeting/19590/community-roundtable-friday/ (cprofitt, 00:01:42)
LINK: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-p/meeting/19344/community-leadership-summit-3/ (cprofitt, 00:01:45)
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 00:00:03 <cprofitt> #startmeeting ubuntu-beginners-team-november-meeting

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 00:00:14 <cprofitt> #topic general-discussion

 00:00:22 <cprofitt> Hello everyone. Please respond with 0/ are here.

 00:00:27 <IAmNotThatGuy> o/

 00:00:31 <Unit193> I refuse, I'm not here

 00:00:32 <MrChrisDruif> 0/

 00:00:33 <pleia2> o/

 00:00:33 <duanedesign> o/

 00:00:35 <AndrewMC> o/

 00:00:39 <Unit193> \0

 00:00:43 <IAmNotThatGuy> lol

 00:01:10 <cprofitt> thanks for coming everyone.

 00:01:16 <cprofitt> There have been a great many changes with our team over the past few months and we need to announce them, but first I would like to go over UDS-P and some of the broader topics in our community.

 00:01:17 <PabloRubianes> o/

 00:01:36 <cprofitt> There are two 'pads' I want to share with the group.

 00:01:42 <cprofitt> http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-p/meeting/19590/community-roundtable-friday/

 00:01:45 <cprofitt> http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-p/meeting/19344/community-leadership-summit-3/

 00:02:01 <cprofitt> we do not have to read through these tonight, but please bookmark those for later reading

 00:02:13 <cprofitt> Overall there is a feeling that was expressed in Jono's survey results that there has been too much 'red tape' in the community. The Beginners Team was victim to this as well. We want to get back to a "Just Do It" mentality.

 00:02:21 <IAmNotThatGuy> Sure

 00:02:25 <cprofitt> With that mentality goes a responsibility to think about one's actions and ensure that we stay positive or express criticsm in a constructive non-personal manner.

 00:02:28 <ashickur-noor> Ok

 00:02:53 <cprofitt> The beginners team council has been, to my knowledge, disbanded.

 00:03:05 <cprofitt> The team has been made open

 00:03:30 <cprofitt> and there is a desire to not use the mailing list as a forum for continued debate that degrades to 'bickering'

 00:03:51 <cprofitt> I am positive that all of us want to move forward and would like to put the last seven months behind us

 00:04:09 <IAmNotThatGuy> +1

 00:04:16 <MrChrisDruif> +1

 00:04:24 <ashickur-noor> +1

 00:04:26 <MrChrisDruif> (Ow, wasn't a vote ;-) )

 00:04:41 <jbicha> o/

 00:04:42 <IAmNotThatGuy> he he

 00:04:52 <IAmNotThatGuy> hi jbicha

 00:05:07 <cprofitt> I learned one important thing from Mark Shuttleworth this UDS

 00:05:33 <MrChrisDruif> Which was?

 00:06:03 <cprofitt> When I introduced him to Marek (bdfghjk) he asked what Marek liked to work on

 00:06:22 <cprofitt> Mark was not concerned with asking Marek to do something for Ubuntu... but what Marek liked doing

 00:06:55 <cprofitt> that helped clarify what made the BT a positive force in the Ubuntu eco system in the past

 00:07:01 <cprofitt> each person DID what they LOVED to do

 00:07:12 <IAmNotThatGuy> Exactly

 00:07:23 <cprofitt> they excelled because they were internally motivtaed to do something that scratched their own itch

 00:07:42 <cprofitt> that in turn helped others... but it did not feel like work and people were highly motivated

 00:07:57 <cprofitt> with that in mind I would like to ask people, in turn, what they WANT to do

 00:08:12 <cprofitt> Unit193: what would you like to do?

 00:09:07 <Unit193> I'm working on that, but I have done ISO testing with Xubuntu and a little with Lubuntu

 00:09:12 <Unit193> I will continue to do that

 00:09:36 <Unit193> I have also done support in channels, need to get into that better

 00:09:50 <cprofitt> so, to check my understading you are still finding what itch you like scratching the most

 00:10:09 <Unit193> Well, in a way

 00:10:17 <cprofitt> That is a fantastic answer... and one we will all end up hearing

 00:10:36 <cprofitt> Ubuntu is vastly different than the typical proprietary environment

 00:10:50 <cprofitt> so it is normal for people to 'find' their itch after exploring

 00:11:00 <cprofitt> MrChrisDruif: what is it that you want to do?

 00:12:21 <MrChrisDruif> I'm trying to find my way back into Ubuntu, as I've been away in the last months. Trying to help build UBT back to it's former glory looks like a great itch to scratch atm

 00:12:51 * cprofitt nods

 00:13:04 <cprofitt> my only word of caution is that we not throw red-tape up

 00:13:20 <cprofitt> I fell in to that trap myself and it was non-productive

 00:13:24 <MrChrisDruif> Former glory is more then putting up red-tape

 00:13:40 <cprofitt> great to have you back MrChrisDruif and I look forward to you helping us reinvigorate the team

 00:13:59 <cprofitt> duanedesign: what do you want to do?

 00:14:11 <MrChrisDruif> That's more like it, invigorate the team.

 00:14:12 <duanedesign> MOTU

 00:14:17 * cprofitt nods

 00:14:19 <cprofitt> MOTU

 00:14:30 <cprofitt> for those not familiar with MOTU can you share what that is duanedesign ?

 00:14:53 <duanedesign> they are the folks responsible for maintaining the universe repository

 00:15:08 <duanedesign> they keep a large portion of the packages we use in good shape

 00:15:18 <PabloRubianes> duanedesign, I want that too... and MrChrisDruif also

 00:15:25 <cprofitt> pleia2: what do you want to do?

 00:15:33 <PabloRubianes> the UBT was the greatest team arround....

 00:15:52 <pleia2> cprofitt: as of now, I am mostly going to be focused on continuing to recruit BT members for Classroom events

 00:15:59 * cprofitt nods

 00:16:09 <cprofitt> classroom events are great opportunities for the community

 00:16:34 <cprofitt> AndrewMC: what do you want to do?

 00:16:42 <ashickur-noor> cprofitt:  what is can I ask question?

 00:16:48 <AndrewMC> I am trying to get more into bugs because I have this vision in my head, if when I am a pilot (I hope to be soon) I trust computers enough to fly my airplane, I want every system to be THAT bug free and dependable, probably sounds strange but its my "itch" to "scratch" :)

 00:17:03 <AndrewMC> I have gone idle recently and I am ready to get back going again

 00:17:03 <Unit193> pleia2: Announcements in channel help us actually attend too :)

 00:17:20 * cprofitt nods

 00:17:33 <cprofitt> Very good AndrewMC, the community needs help with bugs and triage

 00:17:35 <pleia2> Unit193: indeed!

 00:17:38 <M0hi> Sorry. Bad machine

 00:17:41 <cprofitt> ashickur-noor: please ask your question

 00:18:00 <ashickur-noor> What is classroomevent?

 00:18:14 <cprofitt> pleia2: can you take that one?

 00:18:25 <ashickur-noor> cprofitt: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-p/meeting/19590/community-roundtable-friday/

 00:18:29 <ashickur-noor> not working

 00:19:02 <cprofitt> ashickur-noor: you may have to login with your launchpad ID and enable scripts if you are running no-script

 00:19:14 <cprofitt> I can help with the link after the meeting if that did not help

 00:19:20 <ashickur-noor> cprofitt: I hvae loged in

 00:19:34 <pleia2> ashickur-noor: Classroom is a project where we do IRC-based learning sessions in #ubuntu-classroom https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Classroom

 00:19:34 <ashickur-noor> another link works gr8

 00:20:19 <cprofitt> we lost Iam...

 00:20:26 <cprofitt> PabloRubianes: what do you want to do?

 00:20:54 <Unit193> cprofitt: M0hi is still here, jsut bad connection

 00:21:37 <PabloRubianes> cprofitt,  I want Motu for me, and working to help spanish speaking community to become less alienated from english

 00:22:01 <PabloRubianes> is not english fault but is like two worlds and we are just one

 00:22:02 <cprofitt> I think the Loco Council and CC are working on that with language teams as well PabloRubianes

 00:22:36 <cprofitt> your work will be much apprecaited

 00:22:38 <PabloRubianes> cprofitt, lots of great people are left behind for this... languaje thing

 00:22:52 <cprofitt> ashickur-noor: what do you want to do?

 00:22:53 <PabloRubianes> it's a shame

 00:22:59 <zkriesse> Meeting?

 00:22:59 <zkriesse> :D

 00:23:00 <PabloRubianes> so work needs to be done

 00:23:13 <pleia2> PabloRubianes: we could do a better job of coordinating the classrooms, sorry we've not done so well on it this past year

 00:23:13 <cprofitt> PabloRubianes: I believe we will work toward correcting that... and everyone that can help will be much appreciated

 00:23:30 <ashickur-noor> I am currently thinking to make some video tuto for my community

 00:23:31 <cprofitt> zkriesse: yes, meeting... welcome and thanks for coming

 00:23:37 <ashickur-noor> cprofitt:

 00:23:38 <M0hi> PabloRubianes, LoCos can try concentrating on that. Lets starts from Uruguay ;)

 00:23:38 <zkriesse> cprofitt: ;)

 00:23:54 <cprofitt> ashickur-noor: Great. I have done a couple of tutorials... including one on how to make a tutorial

 00:24:13 <ashickur-noor> cprofitt: can you give me link?

 00:24:17 <PabloRubianes> M0hi, we are working with argentina one

 00:24:19 <cprofitt> ashickur-noor: yes...

 00:24:24 <M0hi> PabloRubianes, cool

 00:24:29 <cprofitt> M0hi: what do you want to do?

 00:24:30 <ashickur-noor> cprofitt: one question regarding that

 00:25:07 <cprofitt> ashickur-noor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0Tn3Z8OklQ

 00:25:13 <cprofitt> go ahead ashickur-noor

 00:25:22 <ashickur-noor> It's about voice

 00:25:40 <ashickur-noor> my voice is so bad

 00:25:43 <M0hi> Currently, I was not able to spend the time that I've spent before 8 months. I just have one wave running in my mind, saying me that UBT is there and nothing to worry. I just want that wave live forever =]

 00:26:10 <ashickur-noor> So what can I do about the Voice?

 00:26:23 <M0hi> I am now restricted with the time I spend. But I will help in documentation and the blueprint of our team

 00:26:27 <cprofitt> ashickur-noor: I am not really sure about that... I am not fond of my voice, but I do my best

 00:27:00 <ashickur-noor> cprofitt:  and describing something do always worst for me

 00:27:05 <cprofitt> fantastic M0hi; one key aspect of being a leader in the community is realizing what you can and can not do...

 00:27:19 <cprofitt> I respect that you are busy and glad that you acknowledge that as well

 00:27:30 <cprofitt> it is important for people to be realistic with what they can take on

 00:27:48 <cprofitt> zkriesse: what do you want to do?

 00:28:16 <zkriesse> sorry i gotta run

 00:28:23 <zkriesse> Not what I intended

 00:28:29 <cprofitt> no problem zkriesse

 00:28:33 <cprofitt> alright...

 00:28:42 <ashickur-noor> cprofitt: nice Idea

 00:28:46 <cprofitt> so I have asked you all that question, but now I need to answer it

 00:28:49 <zkriesse> Folks are asking me to run to the store so off I go :P

 00:29:01 <zkriesse> cprofitt: I'll pm you later in response to this?

 00:29:28 <cprofitt> I originally migrated to Ubuntu to learn programming that was not Windows oriented... I am, at my day job, a systems administrator and used to helping folks.

 00:29:40 <cprofitt> I did a lot of that and also found that there was not an active community in my area

 00:29:48 <ashickur-noor> I have something big in my mind but need help

 00:29:56 <cprofitt> I started doing help and community building and did not have time for programming

 00:30:11 <M0hi> ashickur-noor, After charles =]

 00:30:20 <cprofitt> so one of my focuses for this next six months is to add 'programming' back in to my things to do

 00:30:35 <cprofitt> as it is the original 'itch' I had and one I did not scratch for three years

 00:31:12 <cprofitt> At the same time I learned that I truly love to help and build the community

 00:31:28 <cprofitt> so one other thing to keep in mind is that the journey may twist in ways you do not expect

 00:31:36 <ashickur-noor> cprofitt:  I am as like you

 00:31:47 <cprofitt> just make sure to enjoy the journey

 00:31:57 <PabloRubianes> cprofitt, I agree

 00:31:58 <M0hi> +1

 00:32:09 <cprofitt> ashickur-noor: what is the big thing you wanted to mention

 00:32:26 <PabloRubianes> so I think is time to start over? but with GREAT ATTITUDE!

 00:33:04 <cprofitt> coalwater: what do you want to do?

 00:33:05 <ashickur-noor> cprofitt:  arranging some program in my Country

 00:33:25 <ashickur-noor> called ''Ubuntu Day''

 00:33:37 * cprofitt listens

 00:33:54 <Unit193> coalwater is on phone

 00:33:56 <ashickur-noor> but I have no idea what think I do for that

 00:34:10 <coalwater> about what, I just joined

 00:34:23 <Unit193> coalwater: WHat do you want to do in the community?

 00:34:31 <MrChrisDruif> ashickur-noor; Not to burst any bubbles, more to give you direction: we've got the Ubuntu Global Jam already, maybe worth looking into?

 00:34:32 <cprofitt> ashickur-noor: I am not sure about how to do that either, but randall ross from vancouver would be a fantastic resource for that

 00:34:44 <coalwater> umm , I like solving bugs lol

 00:34:57 <cprofitt> ashickur-noor: https://launchpad.net/~rrnwexec

 00:35:19 <cprofitt> try contacting him... he has a passion that will astound and a great deal of experience organizing large events

 00:35:19 <ashickur-noor> +1

 00:35:25 <coalwater> I really liked 'lernid'

 00:35:30 <cprofitt> the Ubuntu France team is also incredible with what they do

 00:35:36 <M0hi> ashickur-noor, I just saw you idling in #ubuntu-bd team. Just try to pull in more people, market about IRC and get visitors, Start planning for an activity and bring it on

 00:35:46 <ashickur-noor> OK I will

 00:36:25 <cprofitt> ashickur-noor: I will say... just start and event... even if you only get two people to show up you got it off the ground and it can grow

 00:36:29 <cprofitt> that is what I did in my area

 00:36:47 <ashickur-noor> M0hi: I told you last night ubuntu-bd members are too busy

 00:36:50 <M0hi> cprofitt, So, are we going to discuss about the ideas accepted before and the action items?

 00:36:51 <cprofitt> alright... so our new moto is...

 00:36:56 <cprofitt> JUST

 00:36:58 <cprofitt> DO

 00:36:59 <cprofitt> IT

 00:37:17 <M0hi> I need a like button here ;]

 00:37:18 <cprofitt> M0hi: I am not sure what has been accepted and not...

 00:37:18 <coalwater> what kind of things for the community are we talking about

 00:37:24 <ashickur-noor> they are even not free in weekdays

 00:37:32 <cprofitt> from my understanding most of the structure was removed

 00:37:35 <ashickur-noor> +1

 00:37:56 <Unit193> coalwater: Support, devel, bugs, etc. Anything you can think of really

 00:37:57 <ashickur-noor> M0hi: do we have a FB page?

 00:38:16 <cprofitt> I think the message bodhi wanted to get out is to not worry about strucutre... just engage with what you like to do

 00:38:19 <Mohan_chml> Sorry for my connections

 00:38:25 <MrChrisDruif> cprofitt; how about the council? Does it still exist?

 00:38:28 <coalwater> o ok,thought we were talking about events only

 00:38:36 <Mohan_chml> Let me shortly tell all the -restructuring plans

 00:38:41 <cprofitt> MrChrisDruif: No, the council does not exist

 00:39:10 <Mohan_chml> 1) There will be no members and council. We all are equal and anyone can come forward and propose his/her plan.

 00:39:41 <Mohan_chml> They can work on that Idea and can get volunteers for their work

 00:39:52 <AndrewMC> but there is still someone in authority to deal with those plans? if not how does that work

 00:39:59 <Unit193> Group mentorship

 00:40:23 <cprofitt> AndrewMC: the person making the proposal will be in charge of their plans

 00:40:26 <coalwater> wont that slow decision making?

 00:40:31 <ashickur-noor> AndrewMC:  I agree with you

 00:40:33 <Mohan_chml> AndrewMC, If you post an idea, then you are owner of that idea. So, Just try it  out instead of asking for a vote. If you succeed, we all succeed

 00:40:33 <coalwater> the no council

 00:40:37 <cprofitt> if there is a dispute any respected member of the group can help to resolve it

 00:41:03 <cprofitt> Mohan_chml: +1

 00:41:19 <cprofitt> we do not want stagnation because a person with a great idea needs to ask permission

 00:41:24 <Mohan_chml> AndrewMC, Its like wasting an idea by voting

 00:41:39 <cprofitt> I would rather re-direct a little bit than have no action and discouraged members

 00:41:50 * AndrewMC will have to look into this for his own team to possibly implemet

 00:41:54 <AndrewMC> sounds interesting

 00:42:06 <cprofitt> it is really the roots of the UBT as I knew it

 00:42:25 <cprofitt> If you want to be an app developer and have a great idea for an app... do it

 00:42:33 <cprofitt> ask for folks who are also interested to help you

 00:42:43 <cprofitt> if you run in to issues, ask for help from folks

 00:42:43 <Unit193> Although feedback can help...

 00:42:55 <cprofitt> if you need testers... ask for help

 00:42:56 <Mohan_chml> Unit193, +1

 00:43:02 <AndrewMC> I see

 00:43:05 <cprofitt> if there is a dispute ask a person you respect

 00:43:18 <cprofitt> there is no need for a specific person to be 'in charge'

 00:43:36 <AndrewMC> Well I will have ot consider this for my team, it sounds like a really good idea actually :)

 00:43:40 <cprofitt> we have many respected members that can be brought in to offer advice or help if you run in to a wall

 00:44:19 <ashickur-noor> cprofitt: then they should be listed

 00:44:27 <AndrewMC> eye

 00:44:29 <Mohan_chml> let me continue the proposal or plan we had in the mind

 00:44:36 <cprofitt> ashickur-noor: no, each of us should get to know the people we trust

 00:44:38 <ashickur-noor> it will help newbe like me

 00:44:43 <MrChrisDruif> Mohan_chml; go on...

 00:44:54 <cprofitt> leave the lists for things like the CC and Loco Council

 00:45:09 <cprofitt> ashickur-noor: spend time in our irc channel... ask others who they would ask for help

 00:45:15 <iMichealH> cprofitt: PM?

 00:45:15 <cprofitt> no need for a static list

 00:45:16 <ashickur-noor> cprofitt: oh, I understood now

 00:45:21 <cprofitt> iMichealH: sure

 00:45:36 <cprofitt> if there is a list then there is a chance people might be away for a week

 00:45:50 <cprofitt> and your question get old... we need to act like a community... get to know each other...

 00:45:51 <Mohan_chml> 2) There will be no voting as I said before. It will 'IDEAS' and 'ACTIONS'. The person who proposes can take the ownership of that idea or if he is not having time, he can give the ownership to someone who will be one working on that idea

 00:45:59 <cprofitt> have multiple people we can ask for help from

 00:46:39 <Mohan_chml> He/she can get volunteers to work on that idea as we mentioned before

 00:48:00 <Mohan_chml> 3) The team is "Open". There is no membership. Anyone can join UBT at anytime and serve our ultimate goal. "Help the beginners"

 00:48:38 <ashickur-noor> Mohan_chml:  nice one

 00:49:26 <Mohan_chml> 4) We are looking for the support from the whole Ubuntu community to help us work on the Focus groups, by providing some of their time in mentoring people and guiding them to contribute in the future.

 00:49:58 <Mohan_chml> for this, we need volunteers to act as a bridge between UBT and other Community FGs

 00:50:08 <cprofitt> Mohan_chml: and this time we will not require respected members of other teams wait several weeks or months to get approved... so hopefully we can build that support

 00:50:35 <Mohan_chml> okay

 00:51:09 <cprofitt> that is one of the benefits of an open team... in the past due to red tape it took too long and some people lost their energy to assist

 00:51:36 <cprofitt> people should understand that as we ask for help... some folks may still think we are closed... so we have to ensure they know that is not the case anymore

 00:51:45 <MrChrisDruif> Alright, that idea kinda eludes me

 00:51:56 <cprofitt> MrChrisDruif: what do you mean?

 00:51:59 <Mohan_chml> The FG mentoring structure will be decided in later meetings once we identify POC and the people from the community to start the FG shine

 00:52:05 <MrChrisDruif> We still have FG's?

 00:52:15 <Mohan_chml> MrChrisDruif, That is secondary

 00:52:19 <cprofitt> MrChrisDruif: I think that is still in the process of being decided...

 00:52:27 <Mohan_chml> Our primary goal is "Help the beginners"

 00:52:32 <cprofitt> we may or may not have formal teams... but there are areas of focus

 00:52:42 <cprofitt> regardless of 'strucutre'

 00:52:57 <ashickur-noor> FG's whit it is btw?

 00:52:57 <cprofitt> if duanedesign wants to become MOTU he will focus on that

 00:53:15 <cprofitt> and can help others obtain that goal as well... so that will be his focus

 00:53:23 <popey> /lastlog Andre_Gondim

 00:53:24 <ashickur-noor> and what is MOTU?

 00:53:25 <popey> bah!

 00:53:32 <cprofitt> and those working with him would be a focus group.. informally or formally

 00:53:37 <cprofitt> hey popey!!

 00:53:39 <popey> hey

 00:53:53 <MrChrisDruif> ashickur-noor; FG = Focus Groups, MOTU = Masters Of The Universe

 00:53:58 <Mohan_chml> So, we need people for certain places

 00:54:03 <cprofitt> we really want people to get re-energized and worry about strucutre later

 00:54:03 <AndrewMC> MrChrisDruif: beat me to it :P

 00:54:16 <duanedesign> ashickur-noor: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU

 00:54:27 <Mohan_chml> 1) A Person to update the wiki regarding the meetings and the ctions happening in UBT

 00:54:43 <cprofitt> we definately need a person to do that Mohan_chml

 00:54:43 <Mohan_chml> is there any volunteer stepping forward for that?

 00:54:54 <Mohan_chml> cprofitt, ;)

 00:54:58 <cprofitt> no one said they were interested in that Mohan_chml

 00:55:14 <cprofitt> are you willing to take that on until we find a person who wants to do that

 00:55:18 <Mohan_chml> Okay then. I will take that on my plate

 00:55:27 <cprofitt> I can share that with you if needed too

 00:55:48 <cprofitt> I do not want to burden people with minutia unless they want to do it... as in WANT to do it

 00:55:50 <Mohan_chml> cprofitt, #action it over me and I will ping you if I feel of failing =]

 00:56:20 <cprofitt> #action Mohan_chml will update the BT pages with meeting minutes

 00:56:20 * meetingology Mohan_chml will update the BT pages with meeting minutes

 00:56:35 <cprofitt> #action cprofitt will be his second or fallback

 00:56:35 * meetingology cprofitt will be his second or fallback

 00:56:43 <MrChrisDruif> I might be able to help Mohan_chml , just ping me if you need help

 00:56:50 <Mohan_chml> MrChrisDruif, Sure =]

 00:56:53 <cprofitt> MrChrisDruif: is that what you WANT to do?

 00:57:16 <Mohan_chml> if so, put him first then cprofitt

 00:57:21 <cprofitt> I want to make sure everyone has high motivation for doing things... and are not locked down with 'tasks' that feel more like work

 00:57:29 <Unit193> I can easily paste the stuff meetingology spits out

 00:57:32 <MrChrisDruif> cprofitt; I've done wiki's in the past, so it's not too much to ask

 00:57:35 <cprofitt> if you truly want to do that... we can make you first MrChrisDruif

 00:57:42 <MrChrisDruif> xD

 00:58:03 <Mohan_chml> Unit193, you have to edit them :P

 00:58:24 <Mohan_chml> cprofitt, Put him first and we can back him up

 00:58:31 <MrChrisDruif> It's not like I'm jumping to do it, I just could help lighten the burden cprofitt

 00:58:31 <cprofitt> MrChrisDruif: I will put you first

 00:58:47 <cprofitt> #action MrChrisDruif will take primary role of posting meeting minutes

 00:58:47 * meetingology MrChrisDruif will take primary role of posting meeting minutes

 00:58:56 <Mohan_chml> And we need a separate volunteer to monitor the wiki pages and report the out dated contents

 00:59:02 <cprofitt> alright

 00:59:23 <cprofitt> lets remember to keep motivated... and just do it...

 00:59:31 <cprofitt> no need to ask for permission

 00:59:32 <ashickur-noor> I can do that

 00:59:36 <Mohan_chml> Also, it will eb better if we have Unit193 to update the next meeting date both on wiki and the channels

 00:59:48 <cprofitt> I would like to thank Unit193, MrChrisDruif, duanedesign, pleia2, AndrewMC, IAmNotThatGuy, PabloRubianes, ashickur-noor, Mohi, MichaelH, zkriesse, coalwater, Mohan_chml, popey for coming and participating in the meeting

 01:00:02 <cprofitt> I hope to see you all next meeting

 01:00:06 <Mohan_chml> ashickur-noor, Thanks. Just stick with me or Unit193 who knows about the basic changes

 01:00:16 <cprofitt> #endmeeting

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