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About Me

I am from Montevideo Uruguay, I am a computer engineering student, Ubuntu Member and part of the Uruguayan Ubuntu Community. I started using GNU/Linux with Knopix in a high school course, after trying openSuse and Fedora I'm using Ubuntu since Hardy Heron. Nowadays I am using Ubuntu as my main OS.

My Goals

  • Provide equal opportunities for Spanish speakers in the Ubuntu community.
  • Contribute in the development of Ubuntu.
  • Develop software for GNU/Linux Operating Systems.

Team member of

Ubuntu community contributions

Ubuntu Uruguay LoCo Team Community Council Member

  • I got elected to be part of the 5 member Uruguayan Community Council. Link

Ubuntu Admin of Ubuntu Uruguay LoCo Team Site

  • I take care of every aspect of the site as my main responsability is to keep an eye on the comments to prevent any ofensive remarks and put the posts in the right place as we have our local Forum on our site.

Ubuntu Admin of Ubuntu Montevideo part of Ubuntu Uruguay

  • This is a site part of the Uruguayan LoCo that is in charge of promoting Ubuntu in my department (State). Nowadays I am the only writer for this site, but my intention is to have more people writing for it.

Ubuntu Code Of Conduct Signed

Ubuntu Creation of Ubuntu Tutorials at Ubuntu Uruguay and Ubuntu Montevideo

Ubuntu Organization for the Ubuntu User Days (Spanish Edition) with DiegoTurcios on the first edition, nowadays I am still doing this but in the Classroom_ES Team

Ubuntu I'm a member of Classroom_ES Team the team who organize Spanish editions of events like OpenWeek or Ubuntu User Days

Ubuntu Creation of the new Ubuntu Uruguay website, coding of planet and other activities of the creation process.

Ubuntu Restructure of the Official Ubuntu Uruguay wiki

  • Our team used to have our wiki in another URL, I created the actual Official wiki from scratch, as I have redone every page from the old wiki to the new one and created new pages to file everything our LoCo does.

Ubuntu Solved questions at Launchpad about Ubuntu Answers

  • On the 08/DEC/2009 I got into the Ubuntu Answer Tracker Top Contributors list on Launchpad Link

Ubuntu Translations at Launchpad in Ubuntu and Package Descriptions for Ubuntu Translations

Ubuntu Bug registed by me on Launchpad

Ubuntu I am working in the 5-a-day Proyect, triaging bugs

Ubuntu Work on the Ubuntu Uruguay - Estado Libre project

  • This project aims at promoting the use of Ubuntu in the public administration of Uruguay. We sent a letter to The Parliament, The President and every political party with parliamentary representation. Letter

Ubuntu Owner of the Uruguayan LoCo Team Council and Ubuntu Montevideo Users Teams at Launchpad

  • This is because of my responsabilities with my LoCo

Ubuntu Creator of the Ubuntu Montevideo Logo

Ubuntu Work done on Ubuntu Community Documentation:

Ubuntu Talks I gave:

  • Open Week in Spanish: Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala (2-Nov-2009) IRC

  • I gave an Ubuntu Basic Talk on ##Learners channel on Freenode Logs

  • I was part of the "Ubuntu and the Community" talk at Flisol 2010 in Montevideo (24-Apr-2010)
  • I gave a talk on Lucid Release Party at Facultad de Ciencias (Montevideo, Uruguay) (08-May-2010)
  • I help at a Uruguay LoCo Team in Florida, Uruguay (12-Jun-2010)

  • On Global Jam ES I gave a IRC talk about Launchpad Use Log

  • Talk at Ubuntu 10.10 Release Party at Carmelo, Colonia, Uruguay, (16-Oct-2010)
  • Talk at Ubuntu 11.04 Release Party at Montevideo, Uruguay (07-May-2011)
  • Talk at Open Week in Spanish about Unity (11-May-2011)

  • Launchpad Use at Launchpad Use Meeting At Montevideo (28-May-2011)
  • Ubuntu 11.10 Release Party (Maldonado)
  • Flisol 2012 Link SVG Made with Sozi

  • Three Talks in Latinoware 2012 in Foz Do Iguazu, Brazil
  • UbuConLA talk about the Human side of ubuntu.

Ubuntu On the Ubuntu Beginners Team I am tutoring Asterismo in order to help him join the team.

Ubuntu And I am temporary IRC FG Lead in Ubuntu Beginners Team I am sharing this job with Swoody (Finished)

Ubuntu With Swoody started the Break The Glass Project

Ubuntu Organization the UbuConLA 2012 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ubuntu ... And several more talk in 2013, 2014 and 2015.


LoCo Council

He is a keymember of the Ubuntu community, with his smart, friendly and hard working. When I had the pleasure of meeting Rubianes, I was really impressed by his enthusiasm towards Ubuntu and the community. Since then, I've been in touch with him for LoCo things, and he's always been responsive and very active in anything he's been involved with. I fully support this application, and I think the Ubuntu Council should be proud to have members like him. Costales

I know Pablo for more than 2 years. He really has a great talent and is an awesome guy to work in the projects. I have seen him being active in UBT and I know his LoCo activities and he really is impressive. I fully Endorse his application for the LoCo Council membership and he really will do the best. His activities listed above speaks for him along with me. Smile :) -Mohan_chml (aka) Mohi

Pablo has been an active member not only in Uruguay, but all around South America. While I was on the Ubuntu-BR Council, we were always exchanging experiences of what we were doing to promote Ubuntu and get our communities stronger. Considering the lack of leadership in South America, I am very happy to support him for the LoCo Council, as he knows our necessities and will be able to be a good representation for the South American Ubuntu Community -dudanogueira Duda Nogueira

I testify... Pablo is one of the people who help develop Latin American communities and projects like ClassRoom_ES that promote integration between LoCo's. SergioMeneses Ubuntu-Colombia Council Member

I met Pablo about two years ago. He has always been well disposed, talented, intelligent, hardworking and cooperative. The work he has been carrying out in all the groups which he takes part in has always been outstanding. I believe that his participation in LoCo Team Council would be of great importance for the development and evolution of the Ubuntu Community. I fully support his application. Guillermo Lisi

Pablo is one of the most strong members of Ubuntu community around Latinamerica. He has done great work not only for Uruguay but for latinamerica in general. He would be a really great asset in the Loco council. Andres Mujica

Ubuntu Membership

I was Pablo's mentor in the Beginners Team membership process. This means I spent a lot of time with him and got to know him very well. I found him to be one of the nicest and most genuine people I had ever met. Someone who was guided by a strong Moral Compass. He was eager to learn, help other people, and embodies everything the Code of Conduct teaches us. Never frustrated and always positive I believe he embodies characteristics that we want in all Ubuntu Members. His work to provide opportunities in the community for Spanish speakers has always impressed me. Whenever he hears of an event or a something going on in the community he asks 'is there a Spanish version'. When the answer is no, too often it is, he quickly organizes a sister event in Spanish that in the end rivals the original in size and quality. I whole heartedly endorse Pablo Rubianes for Ubuntu Membership. - duanedesign

Hello I´m magu42, an enthusiast for free software,I know Pablo Rubianes from the last year, in and #ubuntu-uy, helping people all nights in the IRC, and posting in the community blog. Also I saw him organizing events about Ubuntu in the web, when he found events in English he make the same in Spanish, that is so useful in Latinamerica because not all people here speak English, for those things I think he must be an Ubuntu member, to continue helping us. magu42

Pablo Rubianes has been a great contributor to the Uruguay community, he is and active part of the organization of the community as he works on the web site, the IRC channel and the Community Council. He's also been involve in the organization of the Ubuntu Users Days spanish version, he is always willing to help and support free software, that's why I endose Pablo Rubianes for Ubuntu Membership. Sofía Vitale

Pablo with other members had been a fundamental for the growing of our community in Uruguay. Without his active participation we weren't at the state we are and with the posibility of growing we have now. For the onces that we've been from the beginning of our LoCo is a pleasure to have members as actives as he, who is also doing admin of the web site. All in all he will be an excelent Ubuntu member as he has been an excelent Uruguay LoCo member. Julio D. Gianola


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