• 9.00: preparation. Be there. Part of this is a role play, training ourselves to meet visitors.
  • 10.00: start. The first three hours are the busiest. Try to be there in the morning if you can only afford to spend half a day!
  • 17.00: fair closed
  • 18.00: booth cleaned up
  • 18.30: dinner together with interested volunteers


  • your laptop or desktop running Ubuntu 6.06 or later
  • if possible, a big monitor. I can come pick you up by car if you SMS me (don't call, busy whole saturday!).
  • non-alcoholic drinks
  • a bag of candy
  • your ubuntu tested scanner (put it on the wiki if you will bring it)
  • your high quality speaker set (put it on the wiki if you will bring it)
  • some candy to put in a bowl for visitors
  • scissors, scotch tape, pens, a roll of rope, ... (put it on the wiki if you will bring it)
  • media with free music and video: elephants dream, creative commons music,...

  • MarkVanDenBorre: I will bring : flyers, CD's, electrical power, donation box, CD-R's, paper sleeves for CD-R's

  • XavierCauwe: If anyone has transport to and back from the fair, I'm willing to take my computer (Cool looking desktop pc with flatscreen)


  • XavierCauwe: It's the first time I go and I don't know how this goes... I made this page hoping to find some more info and tips.

  • XavierCauwe: I've included the tips MarkVanDenBorre send to ubuntu-be@lists (WHEN / WHAT TO BRING)


  • XavierCauwe: I enjoyed spending my time on the fair, and so did the others (I think).

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