FOSDEM 2008 will be held February 23-24th, 2008.

We will have a 1 table booth for Ubuntu, so we need some people (both Belgian and other) to populate this booth during the weekend. More volunteers who want to help = more free time for these volunteers to visit talks, so... please volunteer! Smile :-)

As this will be our 2 year birthday, maybe we can have a drink and/or food one evening too? Maybe together with Ubuntu people from other countries?


Stuff to show or distribute at FOSDEM:

  • 800 Ubuntu CDs (delivered to JanClaeys by Canonical)

  • Conference Pack: 4 T-shirts, 2 caps, some ballpoints, stickers, etc. (delivered to JanClaeys by Canonical)

  • Posters (with Dutch language slogan only for now?)
  • Flyers for the Flemish release party
  • can somebody make a slideshow that explains what a LoCoTeam does (maybe also ask other European LoCoTeams?)

  • ... what else will be available to sell and/or give away?


  • a network switch for our stand + UTP cables to interconnect the stands
  • power distribution strips (at least 2 power strips, including 1 with a long cable?)
    • JanClaeys can bring 1 short cable power strip

    • TomVB can bring 1 power strips and a wifi switch/router with 4 LAN ports
    • RoelHuybrechts can bring a 6-element power strip with a 3m (=long) cable

      • 3m is a short cable Wink ;) , but I'll try to bring a longer cable myself -- JanC

  • computers
    • JanClaeys can bring a laptop, an eID reader & a 20" TFT screen

    • WouterHorré can bring a laptop & a eID card reader & a power strip to power the laptop

    • TomVB will bring his XO laptop, but there's no guarantee it'll be running Ubuntu
      • we can try to put Ubuntu on it in the booth Wink ;-) (JanC)

    • RoelHuybrechts can bring a laptop

    • DJ one recent laptop (compiz,...)
  • projector (needs screen/white background)
    • RobVanDyck can bring one (Saturday), but we need something to project on. (not enough space, so I will not bring it)

      • JanC can bring a projection screen--but I think we won't have the required space for this (only 1 table!)
  • rubber bands for people who buy posters! (JanC)
  • DJ take the Ubuntu birthday Cake (better than the last year)

There will also be an Ubuntu-based multiseat computer in the hacker room.

Volunteers available for this event


Some people might have troubles getting to FOSDEM, other people might drive to Brussels with an (almost) empty car, so let's pool cars... Wink ;-)



to the beer event Friday evening (most likely coming from Ghent/Gavere) and back Sunday evening/night (to Bruges)


I drive from Kortrijk (or Gent) to Fosdem on Sunday


Some people might prefer public transport - they can list their travel plans here and possibly meet somewhere on the way.



?09:00? Gent Sint-Pieters -> Brussels Central


?09:29? Weerde -> Brussels Central


Sat: +/- 13u departure from Leuven // Sun: +/-8u departure from Leuven

|| DJ || Sat : morning departure from ciney // Sun: departure frum ciney ||

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