The date & time for the meeting is set bi-weekly on Thursday at 21 h, or when needed as advertised on the mailinglist and calendar.

The meetings take place in #ubuntu-be on You can reach the reach the IRC channel through a web based client at Everyone is welcome to participate to the meeting, there is no need to register beforehand.

Reports can written in collaboration on: or using an IRC meeting bot


(i) This agenda is a wiki page. Feel free to add items.


Past events

  • ...

Upcoming events

events between brackets: might not be tackled in this meeting - on the page as a reminder.

  • (LanForce: 2012-04-06 to 2012-04-08) see report 2011-06-23 for details

  • digital week 2012-04-21 to 2012-04-27 (all locations in Belgium)


Running projects

  • Localized Ubuntu-be ISO (maintainer: Martijn Cielen?)
    • What will we do with this project?
  • USB-stick for Ubuntu-be (maintainer: Wouter Vandenneuker)
    • Decision on delivery addresses
  • ...

Brainstorm & concepts

  • Ubuntu promotion on festivals
  • ...

Wiki and website: evolutions

Stuff that happened

  • ...

Stuff that should happen

Stuff that could happen

  • ...

Things living in the mailing list (to be updated) and others

New members

  • ...


  • Organising the IRC-meetings: how and who?

Next meeting

  • Proposal: IRC meeting on Thursday 01/12/2011 at 21 h. Organisation about IRC meetings: Organisation about the council

You have the possibility to suggest topics for future meetings: see /SuggestedTopics

Previous meetings

The reports and logs of past IRC meetings are available on /Reports and /Logs. The IRC bot meetingology has some logs since 2012 here

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