Gather and document best practices for handling bugs, by extending and enhancing

  • This includes:
  • Forwarding bugs upstream
  • Dealing with feature requests disguised as bug reports (reroute to spec process)
  • Dealing with support requests disguised as bug reports (reroute to support process)
  • Dealing with suggestions for changing defaults disguised as bug reports (reroute to appropriate discussion forums or mailing lists?)
  • Conduct (code of conduct applies to bug communications!)


Current HelpingWithBugs page is not very helpful. Need to make sure people who want to help with bugs can do so easily and effeiciently with minimal disruption to anyone else.


The pages HelpingWithBugs and Bugs/... will be our major sources of information for the bug community.


We discovered that the amount of information on handling bugs is quite huge, we decided that splitting it up in subpages would make sense. Reading smaller pages based on category will be less intimidating, and specific questions can be answered by simply guiding interested people to a clearly organized subpage.

The draft page has been moved here: HelpingWithBugsDraft


Once this specification has been approved, the pages mentioned above will be transitioned as follows:


This transition has been done.

The old page is still available as HelpingWithBugsOld. The pages in the Bugs/... hierarchy are maintained actively.

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