Name: David Klasinc (


  • Development of Kazam Screencaster.

  • Help with Gwibber development.
  • Organizing local Ubuntu events and release parties.
  • Ubuntu advocacy in our country.


  • Organized many local release parties and other events. All events were sponsored by local companies and free drinks, food and snacks were provided for attendees. Turn-out on these events was from 20-80 people which is quite a success around here.
  • As a former president of Lugos User Group of Slovenia I am still working with them trying to tie LUG and Ubuntu Slovenia Team for future projects.
  • Some work on Gwibber microblogging client which included support for sending private messages on Twitter and and various other back-end enhances and fixes.
  • Various talks and lectures about Ubuntu on more than a few events in Slovenia.
  • A lot of Ubuntu advocacy on local forums most notably Slo-Tech and various IRC channels including #ubuntu-si on Freenode.

  • Various Blog posts on Ubuntu on my personal blog

  • Did some major work on Kazam Screencaster and got it to Ubuntu Universe.
  • Picked up with Slovenian LoCo initiative where I helped a lot with meetings and general community work and coordination.

Future Plans

  • Continue with active development on Kazam.
  • Get involved with Mir team for porting Kazam to Mir and Unity Next in the upcoming releases.
  • Re-approval of Slovenian LoCo, I believe that our community efforts are decent enough and that we could be an officially approved LoCo team.

  • Getting more involved with Ubuntu Desktop Team in general.


I've worked with David on Kazam Screencaster over the last 6 months or so. It's been a delight to have someone who is attentive, friendly and knowledgeable working on software for Ubuntu. I'd heartily recommend David for Ubuntu Membership -- AlanPope

David has been a long time contributor to Gwibber and his work on Kazam has been great. I've enjoyed working with him in the past and would love to see him become an Ubuntu Member. -- KenVanDine

I've been working with David on Kazam for almost an year now and I must say it's been quite the delightful experience. It is a pleasure to work with someone who is as knowledgeable and as as hard working as he is. One of his most valuable qualities is that he is not afraid of tough challenges, and take my word for that - any tricky task on his To Do list gets passed with flying colours. Last, but not least, he is really fun guy to be around and has brill sense of humour. In all honestly it's quite rad to work with him and it will be ace to see him becoming an Ubuntu member. -- me4oslav (Launchpad)

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