About Me

Hi, my name is Ken and I'm an addict! That's right, I am addicted to the making the Linux desktop rock! I work on the Ubuntu Desktop team as an Integration Engineer, helping to bring the really awesome work done by Online Services and the Desktop Experience teams to the Ubuntu Desktop.

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Community Involvement

  • I am a member of the NC LoCo team.

    • I haven't done much yet, grabbed a ton of CDs to distribute and tried to help get the team rolling again when I saw it had stalled earlier this year. I hope to get more involved.
  • GNOME Foundation member
    • I have done a fair bit of speaking at various events about GNOME
    • Maintain the GNOME Developers Kit as well as the GNOME Live Demos
  • Gwibber developer
  • Telepathy/Empathy fan
    • Hoping to help Ubuntu take advantage of telepathy on the desktop, not just for instant messaging.
    • Working on improving the user experience with Audio and Video chat, it's going to be great in Lucid!
  • Desktop syncing with CouchDB
    • I look forward to the day where you can login from anywhere and have your data and application preferences at hand from anywhere.


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Ken is an indefatigable force behind the Ubuntu Desktop. Every single time I've needed help from him he replies with a smile, helpful information and an offer to assist in anything else needed. There are so many opportunities for community members to become desktop contributors, and it's great that we have people like Ken to give them a hand and support them through this fun but not-so-simple journey. -- elopio 2017-10-24 18:13:29

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