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hey, i am triaging ubuntu bugs since early 2011. now i am a bug control member and its my mission to be a ubuntu member.

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# IRC :- s9iper1@ #Email :- & #Github :-

Ubuntu Countribution to ubuntu

I am triaging ubuntu bugs since 2011 March. i now days triage gwibber upstream bugs, empathy, and different packages like software center, unity. i have sent lots of bugs to empathy upstream at and

5-a-day statistics shows that i am also a five a day triager.

Also contribute with the kenvandine at patch day.


#Telepathy Team

#Gwibber Bug Heros

#Ubuntu Bug Control



I have been one of the most active bug-triagers since 2011 march, without being a programmer my next target is to be ubuntu member and after that become a programmer. The journey is too long and would take time but i'll get there !


*Bilal has been very active on bug triaging, and has made an impression. He deserves to be considered for membership. Hggdh

*Bilal has spent a considerable amount of time triaging empathy and gwibber bugs. He has done a great job of going through massive amounts of old bug reports and cleaning them up. He has also helped go through all the old patches submitted for gwibber and requested the authors update them to work with the current trunk, in preparation for a community patch day. Bilal shows a great deal of enthusiasm and has a strong drive to learn. KenVanDine

* Bilal is highly active and fast-in-action bug triager on a wide range of apps. He, also, is doing a great job with each bug and tries as much as he can to move things forward. I appreciate what he is doing with QA and feel he deserves to be considered for Ubuntu membership. ashams

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