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An easy way to manage bluetooth pairings between essential devices like keyboards and mice.


It should be straight forward and simple to setup a bluetooth keyboard or mice and not have to worry about it once you reboot. Having to type a command you found every time you restart your computer and hit the connect button on your keyboard is not convienent. There may be a way to make this happen, but it is not currently available through any menu I have found.

Use Cases

  • Brianna just purchased a new bluetooth keyboard and mouse. She knows she needs to pair it with her laptop to use it. Once she does that she doesn't have to worry about it anymore.


Warbo: For what it's worth I bought a USB bluetooth mouse recently, threw the Windows driver CD in the bin and plugged the dongle into Ubuntu (amd64 Edgy) and it worked straight away, all I tweaked was the acceleration a little. My girlfriend has a wireless keyboard+mouse combo and that worked straight away too, even the volume, home, calculator, etc. keys were all mapped to the right thing, so the support is at least partially there Smile :) These were all Logitech devices BTW.

KevinThompson3: My problem is when I start up my system I need to type "sudo hidd --search" and press the connect button on my keyboard every time. Maybe I have done something wrong, but I can't find any way to see paired bluetooth devices in any of the menus. Maybe I am missing a package? I am not sure.

BrendanDahl: I have a related problem. I have a Logitech MX5000 keyboard/mouse, it runs fine when bluez is not installed or when bluez's config files have been setup. However, when I do a fresh install or use the live cd (bigger pain) I lose my mouse and keyboard when bluez disables the simple bluetooth dongle and enables all the bluetooth power. But since it is an unconfigured bluetooth I have to find an old non-bluetooth keyboard to plug in so that I can either remove bluez or configure it. This makes using my bluetooth keyboard/mouse with the live cd for hardy (think it was the same in gutsy). This is my first complaint/feature request if it should go somewhere else please let me know. My initial suggestion might be to not install bluez in the live cd, or disable by default in a config file; or even better can we get a script to auto connect my keyboard on first boot-up? THANKS ubuntu is great.

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