Background Info

Hi, my name is Brandon Perry ( and I have spearheaded the Ubuntu DFW LoCo team since mid 2007. I am 19 (as of 2008) years old and have been using Linux since 2003 (Ubuntu since the release of 4.10). I am currently a .NET software developer, but try to stay active in Mono projects such as gbrainy and Banshee.



The OCAM project was a project I started while I was working as a computer technician. OCAM (One Computer A Month) was powered completely by donations. Working at a computer repair shop certainly helped this as people would donate their old computers. During the 3 months it was up, I donated 8 computers running Ubuntu to families who could not afford a computer themselves. After the technician job, the donations pretty much dried up, so the project is now mainly defunct. I do, however, try to donate a computer as often as I can and have donated 2 more computers since February.

ClamAV LiveCD

I am the maintainer of my own pet project, the ClamAV LiveCD. It is a live CD, now powered by Hardy (previously by Edgy), that enables the user to scan his/her hard drive for viruses completely independently from the machine's OS. Because it is a LiveCD, you can update the virus definitions as long as there is an active connection. You can view the project details here.



Edubuntu is one of my favorite projects. I do not contribute to it, though I really wish I had the time to. I loaded up Edubuntu on an old computer I had and gave it to my mom who teaches Junior High. After she saw what all it had on it, what all it had to offer, etc... she told all of her coworkers about and many of them would like a computer with Edubuntu on it also (I just have yet to get any computers). One of my goals is to introduce Ubuntu into the school systems around Dallas/Ft Worth.


The state of Texas is huge. The area I manage (Dallas/Ft Worth) is bigger than some states. One of my goals is to bring the state into a single LoCo, but that is going to take _a lot_ of work and time that I currently don't have. I am the webmaster on (thanks to Loye Young for getting the domain and setting up the website). Some day though, it will happen ;-).


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