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This is the Dallas/Ft Worth, TX, USA Local Community Team.



-Holy Sh--! It's an update. Look folks, we're actually alive. There is activity on IRC, so you should check us out when you get a chance. The group has shrunk a little bit, but there is still conversations to be had!


We kind of make them up as we go. Generally focused around Open Source Malts and Hops.


One Computer a Month (OCAM) has been drafted and needs to be further discussed for advancement. This is a team project.

Update: Unfortunately, OCAM has been put on indefinite hold. This is in part to a strange flocking of members to Colorado.


  • TeamDallas has members who range from novice to elite linux overlord. If you are interested in expanding your understanding of Ubuntu Linux, we are the team for you. If you just need help getting adjusted to a new environment, we are the team for you. Many of our members have careers which are specifically Linux driven, and can point you in the right direction to further your understanding.

Ubuntu Community Documentation

Free Ubuntu book (pdf): Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference, Keir Thomas


Dallas Team members Launchpad site




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