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I am an Information Systems graduate from Drexel University. I have been advocating the use Firefox since it's release. I do not know exactly when that turned into Free Software in general. I am active in the NJ Ubuntu LoCo team and the Cherry Hill Linux User Group.



I am a long standing volunteer for the New Jersey LoCo team and have been to almost every event. I have helped triage bugs, answered many support questions (more off than on launchpad), and made several blueprints.


Teaching courses at local library including courses on:

  • Safely Browsing the Internet with Mozilla Firefox Web Browser
  • office suite

  • The Best Free Stuff on The Internet: Introduction to Free Software

Course size varied from 5 - 24 and was done with the help from a lot of awesome members of the NJ Loco and CHLUG teams. Some course materials can be found here:

Political Activism

Organized Health Care Community Discussion for the Obama Administration in my hometown with CHLUG. Together we submitted a report for review. The summary follows:

We focused on Health Care IT System, which are referred to in many debates as the magic bullet that will make health care affordable again. We agree that IT can and must play a major role in Health Care Reform, but it could be a major hindrance if we make the wrong technology choices.

The Federal Government through Health and Human Services (HHS) should

  • create/maintain/update a fully free and open source electronic health record system
  • mandate their electronic health record system to be taught in medical and nursing schools
  • mandate an open and freely implementable patient record communication standard
  • mandate a national medical identification number and prohibit the use of and storage of Social Security Numbers in any health care system

You can read the full report here:

Helped out with the following Events

Trenton Computer Fair

Annual Computer Fair at TCNJ where the Ubuntu LoCo team has had a table the last 3 years. At all three of them I manned the tables and promoted Ubuntu and Free Software to anyone who would listen. In many cases, we provided technical help and gave out many Ubuntu CDs.


Main page:

Many blog links:


Main Page:

Blog Post:


Blog Posts: TCF event from 2006 links went down.

Defective By Design volunteer

Stood in front of a movie theater telling promoting the fight against DRM.

Taught and Firefox

Taught, with the help of other Cherry Hill Linux User Group members courses on and Firefox at the local library.

Farmer's Market

Gave out CDs and talked to visitors about Ubuntu at a farmer's market.

Blog post:

Install Fest

Volunteered helping out with an Installfest.

Main page:

Future Plans for My Ubuntu Involvement

  • Become an Ubuntu Member
  • Be able to do more than just basic triaging and debugging (actually fix bugs)

Ideas for Ubuntu

The ever controversial:

Automatically start virtual keyboard or virtual mouse when one is not detected

When I start the Ubuntu LiveCD and my keyboard or mouse isn't detected that is very annoying. We cannot expect people to know shortcut keys to start a mouse, or how to turn the on-screen keyboard on.

  • No Keyboard, but mouse: start on-screen keyboard
  • No Mouse, but keyboard: enable numlock keys as mouse, alert user of how to turn on and off

If both are not detected we don't have any good options but we can still tell them that we haven't detected a keyboard or mouse.

Some OtherHi

Further Future

When starting a new release.. let's say 9.04 the Jolly Jacana, branch the code you are going to end up shipping. So if it's going to include Firefox 3.1, switch to a Firefox 3.1 nightly ASAP in the dev process. Try to match what that project does itself. Nightly builds for Firefox, Every two weeks or so for OpenOffice, etc.



Working with Bryan at The Farmers Market Event, and talking to him at other NJ events, and all the PA LoCo events, one thing comes shining through; his passion for Ubuntu.

When it comes to one of his specific areas of interest in the FOSS / Gnu/Linux community that passion intensifies to lust.

He has turned an idea of getting FOSS into the local public library system from a possibility, into a reality with the classroom project.

All of his projects are well thought out, and complete. A great example is his Music Player Review:

He would make a fine member and be an asset to the community.

--from #ubuntu-us-pa

<bts3685> "well, what can i say? he pwned me arse in urban terror. good guy."

From David A. Harding, member the NJ Ubuntu Local Community:

Bryan has been instrumental to every event we've held. He's setup servers, he's baked brownies, and most importantly, he's given newbies the attention they deserve. Please make him an Ubuntu Member so he can further his advocacy.


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