To address the problems we face it's important to find out, what goes wrong.

Some observations:


  • DanielRobitaille

    • we seem to be gaining ~100 open bug per week (9500 2 weeks ago, 9600 last week, 9727 tonight). We are fighting a losing battle it seems Smile :)

    • over 2/3 of these open bugs are "unconfirmed". I think we should be doing better job at this. A lot of these bugs could probably be easily "confirmed"; often it is obvious from the comments that multiple people are seeing these bugs. Confirming a bug is a good way to show an unexperienced bug reporter that his/her bug report is valued. It's a lot better to do this than having a bug report that goes totally unanswered for months if not ever. So maybe we should put little bit more effort in confirming new and old bugs.
    • In Debian's area of LP, there are nearly 3000 open bugs. The large majority of these bugs are actually closed from a long time ago; when bugzilla bugs were imported, the ubuntu task kept its bugzilla.u.c status, but if it was linked to debbugs it got an open debian task. These false-open-debian-upstreams bug show up in the list of subscribed bug reports of Ubuntu developpers. It would be nice to clean these up to remove the number of useless bug reports floating around. But it's a very long, boring, and with not a lot of rewards task.
      • how do you search for these? Towsonu2003
      • is this still a problem? If so is there an easy way to search for them in Launchpad? JonathanJesse

  • SebastianDr√∂ge

    • regarding the unconfirmed bugs... i saw many unconfirmed bugs in the past too where there already was some discussion and more people having that problem. it seems people have some kind of fear to set a bug on confirmed Smile :)

  • JeremieCorbier

    • we should encourage people to search for already existing bugs and confirm them instead of filing another duplicate one
      • Any ideas of how? It is _much_ easier to just file away than to search, read, check, try in order to find existing bugs. - Motin

  • Kaleo

    • I agree with Jeremie. Out of all the bugs ever reported, 15% were duplicates. Killing duplicates could potentially save us 2000 currently open bugs. Avoiding duplicates should be a priority. A way to do so without requiring extra work from reporters or bug squashers would be an automatic suggestion tool which would suggest Info (!) similar bugs. I would like to try to develop that kind of tool but is there any way to access malone data without going through the web interface (XML-RPC...) ?


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