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The bug description is one of the first things seen, and hopefully read, by any Launchpad user looking at bug reports. Therefore we should try to use the bug description as a means of communicating useful information about the bug. This will prevent the need for Launchpad users, be they developers or bug reporters, to read every single bug comment.

There should be some standard items to include in the bug description and they should be identifiable by using the same keywords. The keywords should also be formatted so that they are easy to spot visually. The suggested formatting is using a blank line before the keyword and all capital letters for the keyword - e.g. "TEST CASE". The table below contains the standard modifications.


Use case

Test Case

Steps to recreate the bug report.

Latest Package Tested

Latest package version to experience the bug - useful for old bugs or ones with newer duplicates

ISO Tested

Specific CD image used when finding a bug - particularly useful for daily builds and milestones


Steps to avoid the bug or resolve it without an updated package - bugs with workarounds are not fixed.

Next Step

What needs to happen next with the bug? Useful for multi-reporter bugs so they know how to help.


bug 147772 bug 204133 bug 190029 bug 141613 bug 201673


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