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Working with Bugs

Bug Squad Videos and Presentations

Bug Tools

  • Standard Replies - A collection of frequently used replies to bug reports setup for easy copy and pasting

  • Modifying bugs via e-mail - Launchpad Bugs has an e-mail interface for working with bugs

  • Filtering bug mail - Example procmail rules for filtering any bug e-mail you get

  • launchpadlib - launchpadlib, packaged as python-launchpadlib in Ubuntu, is a python library for reading and writing to Launchpad - including bugs

  • Firefox Extension that adds Launchpad integration - Provides quick searches for a variety of Launchpad items - packaged as firefox-launchpad-plugin in Ubuntu

  • Firefox Extension that modifies Launchpad pages - A PPA package of a Firefox Extension collecting Greasemonkey scripts that Launchpad users find useful

  • BugHelper - bughelper is a tool to help us triage bugs by parsing reports for clues about the type of bug and then allowing us to share those clues with other triagers

  • Apport Bug Patterns - bug patterns are checked by apport when filing crash reports and are useful for preventing unnecessary duplicate reports in Launchpad

  • Ubuntu Developer Scripts - The devscripts package includes a lot of useful tools including rmadison which tells you the current package version for every supported release of Ubuntu.

  • Ubuntu QA Tools - The ubuntu-qa-tools package is a collection of useful tools that Ubuntu QA team uses to make their daily work a lot easier.

  • Bug Hugger - Bug Hugger is an extensible Python/pgtk Client for Managing Bug Tasks related to Ubuntu on Launchpad

  • Arsenal - a toolset for interacting with Launchpad, generating specialized reports, performing powerful operations against launchpad, and assisting in the generation and testing of software packages. Primarily used by the Xorg team.

  • Factoids - A collection of frequently used bot factoids

Launchpad Bug Queries


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