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Tue 9th Jan 15.00 UTC (details)

One thing you see on every page on this Sample Team is a consistent menu bar. This gives the teams pages some navigation and consistency. To do this I have created a single menu bar that is included on every team page. This way if you update the menu bar, it is shown on all the pages. Smile :)

To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create the menu bar

First create a page for the menu bar. I have done this on Header. On that page is the following code:

||<tablestyle="font-size: 0.85em; border: none; width: 100%; background-color: #f1f1ed; font-weight: bold;"> [:SampleTeam:Home] || [:SampleTeam/Roadmap:Roadmap] || [:SampleTeam/GettingInvolved:Getting Involved] || [:SampleTeam/KnowledgeBase:Knowledge Base] || [:SampleTeam/FAQ:FAQ] || [:SampleTeam/Contacts:Contacts] ||<style="font-size: 0.80em; border: 2px; background-color: #cccccc;"> '''NEXT SAMPLETEAM MEETING''':[[BR]] Tue 9th Jan 15.00 UTC ([:SampleTeam/Meeting: details]) ||

This code is a table with a bunch of links in it.

Step 2: Include the menu bar on your team pages

You now have the menu bar living on the Header page, and just need to include it in each of your team pages. To do this, add this code to the top of every team page:


You will now see the menu bar appear.

If you want to make changes to the menu bar that appear on all pages, just edit Header and thats it! Simple!


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