Our meetings are held for one hour every other Sunday in our IRC channel. This is a simple checklist of actions that we already take for each meeting.

Before the Meeting

Shortly After the Meeting

  • Edit (click here) CaliforniaTeam/Meetings and create a new subheader under "Previous Meetings" for the meeting that just happened.

  • Edit (click here) CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/Current with the date for the next meeting.

  • Post meeting log (without joins, parts, or quits) to meeting page (wrap in  {{{#!IRC [...]  }}}). Add ||<<Include(CaliforniaTeam/Menu)>>|| to the top of the page. Remove the "Your Agenda Item Here" and "We hope to see you..." lines. Change the "Agenda" heading to "Original Agenda".

  • Edit (click here) CaliforniaTeam/Menu dates - remove current meeting, add meeting + 2 date

  • Create meeting + 2 wiki page, use copy and paste of "Show Raw" of meeting + 1 and edit with the new date in the text
  • Change #ubuntu-us-ca "/topic" to reflect meeting + 1 date

A Few Days After the Meeting

  • Add a "Summary" section and write a short bullet-point summary of the meeting (see previous meetings for examples)
  • Copy the new summary section to CaliforniaTeam/Meetings

Many thanks to all those helping with these sometimes mundane but important tasks!

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