Sunday, August 10th, 2008, 7:00pm (1900) PDT


  1. Jaunty Ubuntu Developer Summit
    1. It's going to be in Mountain View, CA, in December
    2. FOSSCamp the Friday and Saturday before (5th and 6th)
    3. UDS is open to the public, but is more focused on development than conferencing.

    1. San Diego, September 6 and 7, done by PDPC (same people who do Freenode)
    2. Look into getting an Ubuntu booth, maybe also do a talk
    3. Yasumoto will e-mail the FOSSCON people about it.
  3. LinuxWorld Expo recap by Grantbow

    1. He met Greg-g representing the Creative Commons, Ed Cherlin with the OLPC project (who runs a special interest group in SF).
    2. James of www.accra.org installed 700 computers with Ubuntu in a recycling effort

    3. Ubucon: saw Fabina Rodriguez from the Montreal support office give a general Ubuntu talk, and talked with John Mark Walker, the Ubucon organizer.

      1. Yasumoto didn't get a chance to email him in advance, so he didn't know about us.
  4. Bug Jam Recap

    1. The bug jam was awesome. We had an excellent turnout (10-15 people) and a lot of fun.
    2. nhaines gave a GPG howto. Yasumoto gave a presentation on bugs.
    3. Installed Ubuntu on three peoples' laptops, triaged 10 bugs, played Guitar Hero.
    4. danage took photos, but they aren't up yet.

Original Agenda

  1. Ubuntu Developer Summit for the future 9.04 was announced for Mon 8th - Fri 12th December 2008 at the Google Campus, Mountain View, CA - planning

  2. FOSSCON call for speakers & workshops for Sat. Sept 6 - Sun. Sept. 7, 2008 in San Diego, CA

  3. LinuxWorld Expo Recap

  4. Bug Jam Recap


19:10 < Flannel> alright, so looks like we'll have a lightweight meeting tonight.
19:11 < Flannel> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/08August10 is our agenda
19:11 < Flannel> Has two things on it so far: UDS, FOSSCON
19:12 < Flannel> and We'll go ahead and add a wrapup of yesterdays bug jam to the end as well
19:12 <Grantbow> I can give a quick report on what I saw at LinuxWorld too
19:12 < Flannel> Alright, sounds good.
19:13 < Flannel> Anyone else?
19:14 < Flannel> Alright, so we'll start off with UDS.
19:14 < Flannel> UDS for Intrepid+1 is going to be in CA, in december
19:14 < Flannel> UDSs are a place for developers who work on Ubuntu to get together and work in person, etc.
19:15 < Flannel> There is a FOSScamp that happens the Friday and Saturday before UDS, that'd be... the 5th and 6th of December
19:15 <Grantbow> Nice, I didn't know that.  Have you been to one before?
19:15 < Flannel> I haven't no.
19:15 < nhaines> Do we know where in California yet?
19:15 < Flannel> nhaines: Mountain View, like before
19:16 < Flannel> Google Campus, to be specific
19:16 <Grantbow> nhaines: rtfa, lol
19:16 <Grantbow> agenda
19:16 <    jess> the fine....?
19:16 <    jess> oh
19:16 < nhaines> *There's* the announcement.
19:16 < nhaines> Cool.
19:17 < Flannel> These things are open to the public, but they're not "conference" sorts of things.
19:17 < Flannel> FOSSCamp is a place for general FOSS projects to get together and discuss collaboration, etc.
19:18 < Flannel> Anyone else have questions/comments/whatever about that?
19:18 < Flannel> Alright, moving on to our next: FOSSCON
19:19 < nhaines> It will be fun to have a chance to attend.  Now I just have to have a reason.  :)
19:19 <Grantbow> I thought I would mention it on the agenda but I'm not sure what, if any, preparations might be useful.
19:19 < Flannel> alright, not moving on
19:19 < Flannel> Grantbow: there really isn't anything for us to do.  If people want to attend to check it out, that might be fun
19:19 <Grantbow> San Diego is closer for you folks :-)
19:19 <Grantbow> yeah, ok
19:19 < Flannel> Re-moving on to fOSSCON
19:20 < Flannel> FOSSCON was originally scheduled for last year, got delayed for whateverreason
19:20 < Flannel> Its put on by the freenode people, as a convention/expo/whatever thing for FOSS
19:20 < Flannel> It's going to be in San Diego, September 6 and 7
19:20 <Grantbow> http://fosscon.org/talks/
19:21 < Flannel> Hmm, website seems to be devoid of a location, so I can't comment on how nice it'll be.
19:22 < nhaines> Do we want to do anything for FOSSCON?
19:22 < Flannel> But, they are still open to talks, and exhibitors, if we'd like to have a booth
19:23 <    jess> sounds like it could be fun
19:24 < Flannel> Don't all jump up at once :)
19:25 < nhaines> I'd be willing to do a booth.  :)
19:25 <    jess> is this a nationwide event?
19:25 <    jess> like, will others be coming from around the country for it?
19:26 < Flannel> I guess that depends on if they want to.  But I imagine some people will, yes.
19:26 < Flannel> Ah, there is a location
19:28 < Flannel> Yeah, it'd be an easy location to get to, no need to slog through downtown to get to the convention center either.  And pretty easy parking too
19:28 < nhaines> yay
19:28 <Yasumoto> gosh
19:28 < Flannel> and if you don't mind walking a little, you can park for free either near, or at a trolley thing and then take the trolley
19:28 <Yasumoto> I was just so proud of the wireless network here at chapman, but I guess not anymore :(
19:29 <Yasumoto> thank goodness for ethernet cables (back)
19:29 < nhaines> :)
19:29 < Flannel> Alright, we'll look into getting a booth, and also announce it to the list, and see if we can't drum up some more support.
19:29 < nhaines> Flannel: okay, so I'll expect a writeup of all that info on the wiki next weekend. ;)
19:29 <    jess> i'd be interested in helping out if yasumoto wants to too, heh
19:30 < Flannel> nhaines: Once school starts I'll take one of my breaks and time it, so you know it takes you 340 seconds to walk from the trolley station
19:30 < nhaines> I'll expect a statistical report with averages then.
19:31 < Flannel> nhaines: Sounds good.
19:31 <Yasumoto> cool, I'm caught up ~_~
19:31 <Yasumoto> does anyone want to send an email to the FOSScon guys?
19:31 <Yasumoto> otherwise I will
19:31 *** Flannel nominates Yasumoto for email correspondence to FOSScon.
19:32 <Yasumoto> brutal
19:32 <Yasumoto> kk
19:33 <Yasumoto> I'll make sure to be much more open about what's going on too :)
19:33 < nhaines> Good.  :)
19:33 <    jess> yeah, dont be so proprietary
19:33 <Yasumoto> I think I'll be heading up to UDS, though it's the week before Finals
19:33 <    jess> :-)
19:33 <Yasumoto> jess: haha
19:34 < Flannel> Alright, so... That it for FOSScon?
19:34 < nhaines> Yasumoto: I probably won't be at all, but if I go for a day or two we'll have lunch.  :)
19:34 <Yasumoto> nhaines: aw, come on, you have to
19:34 <Yasumoto> nhaines: it's in California :)
19:34 <Yasumoto> christer edwards was saying we have no excuse not to go
19:35 < Flannel> Yasumoto: where was this?
19:35 < Flannel> Ah
19:35 <Yasumoto> at oscon
19:35 < nhaines> 400 miles away and an entire workweek is a good excuse not to go.  ;)
19:35 <Yasumoto> yeah, yeah
19:36 <Grantbow> lol
19:36 < Flannel> Alright, so... next Grantbow will give a wrap up on LWE?
19:36 <Grantbow> ok
19:36 <Grantbow> http://www.linuxworldexpo.com concluded this week
19:36 <Grantbow> I unfortunately didn't get to see all the activities and talks
19:36 <Grantbow> I met greg-g representing the Creative Commons at his booth
19:37 <Grantbow> Ed Cherlin with the OLPC project had a booth.  He runs a San Francisco SIG.
19:37 <Grantbow> James of the www.accra.org installed *** 700 *** computers with Ubuntu in a recycling effort
19:37 <Grantbow> cosponsored with Untangle, quite a site.
19:38 <Grantbow> On the last day was the Ubucon.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubucon/SanFrancisco
19:38 < nhaines> Ooh, how was that?
19:38 <Grantbow> I caught the tail end and saw Fabina Rodriguez from the Montreal support office give a general Ubuntu talk.
19:39 <Grantbow> I talked with John Mark Walker, the Ubucon organizer
19:39 <Grantbow> he wasn't aware of our activities, unfortunately.
19:39 < Flannel> What do you mean?
19:40 <Yasumoto> Grantbow: yeah, I just managed to email him about us, I was bummed we didn't hear from him :(
19:40 <Yasumoto> (before Ubucon, that is)
19:40 <Grantbow> John had lost track of the California LoCo activities when the older group near San Francisco stopped organizing local things.
19:40 <Grantbow> I mentioned our IRC meetings.  I was hoping he might show up here tonight.  Maybe next time.
19:41 <Grantbow> Yasumoto: ok, thanks for trying.
19:41 <Grantbow> Unfortunately I was a bit busy so I didn't see all that much of the show and none of the conference sessions.
19:42 <Grantbow> Next year I'll be more prepared.
19:42 <Yasumoto> we live and learn, that's for sure
19:42 <Yasumoto> Grantbow: thanks for being there :)
19:43 <Grantbow> Flannel: unless there's anything else, do you want to talk about the bugjam?
19:44 <Grantbow> or anyone else that was there
19:44 < Flannel> Grantbow: If you're done, yeah, we'll talk about the bug jam
19:44 < nhaines> The bug jam was awesome.  We had an excellent turnout and a lot of fun.
19:44 <Grantbow> I'm done, go for it
19:44 < Flannel> Yasumoto: you want to summarize?
19:45 <Yasumoto> of course
19:45 *** greg-g waves to everyone in the meeting
19:45 < Flannel> Howdy greg-g
19:45 *** Grantbow waves
19:45 <Yasumoto> nhaines: gave a good how-to on gpg
19:45 *** greg-g will just sit back and watch :)
19:45 <Yasumoto> Yasumoto: gave a presentation on bugs
19:45 <Yasumoto> heya greg-g
19:45 <  greg-g> hi
19:46 <Yasumoto> There were a lot of people interested in helping out, which was awesome
19:46 <Yasumoto> although we only got... maybe 10 bugs triaged
19:46 < Flannel> We also installed Ubuntu on two people's laptops
19:46 <Grantbow> About how many people came?
19:47 <Yasumoto> there was a lot of camaraderie and learning
19:47 <Yasumoto> Flannel even played Guitar Hero :)
19:47 *** Flannel won't admit to that.
19:47 < nhaines> Yasumoto: should have played Frets on Fire!
19:47 < nhaines> We had 10 or 12 people, didn't we?
19:47 < Flannel> I'd say more like 15?
19:48 <    jess> and one of those laptops was 10 years old
19:48 < Flannel> jess: actually, with yours it made three new installs
19:48 <Yasumoto> Flannel: yeah, 15 feels about right
19:49 < nhaines> danage provided us with some really lovely photos.
19:49 <Grantbow> that's good
19:49 <  danage> nhaines: did you check them out? some are really cool
19:50 < Flannel> Are they up yet?
19:50 < nhaines> danage: I did, with the kiddos tonight.  :)
19:50 <  danage> nice
19:50 < nhaines> No, I haven't put any up yet but I will this week.
19:50 <  danage> ah, was about to ask
19:51 < Flannel> anyone else have anything to add?
19:52 < nhaines> GPG presentation seemed to be a good primer for most people in the room.
19:52 <Yasumoto> I'll post my pictures of nhaines too :)
19:52 <Grantbow> Nothing else right now.  Thanks for hosting the meeting, Flannel.
19:52 < Flannel> As a reminder: This Thursday is SGVLUG meeting, 7pm at CalTech.
19:52 <Yasumoto> nhaines: make sure you use the flickr tag for gbj
19:52 <Yasumoto> I don't remember what it is though
19:52 < nhaines> Yasumoto: thanks!
19:52 < nhaines> ha
19:52 <Yasumoto> carpool ftw
19:53 <Grantbow> I just did a quick search.  It seems attendance was down this year for LinuxWorld Expo.  Only around 4,000 showed up.  http://www.examiner.com/r-1490047~LinuxWorld_2008__Enthusiam_Up__Attendance_Down.html
19:54 < Flannel> I think that about covers it then?  Thank you all for coming.  Our next meeting will be in two weeks.  On the 24th, at 7pm.
19:54 < Flannel> Refreshments are in the back
19:54 <    jess> where?
19:55 < Flannel> back there

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