Sunday, February 24th, 2008, 7:00pm (1900) PDT


  1. SCaLE6x

    1. At booth: three Ubuntu computers, Canonical-provided swag
    2. Estimate about 100-125 CDs given out
    3. What went well?
      1. Good location: a little far from the middle, but the corner was good because we could drop the outer wall and put up a table (felt accessible and inviting)
      2. Good booth volunteers! Show was friendly and relaxed, the people at the booth were welcoming, people had a good time (Canonical swag helped!)
      3. People were drawn to the CDs, stickers, and the big monitor
      4. None of the booth people insulted other distros/OSes (yay!)
      5. Harkonen's business cards were good! Handed them out with the CDs
    4. What didn't?
      1. Need to burn CDs in advance! We had trouble keeping up with demand.
      2. People thought we were official representatives (nhaines said this isn't a problem)
      3. Didn't have a banner because of time constraints
      4. Booth people disappeared frequently; maybe have an actual schedule next time?
    5. Pictures from SCaLE! http://www.flickr.com/groups/socallinuxexpo/

  2. April Installfest at CSULB
    1. Screen Revolution OS from 6-7pm and then installfest from 7 to 10pm
    2. April 16, 23 or 30: between Spring Break and finals
    3. Advertising for it: mention that you can dual-boot, that there are good tools for Ubuntu (GIMP, Inkscape, Krita, Scribus...)


  1. SCaLE6x - Debriefing/Recap/Discussion

    • Record Keeping (how many CDs we gave out, etc)
    • What went well
    • What didn't go so well
    • What we need to remember for next time
    • etc
  2. April Installfest at CSULB


19:10 < nhaines> Okay, it's time to begin our meeting tonight.
19:11 < nhaines> Flannel can't make it tonight, so I'll be heading things up tonight.
19:11 < nhaines> For reference, our agenda is posted here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/08February24
19:13 < nhaines> First up on the agenda is our booth at SCaLE 6X.
19:13 < Yasumoto> yay SCaLE 6X
19:13 < nhaines> It was my job to get some photos together and throw them online but I didn't have the chance to do it tonight because I was busy fighting with packaging PyRoom.
19:14 < Yasumoto> nhaines: I'll take care of the logs
19:14 < nhaines> Yasumoto: I actually did figure out how to make irssi log, I think.  So we should be covered but please back me up there.
19:14 < Yasumoto> haha, cool. sounds good :D
19:15 < nhaines> So we set up a booth on Friday afternoon and got everything ready to go.  We had up to three computers running Ubuntu for people to check out.
19:15 < nhaines> One computer was driving a slideshow with bullet points, but the power saving kept kicking in no matter what I did.
19:16  * cactaur joins into the meeting!
19:16 < nhaines> Canonical provided us with some cool swag to give out, people were happy, etc.
19:16 < nhaines> So first off, the agenda wants us to figure out how many CDs we gave out.
19:17 < cactaur> I'd say about near 1,000
19:17 < nhaines> I never did pin down Harkonen, but counting paper sleeves, I'd say we gave out at least 110 CDs.
19:17 < cactaur> Wait, were those cases of 100 or 1000?
19:17 < nhaines> Those were 100 packs of paper sleeves.
19:17  * cactaur just had a mind blank.
19:17  * AlgorithmicContr joins the meeting as well under a cracked wifi connection. My network went down
19:17  * AlgorithmicContr will never miss a meeting!
19:18 < cactaur> yeah, I'd agree.
19:18 < AlgorithmicContr> nhaines: I thought they were 200 sleeves?
19:18 < nhaines> AlgorithmicContr: that was in total.
19:18 < AlgorithmicContr> how much was accommodated?
19:18 < AlgorithmicContr> *used
19:19 < nhaines> 101 sleeves.
19:19 < AlgorithmicContr> Not bad
19:19 < cactaur> Wait, is there a way to check in the kernel how many DVDs I burned?
19:19 < nhaines> Plus, somebody brought some nice hard plastic covers, and we were giving out a lot of CDs without paper sleeves in the beginning of the day.  Maybe we hit 125 CDs.
19:20 < AlgorithmicContr> where's Flannel?
19:20 < cactaur> AlgorithmicContr: Not here.
19:20 < nhaines> He's busy and asked me to run the show.
19:20 < AlgorithmicContr> Ok
19:21 < nhaines> So, for those of us who were on the expo floor, what do we feel went well during the show?
19:21 < AlgorithmicContr> A lot more positives than negatives
19:22 < AlgorithmicContr> Just a shortage of boxes for burning
19:22 < nhaines> AlgorithmicContr: We're talking about things that went well, though.  Things that weren't so well are next.
19:22 < AlgorithmicContr> Everything but that?
19:23 < AlgorithmicContr> that's all I can say
19:23 < AlgorithmicContr> I'm a bad critic, sorry.
19:24 < nhaines> Okay, I'd say that we were in a very good location.  Closer to the inside could have been better but a corner was ideal because we were able to drop the outside wall and put up a table.
19:25 < nhaines> With the booth laid out like it was, it felt accessible and inviting.  We had no table across the outside, and the tables were high so that people could come in and look at the computers and the freebies.
19:26 < nhaines> Volunteers in the booths were friendly and approachable, and were able to answer most questions that came up.
19:27 < cactaur> All of the free stuff Canonical gave us REAALY helped!
19:27 < nhaines> In addition, the atmosphere of the show was very friendly and relaxed, which helped.  I think we really showed visitors to the booth that Ubuntu is all about helping each other.  I feel everyone involved lived up to the Ubuntu community code of conduct, which Jono Bacon sums up as: "Be excellent to each other."
19:28 < nhaines> The free stuff from Canonical was helpful but we didn't get a lot, so although the pens went very quickly, and the brochures also pretty quickly, the big draw were the CDs and the cards, which were provided by us.
19:28 < nhaines> Giving out CDs was a big hit and that goes without saying.
19:28 < cactaur> Well, everyone loved the stickers too
19:29 < nhaines> I know that the monitor out on the corner was also a big draw.  When Michael was playing GCompris, 5 people came up and asked about Edubuntu in the space of about 10 or 15 minutes.
19:29 < nhaines> Oh right, everyone liked the stickers.  I forgot about those.
19:29 < AlgorithmicContr> we have plenty to go around
19:29 < AlgorithmicContr> s/have/had
19:29 < AlgorithmicContr> maybe still do
19:29 < nhaines> Any other comments?  cactaur?
19:29 < nhaines> AlgorithmicContr: we are out of stickers.
19:29 < AlgorithmicContr> oh
19:29 < AlgorithmicContr> when did we go dry?
19:29 < AlgorithmicContr> Sunday?
19:30 < nhaines> Sunday afternoon.
19:30 < AlgorithmicContr> Ah okay
19:30 < nhaines> Okay, moving on then, things that didn't go so well.
19:30 < AlgorithmicContr> Oh well
19:30 < AlgorithmicContr> Just note
19:30 < nhaines> We really, really needed to burn CDs before the show.  :)
19:30 < cactaur> Um.... yeah. I agree that Michael was definitely an asset.
19:30 < AlgorithmicContr> People kept thinking we were affiliated with Ubuntu
19:30 < cactaur> hahhahahahaha, true!
19:30 < AlgorithmicContr> and that we were some official reps
19:31 < cactaur> Well, we technically are.
19:31 < nhaines> We are affiliated with Ubuntu.  As a local advocacy team, this is appropriate and in fact is our mandate.
19:31 < cactaur> We're representing them, though not officially.
19:31 < AlgorithmicContr> I mean
19:31 < AlgorithmicContr> err
19:31 < cactaur> I guess even officially!
19:31 < AlgorithmicContr> hmm
19:31 < nhaines> In as much as we have a mandate.  :)  But this was a big step on the road to official recognition as a LoCo team.
19:32 < nhaines> And Jono was there and loved the booth, so everything's above board.
19:32 < cactaur> hahahahaha
19:32 < nhaines> Oh right.  Another thing that went well: Jono liked the tablecloths!  (We had a red, orange, and yellow one to go with our three tables).
19:32 < cactaur> hahahhahahahahahhaa
19:32 < AlgorithmicContr> yeah, that was neat
19:32 < AlgorithmicContr> A lot of folks commented on the nice graphics we had set up.
19:33 < nhaines> Which graphics were those?
19:33 < AlgorithmicContr> dunnno, they just remarked "Nice Graphics!"
19:33 < cactaur> hahahaha
19:34 < AlgorithmicContr> The colors, the logos, etc
19:34 < Yasumoto> brutal, sorry about that, had to restart my router ~_~
19:34 < nhaines> Welcome back, Yasumoto.
19:34 < nhaines> So we had great graphics, but that was thanks to the Ubuntu Art Team.
19:34 < AlgorithmicContr> Yasumoto: hehe, my router failed- I just ran wireshark and got my neighbors wpa key- I'll troubleshoot later ;)
19:34 < nhaines> Okay, we didn't have enough CDs burned beforehand, and the constant waves of people meant that we couldn't keep up reserves.
19:35 < Yasumoto> hahaha
19:35 < Yasumoto> AlgorithmicContr: nice ~_~
19:35 < AlgorithmicContr> Yasumoto: can't miss a meeting, eh?
19:35 < Yasumoto> AlgorithmicContr: I definitely try :)
19:35 < cactaur> Oh! And we should plan farther beforehand for a banner!
19:35 < Yasumoto> cactaur: yeah, good call
19:36 < nhaines> We didn't have a banner because the information came in too late, and we didn't want to rush a design just to have one, since the banner is relatively expensive.
19:36 < nhaines> So we'll work on that in the upcoming months.  It didn't seem to be missed too much.
19:36 < cactaur> nhaines: To tell you the truth, burning wasn't that horrible once we got the isos and got started.
19:37 < nhaines> Yes, burning could have been easier, and it took down the presentation display when I had to burn too.
19:37 < nhaines> Which was +1 for demonstrating ease of use (right-click, "Write to disc" and confirm), but -1 for looking sloppy.
19:37 < Yasumoto> I think that if everyone can show up with a few (hundred) or so CDs, that'll help out a lot
19:38 < Yasumoto> nhaines: good point. and it distracts us from talking to people
19:38 < nhaines> I'm working on a program to help us track our ISOs and burn, and hopefully with network support to control other machines, but I haven't had a lot of time to get to it.
19:39 < AlgorithmicContr> I think if everyone contributes to burning 20 CD's prior to the event, things could go smoothly
19:39 < nhaines> The main goal is to look awesome when we switch to it, and maybe do some inventory management, but mostly that first one.  ;)
19:39 < nhaines> Okay, so moving on from CDs, what else could have been better?
19:41 < nhaines> I think I would have been happier if we'd had a bit of a clearer schedule on when people were going to be at the booth.
19:42 < nhaines> We're all volunteers so there was no requirement to set times, but people kept disappearing.  I was guilty of that too on Sunday after lunch.
19:43 < nhaines> I don't think anything actually went bad other than being short on CDs.
19:44 < nhaines> One thing I want to mention was that everyone kept positive.  I didn't hear anyone put down other operating systems or distros.
19:44 < AlgorithmicContr> hey, cactaur was there longer than any of us.
19:45 < AlgorithmicContr> on Saturday
19:45 < nhaines> Ubuntu is awesome and we can focus on that without having to put down others.  When visitors made derrogatory comments, usually about a certain other OS, we smiled but didn't join in.  That was good and I want to congratulate everyone.
19:45 < nhaines> AlgorithmicContr: I was there Saturday from 8:30am until 10 or 10:30pm.
19:45 < AlgorithmicContr> oh
19:45 < AlgorithmicContr> sorry :-/
19:46 < nhaines> I'm just saying.  :)  cactaur was there a lot, though, and it made things easier.
19:46 < nhaines> Okay, so things to remember for next time!
19:46 < AlgorithmicContr> Vistors made derogatory comments?
19:46  * AlgorithmicContr doesn't remember. There was a staunch Redhat fan
19:47 < AlgorithmicContr> and I converted him
19:47 < cactaur> Oh, didn't we also have the story from the Rockbox guy?
19:47 < nhaines> Just a couple I heard talk about Microsoft.
19:47 < cactaur> And OLPC
19:47 < nhaines> I don't remember what the Rockbox/OLPC guy said.
19:47 < cactaur> The woman who asked if the XO had Word.
19:47 < AlgorithmicContr> nhaines: If it's Microsoft why not? This is an open-source convention!
19:47 < AlgorithmicContr> Nah I'm just kidding
19:48 < nhaines> GNOME guy came by to ask for a live CD, and I tossed him a pressed copy.  He came back and said they needed to reset their booth box and asked another distro for help.
19:48 < cactaur> hahahhaha
19:48 < nhaines> That booth teased GNOME about using Ubuntu and when they finally lent a live CD, it was basically useless, it was minimal, probably a live bootstrap CD.
19:49 < nhaines> GNOME guy said with our CD it was a complete system and in 30 seconds they were booting back into their box and had the booth back up and running.
19:49 < cactaur> hahahahhha
19:49 < AlgorithmicContr> high five Ubuntu!
19:49 < nhaines> So that was a cool story.
19:49 < nhaines> I'll name the other distro after the meeting, but it's not important here.  :P
19:50 < cactaur> I wonder, did Flannel ever get Ubuntu on his machine?
19:50 < nhaines> Anyting else to remember for next time?
19:51 < cactaur> Bring boxes that can be installed on/
19:51 < cactaur> ?
19:51 < nhaines> Maybe.
19:51 < nhaines> Well, we'll just stick with 1. Burn lots and lots of CDs then.
19:51 < AlgorithmicContr> and maybe if people burn at least 15-20 copies prior to the event? Maybe that seems too taxing
19:52 < nhaines> CDs can be expensive, esp. for students.  But we'll have to figure out something.
19:52 < nhaines> Lots of pictures from SCaLE here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/socallinuxexpo/
19:52 < AlgorithmicContr> kewl
19:52 < nhaines> And I'll have to upload my photos of the booth later.
19:52 -!- Glenn_Z [i=Glenn_Zu@adsl-75-4-10-219.dsl.irvnca.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu-california
19:53 < nhaines> Next up on the agenda, the April installfest at CSU Long Beach.
19:53 < Yasumoto> sounds like it'll be pretty awesome
19:53 < nhaines> And is that perfect timing or what?
19:53 < nhaines> Welcome, Glenn, I'm glad you could make it.
19:53 < AlgorithmicContr> http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2151/2262023943_628a59c895_o.jpg
19:53 < AlgorithmicContr> Hahaha, SuperTux!
19:53 < Glenn_Z> finally found you guys! :+]
19:53 < AlgorithmicContr> I wonder what booth that was
19:53 < AlgorithmicContr> Glenn_Z: Hey Glenn_Z!
19:54 < nhaines> Okay, so Glenn Zucman is interested in scheduling an installfest at the CSULB campus on a Wednesday in April.
19:54 < nhaines> He plans to screen Revolution OS from 6-7pm and then we'll use the stage for an installfest from 7 to 10pm.
19:55 < nhaines> Everyone seems to be excited about the idea.
19:55 < nhaines> Glenn_Z: any word on a possible date?
19:55 < Glenn_Z> I've requested April 16, 23 or 30 - I haven't heard back yet - but we should be able to get one of them...
19:55 < Glenn_Z> Should hear this week
19:55 < cactaur> Isn't that kinda late?
19:56 < nhaines> Sounds good.  Flannel wanted me to mention that he thinks earlier is better, to avoid the end of semester rush, and also to seperate this installfest from our 8.04 installfest which will be in May or June.
19:56 < cactaur> For a Wednesday?
19:56 < Glenn_Z> late to get a date? Or late in the evening?
19:56 < AlgorithmicContr> Maybe installfest 6-9PM and movie time:9Pm- to whatever?
19:56 < cactaur> late in the evening.
19:57 < Glenn_Z> I think the week or so befor that is spring break... so I'm trying to wedge in between break and finals
19:58 < Glenn_Z> We might be able to have the theater closer to 5p... and we could skip the film (though it'd be inspirational for newbies...)
19:58 < nhaines> I think the film's a great idea, particularly if you expect a lot of newbies.
19:58 < Glenn_Z> Or I could look for some place even earlier in the day...
19:59 < cactaur> Well, there's no reason why we can't show the movie during the installfest. Is there?
19:59 < nhaines> I know Flannel can't make it much earlier on a weekday.
19:59 < nhaines> And 7 is late enough that I can even make it if I can't get off work that day.
20:00 < nhaines> Okay, so we're planning to do the installfest, and we're really just waiting for a date, then.
20:01 < Glenn_Z> I'll post a message when I hear... I"ll rattle the scheduler during the week
20:01 < Glenn_Z> Anything special or unusual we need?
20:01 < Glenn_Z> besides tables / ac...
20:01 < nhaines> Normally I'd say CDs, but I think with such a small group we'd be covered.  Also I think someone's trying to get a netboot install server going.
20:02 < nhaines> If people are bringing laptops we're going to need network cables.
20:02 < nhaines> I can't think of anything else.
20:03 < Glenn_Z> I'll try to publicize on our WeLoveProprietary campus... any info / suggestions, LMK...
20:03 < Glenn_Z> I'll emphasize that they can be dual-boot, so they don't have to give up anything...
20:04 < AlgorithmicContr> Here's a photo of a Ubuntu booth two years ago at LinuxWorld in San Francisco. http://www.flickr.com/photos/wirednerd/218072979/
20:04 < nhaines> Yes, dual-boot is a good hook.  You can also mention there are a lot of quality free tools such as GIMP, Inkscape, Krita, Scribus...
20:04 < AlgorithmicContr> Er, sorry for the interruption
20:04 < AlgorithmicContr> Glenn_Z: Tux Paint, even.
20:05 < Glenn_Z> I"ve become a big FreeMind fan myself! :+]
20:05 < nhaines> Even that.  :)
20:06 < nhaines> Okay, so does anybody else have anything they'd like to discuss?
20:06 < Scunizi> If you like freemind try vym.. visually much nicer
20:06 < Glenn_Z> vym - check!
20:07 < Scunizi> nhaines: when  doing the cd's .. are you putting labels on them?
20:08 < Scunizi> nhaines: How is the cd that's passed out identified as an Ubutnu CD ..?
20:08 < nhaines> nhaines: that's a good question. No, we didn't use printed labels.  We wrote on them with Sharpie markers and put them into paper sleves, and slipped Ubuntu LoCo cards in.
20:08 < Yasumoto> AlgorithmicContr: whoa, now that's a sweet Ubuntu booth
20:08 < nhaines> Which reminds me!  Harkonen came up with these beautiful brown Ubuntu cards that talked about the California LoCo and where to find us for support.  They were standard double-sided business cards and we gave out lots of them seperately as well as with the CDs.
20:08 < nhaines> So thank you Harkonen, wherever you are.
20:09 < Scunizi> nhaines: is the svg on one of our sites?
20:10 < nhaines> Scunizi: No, Harkonen designed them himself and posted a bitmapped image on the mailing list, and then made some revisions based on feedback and showed up with them.
20:10 < Scunizi> nhaines: maybe it should be vectored and put up where the logo is.. just thinking outloud.
20:11 < nhaines> Yes, that would be a good idea.  In fact, I keep meaning to create a repo for the OpenOffice Impress presentation I had running and get that up and hosted.
20:11 < Scunizi> now that I'd like to see!
20:12 < nhaines> This may be a good time to mention that I have all assets I created for the LoCo up in the form of bzr repos on my website, and they are also mirrored on Launchpad.
20:12 < nhaines> Haha, I'll send it along, and also get it up on the Web.  ;)
20:13 < nhaines> Okay, so I think that'll do it for this meeting.  Look forward to discussing formal team membership plans and the Hardy installfest next time and on the mailing list until then.
20:13 < nhaines> Thank you to everyone for coming as well as those who couldn't make it.  Next meeting's on March 9, 2008 at 19:00.
20:16 < Glenn_Z> Thanks Neal!
20:16 < Glenn_Z> & everybody!
20:16 < Scunizi> Thanks Neal!

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