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 1. [http://en.oreilly.com/oscon2008/public/content/home OSCON] & Ubuntu Live remants have concluded - news
 1. [http://linuxlock.blogspot.com/ Lindependence] in Felton, CA has concluded - news
 1. [:CaliforniaTeam/Projects/UserGroupContacts:User Group Contacts] and [:CaliforniaTeam/Projects/UserGroupContacts/Groups:Groups] - [https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2008-July/000355.html status]
 1. [:CaliforniaTeam/HardwareSuppliers] implementing UbuntuFriendlyHardwareSuppliers - status
 1. [http://www.linuxworldexpo.com Linux World Expo] prep status - San Francisco Moscone Center Aug 4-7
     * Ubucon - Thursday, August 7 - description at the bottom left of [http://www.linuxworldexpo.com linuxworldexpo.com] and [:Ubucon: Ubucon]
 1. [:CaliforniaTeam/Projects/GlobalBugJam:Global Bug Jam] California Aug 8 - 10 - Details
 1. [:CaliforniaTeam/Projects/SGVLUG:SGVLUG] Presentation Aug 14th 7PM @ Cal Tech
 1. [[http://en.oreilly.com/oscon2008/public/content/home|OSCON]] & Ubuntu Live remants have concluded - news
 1. [[http://linuxlock.blogspot.com/|Lindependence]] in Felton, CA has concluded - news
 1. [[CaliforniaTeam/Projects/UserGroupContacts|User Group Contacts]] and [[CaliforniaTeam/Projects/UserGroupContacts/Groups|Groups]] - [[https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2008-July/000355.html|status]]
 1. [[CaliforniaTeam/HardwareSuppliers]] implementing UbuntuFriendlyHardwareSuppliers - status
 1. [[http://www.linuxworldexpo.com|Linux World Expo]] prep status - San Francisco Moscone Center Aug 4-7
     * Ubucon - Thursday, August 7 - description at the bottom left of [[http://www.linuxworldexpo.com|linuxworldexpo.com]] and [[Ubucon]]
 1. [[CaliforniaTeam/Projects/GlobalBugJam|Global Bug Jam]] California Aug 8 - 10 - Details
 1. [[CaliforniaTeam/Projects/SGVLUG|SGVLUG]] Presentation Aug 14th 7PM @ Cal Tech

Sunday, July 27th, 2008, 7:00pm (1900) PDT


  1. OSCON & Ubuntu Live remants have concluded - news

  2. Lindependence in Felton, CA has concluded - news

  3. User Group Contacts and Groups - status

  4. CaliforniaTeam/HardwareSuppliers implementing UbuntuFriendlyHardwareSuppliers - status

  5. Linux World Expo prep status - San Francisco Moscone Center Aug 4-7

  6. Global Bug Jam California Aug 8 - 10 - Details

  7. SGVLUG Presentation Aug 14th 7PM @ Cal Tech


19:10 < Flannel> Alright, so... its 7:10, good of time as any to start a meeting.
19:10 < Flannel> Welcome everyone to our July 27th meeting!
19:11 < Flannel> Agenda can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/08July27 
19:11 < Flannel> it consists of: OSCON, Lindependence, User Group Contact status update, Hardware Suppliers updates, LWE/Ubucon, GBJ, and SGVLUG
19:13 < Flannel> Anyone have any topics to add to it currently?
19:13 < Flannel> Alright.  So, first topic: OSCON.
19:13 < Grantbow> Did anyone actually go to OSCON or read some good writeups about it?  http://en.oreilly.com/oscon2008/public/content/home
19:13 < Flannel> OSCON wrapped up a few days ago.  I know Joe was at OSCON
19:14 < Flannel> I think he's planning on telling us all about it once he gets home
19:14 < Flannel> So, we'll look forward to that in the next few weeks
19:15 < nhaines> Sounds good.
19:15 < Flannel> Next topic is Lindependence.
19:15 < Grantbow> http://radar.oreilly.com/ has some info on OSCON for those interested
19:15 < Flannel> We got a lovely email from Larry about Lindependence a few hours ago: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2008-July/000359.html
19:16 < Grantbow> Yes, I attended the first day and Daniel covered last Tuesday and yesterday.  I think that's the last scheduled event.
19:16 < nhaines> Grantbow: There's one more scheduled event for September, I believe.
19:17 < Grantbow> Unfortunately we didn't have any Internet connectivity the first day.
19:17 < Grantbow> for Felton or is that the next town?
19:17 < Flannel> For those of you who haven't read the email yet:  It went superbly.  So well, that they're planning to try and do somethign similar in another town.
19:17 < Grantbow> Boulder Creek
19:18 < Flannel> And, the rest you can read yourselves, I won't spoil it.
19:18 < Grantbow> a town in Italy?  cool.
19:18 < Flannel> Italy?
19:19 < Grantbow> http://linuxlock.blogspot.com/ talks about the towns that called them.
19:19 < Grantbow> Vicenza Italy was one
19:20 < AlgorithmicContr> That's very interesting
19:20 < nhaines> That's just a list of where some other users were interested in doing a similar event.
19:21 < nhaines> Okay, anything else to report about Lindependence?
19:21 < Grantbow> I met nice people from all different levels of expertise.
19:21 < Grantbow> It was fun.  I guess that's it for now.
19:23 < Grantbow> As for UserGroup Contacts, as I mentioned in the email I worked on a couple pages for this.  https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2008-July/000355.html
19:23 < Flannel> Alright, so, Next topic: status updates on: contacting local User groups, which is already underway!
19:24 < Grantbow> We now need people to start talking about the LoCo with their user groups.
19:24 < Grantbow> If you do, please edit one of the two pages listed there.
19:24 < Grantbow> SGVLUG can be added pretty soon I assume.  :-)
19:25 < nhaines> I intend to talk to the president of the OCLUG next time there's a meeting.  I thought I'd get to do it yesterday but no meeting this month.  :)
19:25 < nhaines> Although I've already mentioned the LoCo to him.
19:25 < Grantbow> great
19:25 < Grantbow> sorry there was no meeting
19:25 < Flannel> We've already talked to NOCCC too, we'll have to remember details and throw them up there.
19:26 < nhaines> Since the change in leadership at NOCCC, it might be wise to touch base again.
19:26 < Grantbow> There's also a comments page I populated with the discussion from two weeks ago about confidentiality of the LUG contacts.
19:26 < Grantbow> link is at the bottom of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/UserGroupContacts
19:27 < Flannel> Some of these pages will be moved, but the link will still be there.
19:27 < Grantbow> huh?
19:28 < Flannel> Grantbow: I'll explain after the meeting
19:28 < nhaines> Grantbow: we'll reorganize the pages so they make more sense logically.
19:28 < troyready> I don't see anything about confidentiality; just curious as to what that entails
19:28 < Grantbow> ok
19:28 < Grantbow> I was thinking about how to link it from our wiki - for users I think the Groups page of brainstorming is more appropriate.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Groups
19:28 < nhaines> troyready: concerns about email harvesters scraping the wiki pages.
19:28 < troyready> nhaines: OOOH, right; thanks
19:28 < Flannel> troyready: and what we might be able to do to mitigate those concernes
19:28 < Grantbow> it was a discussion last week - I removed them for now.
19:28 < nhaines> Grantbow: probably through Projects, but we'll have to talk it over.
19:29 < Grantbow> interesting, ok
19:29 < Flannel> Anyone have questions/comments about UGCs?
19:29 < Flannel> or anything associated with it?
19:29 < Grantbow> FYI, I added a bunch of Northern California links to the Groups page.
19:30 < Grantbow> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/HardwareSuppliers is next I think.
19:30 < Flannel> Indeed.  If we're done with UGCs, we'll move on to the related Hardware Suppliers topic
19:31 < Grantbow> Sorry, didn't mean to jump ahead.
19:31 < nhaines> I *think* we're done.  Ongoing project and all that.
19:32 < Flannel> Grantbow: yeah, go ahead.
19:32 < Grantbow> I've updated that Hardware Suppliers page and slightly adapted the letter to incorporate the comments from two weeks ago.
19:32 < Grantbow> I was just working on it before the meeting.
19:32 < Grantbow> Flannel: thanks for links to those materials - I've added those to the bottom.
19:33 < Grantbow> It seems canonical is revamping their partner program.
19:33 < Grantbow> I had to update the link and they added a new IHV class of partners in the last week I just noticed.
19:33 < Grantbow> Comments welcome - what do you guys thing?
19:33 < Grantbow> *think?
19:34 < nhaines> I haven't had the chance to take a look at it yet but I hope to get to it this week.
19:34 < Flannel> Grantbow: Most of this content (the "how to do this" stuff) could probably be merged into the main project page(s)
19:35 < Grantbow> the main project is dead
19:35 < Flannel> Grantbow: That means you're restarting the main project!
19:35 < Grantbow> it's hardly been touched in months
19:36 < Grantbow> uh, no, lol
19:36 < Grantbow> we are doing our thing and that's enough for now.
19:36 < Flannel> The California specific page I *think* should deal with just CA specific stuff (who we've contacted, etc)
19:36 < troyready> The infrastructure of our wiki page looks good
19:37 < nhaines> We should definitely be working to support the national efforts as well.
19:37 < Flannel> s/national/global/
19:37 < Grantbow> troyready: thank you
19:38 < Grantbow> since the global effort fell apart I think we are on our own for awhile
19:38 < nhaines> Well, at *least* national.  But national level should be working with global efforts too.  It's like the circle of life only without the catchy song.  :)
19:38 < Flannel> Grantbow: The "global" effort consists of whomever is working on it.  Putting the content on the other page won't obligate you to do anything globally.
19:38 < Grantbow> I've looked at the two or three other attempts to implement this.  It didn't get very far and the information is displayed in a number of ways.
19:38 < Flannel> It'll only help other people who want to do it.
19:39 < Grantbow> OK, I can edit the latter template with your suggestions about "Display Ubuntu information or CDs in your store? "
19:39 < Grantbow> *letter
19:40 < Grantbow> and add the links to the materials on that other page instead
19:40 < Flannel> I'm not sure which template you're talking about.  We can talk details after the meeting.  I'd be interested to see the other attempts to implement it as well.
19:40 < Grantbow> they are linked from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuFriendlyHardwareSuppliers when you have time to look
19:40 < Flannel> Since, that might go on for hours, and I know nhaines has an early bedtime
19:41 < Grantbow> Belgium, Australia, UK and Tamil
19:41 < Grantbow> yup, next topic
19:41 < Grantbow> Yasumoto isn't here, is he?
19:41 < Flannel> Alright.  So, we'll discuss the hardware stuff after the meeting for whomever is interested in putting in their comments/etc
19:42 < Flannel> No, he can't make it tonight
19:42 < Flannel> Alright, so the next topic is LWE
19:42 < Grantbow> He was the one contacting Canonical for us, right?
19:42 < Flannel> Yasumoto had discussed some things with some people.  Does anyone know what the final outcome was?
19:43 < Flannel> the dotORG pavilion was full, and last I heard he hadn't heard back from jono
19:43 < nhaines> Yikes, I should know this one.
19:43 < Flannel> and He'll be at LWE
19:43 < nhaines> I'm sure Canonical won't mind any extra help.
19:44 < Grantbow> right
19:44 < Grantbow> I'll get some CDs made and get them to the BALUG booth.
19:45 < Flannel> I'll ask Joe to send us an email on that.  Since it can't wait for the next meeting.
19:45 < nhaines> Okay, so we'll follow up on this via the list.
19:45 < Flannel> For those of you who don't know, It's Aug 4-7 (next week, M-R)
19:45 < Grantbow> yes, LWE is Aug 4, next meeting is Aug 10
19:45 < Grantbow> Ubucon is Aug 7th
19:46 < Grantbow> I guess that's it.
19:46 < Flannel> Alright, so, keep your eyes peeled for LWE info.
19:46 < Flannel> Next topic is GBJ
19:47 < Flannel> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/GlobalBugJam
19:47 < Grantbow> greg-g: ping
19:47 < Flannel> Our GBJ (or one of them, at least) is going to be on August 9th, at Chapman
19:47 < Flannel> University, in the City of Orange
19:48 < nhaines> And it is going to be awesome.
19:48 < Flannel> We're currently starting at around 10am, and we'll run more or less "all day".  It'll be losely scheduled.
19:48 < Flannel> And yes, it should be awesome.
19:48 < troyready> whoohooo
19:48 < Flannel> We'll have  keysigning party before hand, and we should have instructions on how to be prepared for said keysigning soon (on the ML)
19:49 < nhaines> So that means we're meeting before 10?
19:49 < Flannel> Maybe nhaines can dig up his presentation that has been postponed a number of times
19:49 < nhaines> I'll work on it.  ;)
19:49 < Flannel> nhaines: Nah.  We'll probably start everything at 10, with triaging at 11 or something
19:49 < Flannel> Biggest thing to Remember:  It will be FUN, and you don't have to know anything to come and participate.
19:50 < nhaines> I sat down with jjpeters and danage a couple weeks back and explained GPG to them.  Lightbulbs went on, so I suppose I'm not totally bad at explaining GPG.  :)
19:50 < Grantbow> nice
19:50 < nhaines> If you've ever wanted to help out Ubuntu but don't know where to begin, this is your chance to find out!
19:50 < Flannel> Thepoint of GBJ is to sit down and have fun with our team.  So even if we don't get any bugs triaged or fixed, it'll still be a success.
19:50 < Grantbow> IRC presence as well during the events, right?
19:50 < nhaines> You don't have to be good at it because it's easy and we're going to teach you and all work together.
19:50 < Flannel> Yeah, we'll be on IRC, and might even have video/audio feeds
19:51 < Flannel> Carpools might be available for those who want/need it.
19:51 < nhaines> Flannel: I'll blog about it on Planet.
19:51 < Grantbow> There is nothing scheduled here yet but greg-g and I will pull something together one way or another.
19:51 < Flannel> nhaines: Oh yeah.  You're all fancy with your planet feed.
19:52  * Grantbow cheers nhaines
19:52 < Flannel> For those of you wondering, the schedule that's on there will almost certainly be broken.
19:52 < Flannel> Anyway, anyone have questions/whatevers about GBJ?
19:52  * Flannel doesn't know if he mentioned it.
19:52 < Flannel> It's in two weeks, minus one day.
19:53 < nhaines> I'm especially looking forward to the part where we eat.
19:53 < Flannel> Alright, well, if you have questions, shoot an email to the mailing list, since someone else probably has that same question.
19:54 < Flannel> Next topic: SGVLUG Presentation
19:54 < Flannel> This Presentation is the Thursday after GBJ.  Which means its on August 14th.
19:54 < Flannel> The SGVLUG meeting goes from 7-9, and we get half (not sure which half).
19:54 < nhaines> That's two weeks, plus four days.
19:54 < Flannel> Everyone/Anyone is encouraged to attend.
19:56 < Flannel> We'll be giving a presentation on Ubuntu... and... Ubuntu.
19:56 < Flannel> Server, Desktop, Flavors, etc.  It'll be an all around good time.
19:56 < Grantbow> http://sgvlug.org/
19:56 < Flannel> And if anyone has any ideas they want to offer for what we ought to cover... let me or nhaines know.
19:56 < nhaines> So if anyone has any suggestions as far as specific topics, they should bring it up.
19:57 < Flannel> We're definately open to suggestions.  As long as they're not stupid.
19:57 < nhaines> You know how it is.  You use Ubuntu long enough and you start to take things for granted.
19:57 < Flannel> Alright, so, that's not true.  We're even open to stupid suggestions ;)
19:58  * Flannel lets everyone know he's joking.  We really are open to everything.
19:58 < Flannel> And even if we don't use them this time, we'll keep them in mind for next time.
19:58 < Flannel> Apart from that, we're done with the agenda.
19:58 < Grantbow> good timing
19:59 < Flannel> Oh right.  SGVLUG meets at CalTech
19:59 < Flannel> Anyone have anything else to discuss tonight?
20:00 < Flannel> Alright, that about does it.  Thank you all for coming.  Next meeting is in Two weeks (that's the day after our Bug Jam), August 10th.  7pm.

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