User Groups

The purpose of the Groups list is two fold. First, the list helps make California computer users aware of groups that meet in their area to let "...people find other Ubuntu users near them and experience the Ubuntu Community firsthand", as the LoCoFAQ describes. These Ubuntu users may or may not be active with the California Team. The second is to encourage collaboration as described in LoCoWorkingWithOtherGroups.

What's Involved?

Acting as a two way contact between the CaliforniaTeam & a user group is pretty simple:

  • Attend your user group meetings
  • Subscribe to your user group mail list
  • Subscribe to ubuntu-announce (low volume)

  • Subscribe to ubuntu-us-ca

  • optional: Attend our IRC Meetings every other Sunday at 7 PM

A user group contact should already have attended one of the group's meetings. Contactors should make personal contact with a user group leader in person and follow up via email.

Warning: unrelated advertising, spamming or behaving in a way inconsistent with a user group's expectations will not reflect well on Ubuntu or the California Team. The Ubuntu Code of Conduct applies.

Why contact user groups?

  1. to inform them that we exist as a resource (so they can invite us to come talk, etc)
  2. to find out what they would like us to be able to provide for them
  3. to participate in their efforts as appropriate
  4. to inform them that we may refer local Ubuntu users to their meetings & install fests

  5. to meet some like minded Linux folks
  6. to make their members aware of us so they might consider joining/helping our LoCo

  7. to let them know we do not wish to compete with them. We all benefit if we assist them in their efforts.
    1. Linux user groups generally meet in person on a regular basis for end-user education & support; we don't. It's hard to overestimate the value to a new Linux user of in person discussions.

    2. Our LoCo performs very diverse activities throughout the state focused specifically on Ubuntu Linux. We often meet virtually and can refer folks from our mail lists or IRC channels to other suitable forums if we can't help them ourselves. We are made up of volunteer Ubuntu representative/advocates. LoCos advocate, promote, translate, develop and otherwise improve Ubuntu, acting as a backbone of the Ubuntu community. For more information see LoCoFAQ and LoCoWorkingWithOtherGroups

What might we be able to offer user groups?

  • Forward appropriate Ubuntu news from ubuntu-us-ca, ubuntu-announce (especially release announcements) and fridge to user group communication channels

  • CD distribution - pressed CDs or even two burned copies of the latest Ubuntu at each meeting are greatly appreciated by user groups to give out to user group newcomers
  • release parties & release related events (UbuntuOpenWeek, UbuntuDeveloperWeek, UbuntuGlobalJam)

  • Answer Ubuntu & Linux related questions, forward harder questions somewhere appropriate

  • Encourage local Linux & Ubuntu activities

  • Speak at user group meetings

California User Groups

To see our list of user groups, see Groups.

User Group Name

Representative Information

Last Contact


Felton LUG

Larry Cafiero

Dec 5, 2009



Jim S

Dec 2, 2009



Grant Bowman

Dec 4, 2009


North Bay LUG

Kyle Rankin

Nov 10, 2009


Silicon Valley LUG

Andrew Fife

Nov 4, 2009



Peter Belew

Nov 2, 2009


San Francisco LUG

Jim S

Nov 1, 2009


Berkeley LUG

Jack Deslippe

Oct 25, 2009



Rick Moen

Oct 24, 2009


Bay Area LUG

Michael Paoli

Oct 20, 2009



Bill Kendrick

Oct 19, 2009


Berkeley Unix User Group

Michael Paoli

Oct 15, 2009



Sameer Verma

Oct 17, 2009


Peninsula LUG

Bill Ward

Sep 24, 2009



Guy Purcell

June 18, 2009


East Bay LUG

Bruce Coston

Apr 15, 2009


Sacramento LUG

Gary Mc Glinn

April 9, 2009


Merced Hour


October 17, 2021



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