Sunday, June 1st, 2008, 7:00pm (1900) PDT


  1. NOCCC (North Orange County Computer Club) presentation

    1. 50 people in attendance, passed out some Ubuntu and Kubuntu CDs, and business cards.
    2. In the future, we might want sheets of paper with important URLs and information on them to pass out.
    3. Presentation slides are online: http://www.nhaines.com/ubuntu/california/presentations/noccc-presentation.odp

    4. Some people asked us to come back again in a year or so to give updates.
    5. Link to Yasumoto's photos of the event will be on the mailing list soon
  2. SGVLUG Presentation

    1. Want us to come give a presentation about Ubuntu specifically (they're a LUG, so they probably know about Linux in general)
    2. Tentative date: August 14
    3. More information as the date gets closer
  3. Origami CD Sleeve Project

    1. Going to make CD sleeves: you print off a 8.5x11 sheet, then fold it into a CD sleeve, and it has information about Ubuntu on it
    2. Need designs for the sleeves, so we can design it collaboratively
  4. nhaines is an Ubuntu Member now!
    1. Yay!

Original Agenda

  1. CSULB Recording Followup
  2. NOCCC Presentation Followup

  3. SGVLUG Presentation -- August 14, Tentative

  4. Origami CD Sleeve Project

  5. Nathan Haines is an official Ubuntu Member!


19:05 < Flannel> Alright, 7:05!  Welcome everyone to our first meeting in June!
19:05 < Flannel> Our agenda for this evening is pretty simple at the moment, if you have anything you'd like to add to it, be sure to speak up at some point:
19:06 < Flannel> 1: NOCCC recap, 2: SGVLUG announcement
19:06 < Flannel> so, I suppose our meeting so far is all about acronyms.  Anyway, anyone have any topics to add for the time being?
19:07 < Yasumoto> I'm good
19:07 < nhaines> We should resolve to get those radio recordings.
19:07 < Yasumoto> nhaines at noccc ftw
19:07 < magitek> yea, awesome presentation
19:07 < Flannel> nhaines: We should.  You want to email Glenn about them?
19:08 < nhaines> Flannel: That's what I get for raising a topic.  :)  Sure, I'll try again.
19:08 < troyready> radip recordings?
19:08 < troyready> frpm noccc?
19:08 < Flannel> troyready: Before the CSULB install thing, nhaines and I did a radio interview with Glenn to promote it
19:09 < Flannel> (that would've been at the end of april)
19:09 < troyready> Got it - I saw pics
19:09 < Flannel> Alright, so, first topic, NOCCC presentation was today
19:10 < Flannel> We had about 50 people in attendance, passed out a number of Ubuntu and Kubuntu CDs, and passed out some business cards.
19:11 < sn9> is that an organization that has a gripe with the California Conservation Corps?
19:11 < Flannel> So, expect to see some new faces around here, the ML, and forums, asking questions about Ubuntu and Linux
19:11 < Flannel> sn9: I don't think so?
19:11 < sn9> no-ccc
19:11 < Yasumoto> sn9: north orange county computer club noccc.org
19:11 < sn9> ah
19:11 < magitek> it's an organization whose collective age of its members is in the triple digits
19:12 < danage> ?
19:12 < magitek> actually maybe quadruple, sorry.
19:12 < Flannel> danage: Most of the members are retirees
19:12 < magitek> but seriously, it's really cool. it's the oldest (2nd maybe) computer club in america
19:12 < nhaines> And engineers.
19:12 < symptom> so thats like 2-20 yrlds?
19:12 < Flannel> Nathan gave a great speech about Ubuntu and Linux in general, and we got a lot of good audience questions afterwards.
19:13 < sn9> ten 99-year-olds would still be quadruple digits
19:13 < nhaines> Flannel: and during as well.  :)
19:13 < symptom> sn9, but there were 50 of them there...
19:13 < Flannel> nhaines: In the future, we may want something to pass out to orgs like this, I noticed they all were taking notes.
19:13 < nhaines> There were a lot of very insightful, direct questions.
19:13 < danage> notes!!!
19:13 < Flannel> Just a note sheet thing with some URLS and names and stuff.
19:14 < nhaines> Yes, I wasn't prepared for that, but definitely.
19:14 < Yasumoto> Flannel: that's a really good idea
19:14 < sn9> if they've all been around so long, how is it that they didn't already know the answers? ;)
19:14 < Yasumoto> Flannel: with more info than the business cards and such?
19:15 < danage> sn9: ...
19:15 < magitek> A lot of them were already linux users but really liked ubuntu and are switching
19:15 < Flannel> Yasumoto: Yeah, URLs, Descriptions, DEfinitions, just... general stuff, and then space for them to write (or the back, I guess)
19:15 < Yasumoto> maybe things like some key applications for things
19:15 < sn9> magitek: that's what i would have expected
19:15 < Yasumoto> like nhaines explanation about rhythmbox/firefox/etc
19:15 < Yasumoto> Flannel: i like that idea
19:16 < magitek> Perhaps a general windows to linux list?
19:16 < Yasumoto> magitek: like gopher-style?
19:16 < Flannel> There are plenty of those on the interblags, I'm thinking more Ubuntu/Linux general knowledge
19:16 < magitek> like a faq?
19:17 < Flannel> And really, just a few things at the top of the page, and then just writing area
19:17 < magitek> heck, even just the presentation slide printouts with note space on the side would work
19:17 < sn9> there already is a general windows-to-linux list on the wiki
19:17 < Flannel> So when we gave them a URL, they'd already have it.
19:18 < nhaines> In hindsight, it was probably mean to throw shipit.ubuntu.com at them at the very end like that. :)
19:18 < Flannel> Well, and so they wouldn't have to squint at our business cards.
19:18 < sn9> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwitchingToUbuntu/FromWindows
19:19 < magitek> That one guy was so amazed at the lack of need for defrag for ext
19:19 < sn9> linked from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwitchingToUbuntu
19:20 < nhaines> Okay, I *think* I can guarantee that http://www.nhaines.com/ubuntu/california/presentations/noccc-presentation.odp will not change.
19:20 < nhaines> Yeah, when I said defragmentation wasn't necessary his jaw dropped.
19:20 < magitek> did that gnucash guy ever find you?
19:20 < Yasumoto> nhaines: haha, for sure :)
19:20 < Yasumoto> brb
19:21 < nhaines> magitek: definitely.
19:21 < Flannel> Anyone else have any other comments about today?
19:21 < magitek> just that yasumoto and i will be going back for their linux sig and continue to help them out i think
19:21 < nhaines> Flannel: I want to thank you for taking the reigns at the computer for a bit.
19:22 < Flannel> nhaines: Sooner or later I'll get mine working with a Wiimote
19:22 < nhaines> Flannel: and I also want to thank you for taking the last half of questions on stage so that I could demo some apps behind you.
19:22 < Flannel> Ah right, after the presentation, I fielded questions as nhaines played with Ubuntu behind me.
19:22  * nhaines no longer knows why he was trying to use his phone over bluetooth instead of his Wiimote.
19:22 < Flannel> Got some oohs and aaahs
19:22 < nhaines> Michael's picture got the aaahs.  :)
19:23 < nhaines> So, uh, thanks to ecubuntu for that picture I guess.
19:23 < sn9> shouldn't be too hard to put wiimote support into LIRC
19:23 < Flannel> I think its already been done, to be honest
19:23 < nhaines> Oh right, some members asked us back in a year or so to give updates.
19:24 < Flannel> Right, so in a year, someone remind someone ;)
19:24 < magitek> should we edit it onto the wiki?
19:24 < nhaines> So all in all, we could say that this was a triumph.
19:24 < Flannel> magitek: It'll go into the meeting summary
19:24 < nhaines> I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.
19:25 < nhaines> It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.
19:25 < Flannel> They really were a great audience.
19:25 < sn9> yet another linux mission accomplished: http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.video.video4linux/38323
19:25 < Flannel> Alright, next topic is SGVLUG.  San Gabriel Valley LUG.
19:26 < magitek> ooh, where's it at? I'm from that area originally
19:26 < Flannel> They want us to come give a presentation about Ubuntu (since they know what Linux is), and present some cool new features.
19:26 < Flannel> The first month they have open is August, and tentatively we're scheduled for then (I have yet to hear back on confirmation of the date)
19:27 < Flannel> They meet the Second Thursday of the month.  At... I don't know.  check the website.
19:27 < sn9> they know what linux is, but they don't know what ubuntu is?
19:27 < troyready> So, the 14th.
19:28 < Flannel> sn9: well, they're a LUG, so its safe to assume we don't have to explain Linux.  But, we shouldn't assume they know Ubuntu.  Especially if they think they do, but have misconceptions.
19:28 < Flannel> troyready: right.
19:28 < magitek> they're probably like the noccc guys, they've heard of it, but dont really know why its different from other distros
19:28 < Flannel> But, August is just tentative.  We'll know more (and more about the audience) as time goes on.
19:28 < nhaines> Or else they want to take a day to focus on Ubuntu and its new features.
19:28 < nhaines> Naturally, we're the resource that is expert on Ubuntu, so it only makes sense to ask us for more info.
19:29 < sn9> might be good to compare and contrast side-by-side laptops, one with ubuntu, and one with some other distro
19:29 < Flannel> sn9: we're not really out to make enemies
19:29 < sn9> it can be a way to celebrate distro diversity
19:29 < Flannel> Well, its true, but if we do that, we need to tread very lightly.
19:29 < sn9> especially if the other laptop is showcased by someone really big on that distro
19:30 < troyready> As to not end up like the Apple people.
19:30 < nhaines> Better to showcase Ubuntu's strengths.
19:30 < sn9> troyready: apple people have nothing on OS/2 people
19:31 < Flannel> Since, at the end of the day, any Linux is better than no Linux.  And Ubuntu doesn't fit everyone's needs.
19:31 < troyready> agreed.
19:31 < sn9> right -- one size fits most
19:32 < sn9> that's the phrase i've always used to describe ubuntu as a distro
19:32 < Flannel> So, that's coming up in a few months.  And that, I believe, is the end of our agenda so far.
19:32 < Flannel> Anyone else have any other topics for today?
19:32 < nhaines> CD sleeves?
19:33 < Flannel> Oh, sure.
19:33 < Flannel> We're hoping to make CD sleeves so we don't have to write furiously during installfests.
19:34 < Flannel> These would be origami sleeves, you print on an 8.5x11 piece of paper, and then the CDs get slid inside.
19:35 < nhaines> They're pretty neat.
19:35 < Flannel> I've got the folding dimensions and stuff down, and I've got a template... well, not handy.  It'll be made available.  And we're looking for designs for putting all the stuff on it.
19:35 < Flannel> they are pretty neat.  And if we do them right, we'll be able to give them to all the LoCos to use, and make everyone look a lot more professional than sharpie-on-CDs
19:36 < sn9> maybe get a huge sheet of tyvek?
19:36 < Flannel> That's expensive ;)
19:36 < Flannel> paper, not so much.
19:37 < Flannel> Anyway, we'll be asking anyone and everyone who wants to come up with their own design, both for artwork, and layout of general information and stuff.
19:37 < Flannel> Sort of like what we did with the LoCo Logo, only I imagine that this will end up being a lot more collaborative for the final product.
19:37 < Flannel> So, get crazy, get creative, and spread the word.
19:38 < Flannel> The templates, blank and otherwise, will be going up... somewhere (probably the wiki), for you to all grab and play with.  Keep your eyes on the list.
19:38 < Flannel> for the URL(s)
19:38 < Flannel> We have no deadline, and this won't be restricted to Ubuntu California people either.  We're just looking for the best design we can get.
19:38 < nhaines> I'll make the photos Yasumoto took of the NOCCC event available on Flickr, so watch the mailing list and Planet Ubuntu.
19:39 < sn9> maybe start with the shipit designs?
19:39 < nhaines> The shipit designs don't match the origami design.
19:40 < Flannel> sn9: If you'd like, sure.  There has to be a bit more information on them, since the sleeves will be for [any flavor] and [any version]
19:40 < Flannel> And, yeah, not as much surface area.
19:40 < sn9> mail merge...
19:40 < magitek> the sleeve should have a url to the loco on it saying "for help, go to" etc...
19:40 < Flannel> It'll be more apparent when you see... actually.  If you're interested, hang around after the meeting, I'll throw some crappy prototypesup
19:41 < Flannel> I think we're done though.  Anyone else have any more business?
19:41 < nhaines> Em, can I mention that I'm an Ubuntu member now?
19:41 < Flannel> Oh, right,
19:41 < nhaines> Since I made the newletter.  :)
19:41 < Flannel> Last... thursday?
19:41 < sn9> is that new?
19:41 < nhaines> Wednesday.
19:41 < Flannel> nhaines: became an official Ubuntu Member
19:41 < magitek> congratulations!
19:42 < troyready> woot woot
19:42 < Flannel> Joining the ranks of... me... and Ju.  And, maybe a few others.
19:42 < sn9> i don't think anybody else here is
19:43 < Flannel> Alright.  Thank you all for coming, next meeting, two weeks, 7pm.  Which... is June 15.

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