Sunday, May 4th, 2008, 7:00pm (1900) PDT


  1. CSULB Installfest review
    1. Flannel and nhaines went on the radio the week before to promote it
    2. Venue was changed at the last minute. About 60 people turned up to watch Revolution OS
    3. Yasumoto and nhaines spoke after the movie about Ubuntu
    4. Nobody actually installed Ubuntu at the event, but lots of CDs got taken
    5. Pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nathanhaines/sets/72157604596346722/

    6. Would have been nice to have more CDs and a banner
  2. Hardy Party
    1. Saturday, May 10th
    2. Somewhere near Irvine at a Chinese restaurant
    3. Discussion moved to mailing list

Original Agenda

  1. CSULB installfest review
  2. Hardy Party plans for Saturday, May 10th, 2008

If you have anything else you'd like to add to the agenda, or want to make some changes, please feel free to edit it.

Hope to see you there!

Meeting Log

[19:25] <nhaines> Welcome to the Ubuntu California LoCo meeting for May 4th, 2008.
[19:25] <nhaines> This one's going to be a pretty short meeting, as we only have two agenda items here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/08May04
[19:26] <nhaines> After we finish with the agenda, then of course if anyone else has something to add we'll talk about that too.
[19:26] <nhaines> So, first up is the installfest at CSU Long Beach.
[19:27] <nhaines> Err, sorry.  Flannel just called me to ask about item 2.  ;)
[19:28] <nhaines> Okay, so for the installfest, Neal and I went on the air the week beforehand, to talk about Ubuntu and promote the event, with organizer Glenn Zucman.
[19:28] <nhaines> Glenn has a weekly show on CSULB student radio.
[19:29] <nhaines> That went very well, and we're still trying to obtain a recording of the show, or at least the relevent segment.
[19:29] <nhaines> The actual installfest was on April 23rd.  It was moved at the last minute, but there were still a good 60 people or so present to watch Revolution OS.
[19:30] <symptom> wow
[19:31] <nhaines> Yasumoto and I were both there, and once the credits started rolling, we both went up and talked about Ubuntu.  First Yasumoto, briefly, and then me.
[19:31] <nhaines> I think I talked for about 5 minutes, maybe it was 10, about the ideas touched on in the movie, and talked a bit about how you can benefit from Free Software even if you're not committed to the philosophy, which is one of the nice things about Free Software.
[19:32] <nhaines> Then I went through a rundown of a standard Ubuntu install, with all the applications, and I demonstrated visual effects.
[19:33] <nhaines> Then I opened the "installfest" part of the night for anyone who wanted to grab a CD, try it on their machine and ask questions, or who wanted to actually install.
[19:33] <nhaines> No one did install, but the CDs were wiped clean like locusts.
[19:34] <nhaines> This is a breakdown of CDs given out, plus CDs remaining of the stalk we had:
[19:34] <nhaines> 16 Ubuntu 6.06 LTS: 0/16
[19:34] <nhaines> 4 Kubuntu 8.04 RC: 4/5
[19:34] <nhaines> 3 Ubuntu 7.10: 0/3
[19:34] <nhaines> 17 Kubuntu 7.10: 44/61
[19:34] <nhaines> 4 Ubuntu 8.04 RC: 0/4
[19:34] <nhaines> Also I meant "stock", not "stalk".
[19:35] <nhaines> The Ubuntu 8.04 RC CDs were being burned on demand, and we gave out four of those.  There were a lot of questions related to trying everything out and whether it would run on a Mac, whether it could be installed alongside Windows, etc.
[19:35] <nhaines> All in all, there was a lot of guarded interest, and definitely some good exposure to the idea of Linux and Free and Open Source software
[19:36] <nhaines> Pictures are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nathanhaines/sets/72157604596346722/
[19:36] <nhaines> And that's all I have to say about that.
[19:36] <nhaines> Any questions?
[19:37] <symptom> what could we do better next time... what do you need from members to make things go better?
[19:37] <symptom> besides attendance ;)
[19:37] * symptom didnt go :(
[19:38] <nhaines> Well, it would have been nice to have a few more CDs available.  It was really a sticky situation.  It was on the 23rd, but 8.04 LTS was released on the 24th.  So we couldn't really burn a lot of CDs.  We didn't know how many people to expect.
[19:39] <nhaines> We're also working on getting together some graphics for a banner for use at shows and installfests.
[19:39] <nhaines> But since the event was organized by Glenn Zucmann and we were just providing technical support, everything actually went very smoothly and very successfully.
[19:40] <nhaines> We also got to use the awesome cardboard CD stands that Canonical has.  ;)
[19:40] <symptom> nice
[19:40] <nhaines> In the future, we'll schedule things better, releasewise, as well.
[19:40] <nhaines> Any other questions before we move on to item 2?
[19:42] <nhaines> Okay, in that case, we've talked about it before, but the time has come.  Now that Ubuntu 8.04 LTS is officially release, it's time to party hardy!
[19:42] <nhaines> And so we're planning a Hardy Party.
[19:42] <nhaines> We've worked really hard as a team, so it's time to relax.  We'll all meet up at a restaurant on Saturday, May 10th, and eat and for anyone joining the team recently, get to meet each other.
[19:43] <nhaines> There've been a few new arrivals here who've just missed the various events we've put on, so we'd like to welcome you to the Ubuntu Califoria team and get to know you as well.
[19:43] <nhaines> We'll meet at a restaurant in Orange County (unless we want Chinese, then I know this great place in Bellflower).
[19:44] <nhaines> Any suggestions?  Any certain times that anyone here can't make it?
[19:45] <symptom> would have to be after 6 for me
[19:45] <sn9> in socal, that would be most times outside of SCALE for us norcal folk
[19:45] <symptom> and I would prefer OC
[19:45] <nhaines> This is a Southern California event, yes, since unfortunately no one stepped up to organize anything in Northern California.
[19:46] <nhaines> Which is fine: no one really stepped up to organize anything on Southern California either.  :)
[19:46] <sn9> well, there was the Party Hardy...
[19:47] <sn9> lot of ppl showed up, but it was pretty localized
[19:47] <nhaines> Most SoCal members are from Los Angeles or San Diego.  We've been doing a lot up in Los Angeless, so it's time to move south a bit for a more central location.
[19:47] <nhaines> I'm sure the Party Hardy went off very well, and I'm very happy for it, although I never heard more about it.
[19:47] <symptom> more south = more better
[19:48] <nhaines> So does anyone have any good suggestions in the Orange County area?
[19:48] <sn9> what was the original northernmost coastal point of the 619 area code?
[19:48] <nhaines> Irvine has tons of places, although the Spectrum might be a little crowded.
[19:49] <nhaines> sn9: I'm not sure.  Could we puzzle that out after the meeting?
[19:49] <sn9> as a possible LA/SD meeting point
[19:49] <troyready> I was thinking the same thing about irvine
[19:50] <symptom> anywhere in irvine is good
[19:50] <nhaines> Does anyone have specific suggestions?
[19:50] <sn9> i'm thinking anything OC is still pretty northern for SD folk
[19:51] <nhaines> Or at least cuisine ideas?  I'm always up for Chinese.
[19:51] <symptom> chinese is good
[19:51] <nhaines> sn9: It is, but the vast majority of members is in LA or Orange County, with only a couple San Diego members.
[19:51] <symptom> i dont know the area at all so anything closer to Oceanside is good for me :)
[19:51] <troyready> Perhaps something like Roundtable pizza? They usually have plenty of space
[19:52] <nhaines> Okay, so two votes for Chinese, one for pizza.
[19:52] <sn9> troyready: many Round Tables often have an extra room you can reserve in advance
[19:53] <symptom> oh its on the 10th... disregard my after 6 request then
[19:53] <nhaines> We can go simpler.  I know a place called Din Ho in Lake Forest.  There's also P.F. Chang's which is a bit more fancy.
[19:53] <DarkestHour> I wont be able to make it due to financial contraints. so count me out of the vote.
[19:54] <troyready> lpol I was thinking pf changs too Didn't lnow if the atmospphere was right
[19:54] <nhaines> Are there any preferences?  I love both places.
[19:55] <nhaines> PF Changs is a bit noisy but has really good food.  It's a little pricey.
[19:55] <sn9> i know rms is rather anti-ubuntu, but he'd certainly be able to suggest a good chinese place
[19:55] <symptom> ohhh... actually anything in the pm is out for me
[19:55] <symptom> sry
[19:55] <nhaines> Din Ho is a small, family-owned restaurant with simpler food and lower prices.  I used to eat garlic chicken there once a week.  ;)
[19:56] <nhaines> RMS actually did have good things to say about the way Ubuntu was honest about its drivers.
[19:56] <nhaines> Okay, so is everyone on the mailing list?
[19:56] <-- cyphase has left this server ("http://www.cyphase.com/").
[19:57] <DarkestHour> i am yeah.
[19:57] <symptom> yes
[19:57] * troyready is
[19:57] <nhaines> If we can agree to dinner near Irvine on the 10th at a Chinese restaurant, we can debate the specifics there for another day or so before we make reservations.
[19:58] <nhaines> Okay, so watch the mailing list for more discussion as well as an announcement for a specific time.
[19:59] <nhaines> Now I'll open the floor to anyone else who has something they want to talk about.
[19:59] <sn9> mailing list last talked about BarCamp
[19:59] <nhaines> Was that BarCampLA5 or BarCamp San Diego?
[19:59] <troyready> sd
[20:00] <nhaines> It would have been nice to get down there but I was busy all weekend.
[20:00] <symptom> are barcamps free?
[20:00] <cactaur> Is the Pope Catholic?
[20:01] <nhaines> Usually, but it depends on each particular venue.
[20:01] <cactaur> I guess it's not, "OF COURSE!"
[20:01] <cactaur> Speaking of which, when is the next barcamp?
[20:01] <symptom> haha
[20:01] <nhaines> BarCampLA seems to be doing a biannual thing.
[20:02] <cactaur> I thought they had like, two in four months!
[20:02] <nhaines> 2007 was March and November, I thought.
[20:03] <nhaines> Okay, is there anything else or are we done for the night?
[20:03] <cactaur> If that was the case, then I have a HORRIBLE sense of time!
[20:03] <cactaur> Wait, this is a meeting?!?!
[20:03] <nhaines> Yup.
[20:03] * cactaur feels slightly embarassed.
[20:03] <nhaines> It's okay, we're almost done.  :)
[20:05] <nhaines> Okay, in that case, thank you to everyone for coming tonight.  We'll follow up on the mailing list, but let's expect PF Chang's near Irvine or Mission Viejo on Saturday the 10th.
[20:05] <nhaines> This meeting is now adjourned.  :)

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