Sunday, August 23rd, 2009, 7:00pm (1900) PDT


  1. Mission statement on wiki homepage changed; nobody raised objections

  2. Approval application and approval

    1. Next loco council meeting is September 15th
    2. Neal has some notes for the approval app, but isn't at the meeting, so will discuss that next week
    3. Bullet points vs. list with commas for meeting links; probably going to stick with bullet points
    4. Going to go over it again next meeting and decide if it's ready for submission
  3. Karmic Release and Ubuntu Global Jam

    1. Discussion of dates. Release parties aren't pinned down yet, because they're not until the end of October.
    2. Global Jam locations: Chapman for South California; Diablo Valley College, UC Berkeley (room space for about ten people), or Caffe La Scala for North California
    3. Further discussion tabled until next meeting.
  4. Podcasting discussion skipped because Nathan wasn't at the meeting
  5. Lindependence and Software Freedom Day
    1. Software Freedom Day is Sept 19th. Grant was talking with Jack and Sameer about possible activities
    2. Mark asked whether we have flyers with upcoming event info; Robert said we don't, but we might be making some eventually.

Original Agenda

  1. Note about mission statement improvement/change per ML post

  2. LoCo Approval Status Updates

    1. aka "Go read the approval app and make comments"
  3. Planning/Discussion:
    1. Global Jam

    2. Karmic Release

  4. Podcasting discussion?


19:10:21 < rww> Hi, and welcome to the August 23rd meeting of Ubuntu California. I'm your host, rww, and I name this the "oh no Flannel's busy we'll have to put up with rww again" meeting.
19:10:29 < rww> Today's meeting agenda is posted at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/09August23 . Again, if you have anything you'd like to discuss tonight that isn't on that agenda, please let me know now :)
19:11:30 < rww> Okay, let's move to the first agenda item. As people on the mailing list already know, I changed the mission statement on our wiki homepage recently. If you haven't already, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam?action=diff&rev2=165&rev1=164 and let me know (via email: robertlikesturtles at gmail.com) if I missed something important.
19:11:43 < rww> Anyone have any questions about that? If not, we'll move right along.
19:12:03 < rww> grantbow1: did you notice anything that I missed from the irc logs?
19:12:32 < grantbow1> rww: haven't reread the log yet and I'm not at home.  Will mail the list if I recommend anything different than what you did.
19:13:04 < grantbow1> I like what's there now
19:13:25 < Gidget_Kitchen> It works.
19:14:05 < grantbow1> next topic?
19:14:14 < rww> grantbow1: alright. I'm planning to ask Flannel to copy it over to the Launchpad group before the next meeting. If I don't hear about it in the next week, will that be okay?
19:14:31 < grantbow1> sure
19:14:32 < rww> sweet. Next topic!
19:14:42 < rww> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/ApprovalApplication is shaping up nicely, so I think it's time to think about submitting it and getting approved.
19:14:52 < rww> LoCo Council meetings are the third Tuesday of every month (the council page is out of date, but they are having regular meetings), which means the next one will be September 15th.
19:14:58 < rww> Therefore, I propose we spend a few minutes now and look over the application to see if anyone has any comments, then have final discussions at our September 6th meeting and (hopefully) add ourselves to the LoCo Council agenda then.
19:15:39 < dragon> The application looks pretty good.
19:16:07 < grantbow1> rww: great working pulling things together!
19:16:26 < rww> grantbow1: Thanks :)
19:17:19 < rww> I made a few changes to it today, and as far as I'm concerned, it just needs the application date putting in to be ready. But I'd like other peoples' input if they have it.
19:17:22 < Gidget_Kitchen> rww: great. I've got some photos from OSCON. 1 with the book winner
19:17:47 < rww> Gidget_Kitchen: Could you throw those online somewhere? They'd be useful :)
19:18:02 < grantbow1> Gidget_Kitchen: excellent
19:18:24 < grantbow1> oops, I meant: epic!
19:18:54 < rww> Flannel had some notes about it too, but they're stuck on an archaic thing he calls "paper" right now, so we'll be figuring that out next week.
19:20:12 < Gidget_Kitchen> like papyrus?
19:20:42 < rww> Oh, I was also thinking of changing the IRC meeting links from bullet points to a comma'd list, so it's a little less tall.
19:21:10 < rww> Anyway, if anyone has any improvements, go ahead and make them, or write something to the mailing list before the next meeting :)
19:21:31 < rww> Anyone have anything now, or shall we move on?
19:22:18 < dragon> rww: the bullet points look better imo
19:22:43 < rww> dragon: okay. I might just leave them as-is, then. Saves me some work :)
19:24:08 < rww> Okay, next topic! Let's talk about Karmic Release parties first, since I think Yasumoto had comments on the jam and he isn't here yet.
19:24:23 < grantbow1> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/KarmicRelease the recent IRC meeting log talking about the Ubuntu Global Jam will be linked from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam soon and the Ubuntu Developer Week is taking place starting in one week which is a good primer for contributing to Ubuntu
19:24:49 < grantbow1> We can talk about this more on the list and such
19:24:56 < dragon> are we having separate parties in SF and Berkeley?
19:25:31 < grantbow1> locations are still being worked out
19:25:46 < grantbow1> probably not a live video link with Chapman though
19:26:04 < jdeslip> For Jam or Release Party?
19:26:12 < grantbow1> Jam
19:26:17 < dragon> they're close, so it'd make more sense to have a combined release party
19:26:28 < dragon> jdeslip: Release party
19:26:33 < grantbow1> I'll take that into consideration
19:26:40 < grantbow1> as will everyone else
19:26:59 < grantbow1> Release parties are far more logistically difficult to pull off
19:27:05 < grantbow1> Release Parties are targeted at the public
19:27:13 < grantbow1> Jams are for contributors to Ubuntu in some way
19:27:48 < grantbow1> though I guess it depends on what size party you want to throw, lol
19:27:53 < Gidget_Kitchen> jam is harder for GidgetKitchen - release parties way easier
19:28:05 < dragon> grantbow1: having a greater number of locations makes sense too in such case, but we'll need more organizers then.
19:28:18 < jdeslip> dragon: Ya - I think I will wait and see what evolves.  If a sweet party is going on in SF, the Berkeley folks would probably want to help out and rock the house down
19:28:39 < rww> grantbow1: did you hear anything new from the SF person from last time, or is that still up in the air?
19:28:41 < grantbow1> dragon: exactly - how about a San Jose State area launch party?
19:28:59 < dragon> grantbow1: it's a great idea
19:29:12 < grantbow1> rww: yes, Caffeine lost their lease but don't know of timing for anything yet
19:29:18 < grantbow1> the owner is out of town for a few weeks
19:29:26 < grantbow1> still TBD
19:29:32 < Gidget_Kitchen> we are thinking of helping translation for global jam - tagalog & maybe spanish we can help for walnut creek & contra costa - as always
19:29:49 < rww> grantbow1: okay. But the dates for the Walnut Creek and Berkeley ones are pretty much set, since they're at LUG meeting times, right?
19:30:02 < grantbow1> release parties yes
19:30:27 < grantbow1> Santa Cruz too
19:30:31 < Gidget_Kitchen> grantbow1: +1
19:30:37 < rww> Okay. Are there any South California people around right now? Did anything get worked out down there yet?
19:30:47 < grantbow1> rww: we have plenty of time
19:31:30 < rww> grantbow1: I know, but having an initial sort of general plan lets people keep the dates in mind when they're scheduling.
19:32:02 < dragon> It just came to me that parties don't have to be at the same time. So it's certainly better to have more of them.
19:32:28 < Gidget_Kitchen> off topic (as per usual) but, lindependance or software freedom day stuff sept 19th?
19:32:34 < rww> dragon: Yup. The ones for Jaunty were all on different days, if I remember correctly. That lets people have more than one.
19:32:43 < grantbow1> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek is Aug 31st 2009 to Sep 4th 2009
19:32:44 < rww> Gidget_Kitchen: we'll talk about jams and then can ponder that
19:33:12 < jdeslip> dragon: Ya I think both many smaller parties at various locations (i.e. little effort if associated with other meetings) is good and a possible push for a big party somewhere as well could be good
19:33:14 < dragon> how does the sponsorship works at the parties? (food etc.)
19:33:19 < Gidget_Kitchen> <:-)
19:33:23 < rww> grantbow1: is that similar to the Open Week thing from a while ago?
19:33:32 < grantbow1> rww: yes, the same I think
19:33:54 < dragon> s/works/work/
19:34:14 < rww> grantbow1: oh, the page says so. Looks like the topics are more dev-focused this time around, hence the name change, I guess.
19:35:27 < grantbow1> Is that all for events?  25 minutes would be most refreshing.
19:35:27 < rww> Okay, so release parties are the end of October, so we have a tonne of time. Keep them in the back of your mind, I guess :)
19:36:03 < rww> Global Jam is when, again? I lost the date.
19:36:27 < grantbow1> 2nd - 4th of October
19:36:40 < grantbow1> 3rd +-
19:37:22 < rww> okay, so we have a little over a month for that. Joe said that doing one at Chapman would be a good idea; if he turns up, we can ponder that.
19:37:32 < rww> Where were we thinking of doing it in NorCal?
19:37:37 < Gidget_Kitchen> rww: dvc?
19:37:42 < grantbow1> rww: TBD
19:37:49 < Gidget_Kitchen> la scala
19:38:09 < Gidget_Kitchen> both?
19:38:14 < rww> Gidget_Kitchen: We'd probably be doing short presentations, so La Scala might not be the best. DVC (with classroom layout) would be better.
19:38:36 < Gidget_Kitchen> saxbys has the 47 inch tvs
19:38:42 < grantbow1> Berkeley and SFSU are also possibilities
19:38:50 < Gidget_Kitchen> we can reserve it anytime
19:39:15 < rww> jdeslip: you're at UC Berkeley, right? Would we be able to get a room there?
19:39:30 < jdeslip> Gidget_Kitchen: I have space available at berkeley for ~10 or so folks (at most).
19:39:51 < jdeslip> network + power.
19:39:59 < grantbow1> contributing to Ubuntu is not something alot of people are really into
19:40:00 < jdeslip> Getting a room would be more difficult
19:40:06 < Gidget_Kitchen> jdeslip: +1
19:40:09 < grantbow1> numbers should be small
19:40:24 < rww> grantbow1: indeed
19:40:55 < jdeslip> Also, I don't really the time/resources to set up a live video connection with Southern Cali
19:41:21 < jdeslip> But, I do have room with good network capabilities etc.
19:42:42 < rww> Okay. Doing one at UC Berkeley sounds like a good idea. Any objections to tabling further discussion until next meeting, since there'll be more people around then?
19:42:47 < rww> (hopefully)
19:42:59 < grantbow1> table is a good idea
19:43:02 < rww> (discussion about Jam, that is)
19:43:22 < Gidget_Kitchen> next.
19:43:36 < rww> okay. Let's skip the podcasting discussion, since nhaines isn't around.
19:43:46 < rww> Gidget_Kitchen: do you want to talk about lindependence now, or after the meeting?
19:43:56 < grantbow1> 34 would be a new record I think :-)
19:43:57 < Gidget_Kitchen> I want to make sure i have some flyers for other areas meetings. As we flyer on the 19th - we will have the list of upcoming events at the bottom of the flyers (1/4 of a sheet sized)
19:44:23 < Gidget_Kitchen> thats all
19:44:47 < rww> Gidget_Kitchen: flyers with what? info about Ubuntu California?
19:45:07 < grantbow1> Software Freedom Day is Sept 19th, I was talking with both Jack and Sameer Verma about possible activities for that day.
19:45:39 < Gidget_Kitchen> software freedom day, the release parties, + more
19:46:15 < grantbow1> s/Jack/jdeslip/
19:46:28 < jdeslip> ya, and nobody liked my idea of running off with handfuls of software from Best Buy.
19:46:38 < grantbow1> lol
19:47:00 < rww> jdeslip: Free as in Theft!
19:47:49 < rww> grantbow1: I'm up for doing something on the evening of Sept 19th. Would you like to write the mailing list and see if we can come up with some epic ideas?
19:48:16 < grantbow1> rww: sounds good
19:48:17 < rww> (or probably during the day too if I can get time off, which I likely can)
19:48:43 < dragon> Can't we convince Best Buy to sell Ubuntu CDs at a reasonable price?
19:49:06 < dragon> People often ask me if Ubuntu is something they can buy from Fry's
19:49:10 < grantbow1> there was that effort last year though I don't recall the details
19:49:24 < rww> Gidget_Kitchen: As far as flyers go, I've been pondering making some anyway, so if I get around to doing that I'll let you know. Would be nice to have something pre-prepared for people to print out and take to events and distribute.
19:49:39 < rww> dragon: Best Buy used to sell them, but don't any more iirc.
19:49:49 < Gidget_Kitchen> rww: +1
19:49:53 < rww> Okay, any further business, or shall we wrap up the official meeting and open the social floodgates?
19:49:56 < grantbow1> rww: +1
19:49:56 < dragon> rww: oh.
19:50:56 < Yasumoto> howdy guys, sorry I'm late
19:51:09 < grantbow1> hi, no worries
19:51:36 < rww> Yasumoto! You're the only South California person here :(. Would it be better to table Jam stuff until next meeting, considering that?
19:51:57 < rww> (we already did so, but if you have announcements or anything, we can un-table it)
19:52:09 < Yasumoto> ah, I see
19:52:35 < Yasumoto> I'd be interested in continuing the discussions, but if they're already tabled, then we can continue
19:52:49 < jdeslip> I am going to head off now.  So, my vote is to table it.
19:52:50 < jdeslip> :)
19:52:58 < jdeslip> But, I'll read the logs.
19:53:26 < jdeslip> ciao
19:54:09 < rww> Yasumoto: Alright. We have something like two months anyway, so I think next meeting is probably best. Can you look into getting space at Chapman, and let us know then?
19:54:49 < grantbow1> about six weeks
19:54:57 < rww> oh, wait, yeah, Jam != Parties
19:55:20 < grantbow1> about 10 weeks for parties
19:55:24 < Yasumoto> rww: yep, will do
19:55:50 < rww> okays.
19:55:50 < Yasumoto> we should (99%) have the room we usually have
19:56:00 < grantbow1> epic
19:56:25 < rww> So yes, any other business anyone would like to cover?
19:56:43 < rww> Yasumoto: (it was a short meeting; I'll throw the logs up momentarily)
19:56:50 < Yasumoto> coo
19:56:52 < Yasumoto> grantbow1: :)
19:57:01 < grantbow1> :-)
19:57:59 < rww> Okay! That concludes tonight's meeting. Our next one will be in two weeks on September 6th. Logs from tonight's meeting will be posted online at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/09August23 in a few minutes.
19:58:06 < rww> As always, if you have anything to discuss or announce before our next meeting, hit up the mailing list. Thanks for coming!

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