Sunday, February 8th, 2009, 7:00pm (1900) PST


  1. February 22nd meeting: moved to Saturday night (21st) at 7pm in-person at SCaLE in the upstairs GBJ room.
  2. Storage company wants a manifest for the stuff we want to store overnight by the Thursday before SCaLE, so we should get that sorted out by next Sunday
  3. SCaLE presentations
    1. Room for 4 presentations total (two per day)
    2. Potential topics: EC2, Games (Wine), Wubi, Regular Install, "Make Ubuntu your Own" (Desktop customization/preferences/themes), Moving from Windows to Ubuntu, Virtualbox (with USB), Fixing GRUB, VPN (Including work Emails, etc), Package Installation, X Forwarding with SSH
    3. Narrowed down to: customization, WINE, X-Forwarding, Windows to Linux
  4. Booth discussion
    1. 'Buntustand should be ready in the next few days
    2. CaliforniaTeam/Projects/CDSleeves: modified to increase readability, will be printed by erichammond's company

  5. CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale7x/BugJam: 11am to 6pm on Saturday, 11am to 4pm on Sunday

Original Agenda

  1. Next Meeting Time -- Move to Saturday Evening while at SCaLE?
  2. SCaLE is in two weeks!

  3. SCaLE Presentations
    1. Discuss topics
    2. Who wants to present? Which topic do you want?
  4. SCaLE Booth
  5. SCaLE GlobalBugJam


19:13 < Flannel> Alright, at :15 we'll start... since, its a round number.  Hopefully more of us will trickle in soon thereafter.
19:14 < Flannel> In the meantime, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/09February08 has our Agenda for the evening.
19:14 < Flannel> Feel free to look it over.  If you want to add anything to it, go ahead and just blurt it out here.
19:15 < Flannel> Alright.  Welcome everyone to our meeting tonight.
19:15 < Flannel> This is our last meeting before SCaLE, which is in two weeks.
19:17 < Yasumoto> heya guys
19:17 < Flannel> Howdy Yasumoto, just in time.
19:17 < Yasumoto> sweet
19:17 < sn9> it's not :15 yet
19:17 < Flannel> sn9: It's :17
19:17 < sn9> ok, ntp phail on my part, then
19:18 < nhaines> SCaLe is sneaking up on us!
19:18 < sn9> yes
19:18 < Flannel> Anyway, so, our agenda this evening looks like this currently (all of which revolve around SCaLE):
19:19 < Flannel> Moving our next meeting time, Presentations (Topics and Volunteers), Booth, BugJam
19:20 < Flannel> Our next regularly scheduled meeting would be 7pm on Sunday after SCaLE is over.  Some (if not all) of us won't even be home by then to have that meeting.  So it was recommended that maybe we should move it to Saturday night, and do it in person (at SCaLE).
19:20 < Flannel> We can recap Saturday, discuss any changes/improvements/whatever for Sunday, and have a meeting in person too.
19:20 < jbermudes> cool
19:21 < sn9> sounds reasonable, since it's the only day everyone at scale can be expected to be at scale
19:21 < Flannel> The Expo ends at 6, and the last speakers are from 6 to 7pm.  The after-SCaLE Festivities don't start until 8.  So, starting sometime around 7ish would be appropriate.
19:22 < Flannel> That'll give us an hour to pack up whatever we need to on the floor, and then meet up in our GBJ room.
19:22 < Flannel> Yasumoto: does that sound reasonable?  Would we be able to be in that room at that time?
19:23 < Yasumoto> Flannel: yeah, for sure
19:23 < Flannel> How does that sound to everyone else?
19:23 < troyready> Sounds good to me
19:23 < nhaines> I think that'll be great.  It's a good location, too.
19:23 < Flannel> Anyone think it's a bad idea?
19:24 < Flannel> Alright.  Also, as an addendum, some of the 'packing up' that we'll be doing is putting computers in cars to transfer whatever we want to store securely overnight to a location just down the road, which is being provided by a fellow Ubuntuers company.
19:25 < Flannel> I assumed a few of our demo computers, etc would be going there.  But last time heard some people would be taking their stuff home with them overnight.
19:25 < sn9> i helped the openvz booth with doing that last year; i can do similar again
19:26 < Flannel> (It's literally down the road, on West Century Blvd)
19:26 < Flannel> The only thing we need to be aware of is that they want a manifest for the stuff we store.
19:26 < Flannel> We'll need that by the Thursday before SCaLE, so lets shoot to figure that out by next Sunday.
19:27 < sn9> why, again, is a single night of storage needed?
19:27 < Flannel> Any last minute changes to the manifest may be possible (depending on whether the guards on duty have enough clearence to change the manifest)
19:27 < Flannel> sn9: Because some people don't want to keep their stuff on the Expo floor overnight
19:28 < sn9> oh, from sat to sun, gotcha
19:28 < Flannel> I'm not sure if our upstairs room (for the GBJ) is secure or not either.
19:28 < Flannel> Right.
19:28 < sn9> i thought it was sun to mon for some reason
19:29 < Flannel> So, that's that.  You're welcome to use it, or welcome to take your stuff home with you or whatever.  But we need to know within the next few days.
19:29 < nhaines> I'm there all three days, so I'm happy to help moving stuff.
19:29 < Flannel> That's that.  Now on to our regularly scheduled stuff:
19:29 < Flannel> Next topic I have is our presentation topics.
19:30 < Flannel> We've got a pretty healthy list of topics so far.  I'll list them in a moment.  Do we want to decide on three or four (or N) that we want to do, and then see who wants to do them?
19:30 < sn9> does that include gbj?
19:31 < Yasumoto> I'd say 4 is good for now
19:31 < Yasumoto> I think we've got slots for 2 'major' topics each day
19:31 < Yasumoto> and if we have a plethora of speakers, then we can set up 'lightning talks'
19:31 < Flannel> For those of you who didn't read my email: Anyone is welcome to present, they'll be done in the GBJ room, and it's a great chance for someone to practice presenting in front of a crowd, etc.  We have a number of people who would be willing to help you come up with a presentation, etc, etc.  So even if you've never done something like this before, that won't rule you out if you want to present.
19:32 < Flannel> sn9: No, this is in between GBJ things
19:33 < Flannel> Topics I have so far are: 
19:33 < sn9> Flannel: if you are even considering asking me to present ANYTHING, you should see my kernel presentations on youtube so you can think twice
19:33 < nhaines> Lightning talks are fun and are easy.  They can be 5-10 minutes long and are a great way to talk about something you love.
19:33 < Flannel> EC2, Games (Wine), Wubi, Regular Install, "Make Ubuntu your Own" (Desktop customization/preferences/themes), Moving from Windows to Ubuntu, Virtualbox (with USB), Fixing GRUB, VPN (Including work Emails, etc), Package Installation, X Forwarding with SSH
19:34 < Flannel> sn9: People are volunteering, so don't worry.
19:34 < Flannel> Now, our original idea was this would be targetted towards people who are new/on-the-fence, which if we still want to go with, rules out a few of those topics.
19:36 < Yasumoto> I think games with wine is great, as is customizing the desktop
19:36 < Yasumoto> fixing grub and x forwarding both sound really useful
19:36 < sn9> WoW is known to work, i believe
19:37 < Heartsbane> ya but it is better with Crossover from Code Weavers
19:37 < rww> sn9: I haven't played it in Linux since the new expansion pack came out, but BC at least works fine in wine.
19:37 < sn9> Heartsbane: for games?
19:37 < Heartsbane> just my $.02
19:37 < Heartsbane> yes
19:37 < sn9> hmm
19:37 < sn9> i thought all the cedega stuff made it into regular wine
19:38 < Heartsbane> It is conversation for a later date, we are distracting the meeting
19:39 < Heartsbane> Heck we can have it @ SCaLE
19:39 < nhaines> I'll do a beginning topic or two if needed to fill slots because I am experienced, but otherwise I'd rather watch others do it.  ;)
19:40 < Yasumoto> I think it'll be good to have the mix of beginners vs. specific helpful topics
19:40 < Yasumoto> I mean, I'm still kind of confused about x forwarding, so it would be helpful
19:40 < Yasumoto> I'd like to focus on things that are accesible to newbs
19:41 < Flannel> Timeframe for these would be like 10 minutes, right?
19:41 < Yasumoto> yeah, definitely
19:41 < Flannel> We can always fix problems one on one at the booth too.
19:41 < nhaines> Yasumoto: X forwarding is awesome and I'll show you how to do it in 30 seconds some time offline!
19:41 < Yasumoto> nhaines: haha, eah
19:42 < nhaines> Okay, so if no one's feeling brave enough to volunteer here, then do it on the mailing list!
19:42 < Flannel> Ok, so... customization, wine, and x forwarding....
19:42 < Flannel> Those are three topics everyone agrees on?
19:42 < nhaines> I *promise* we'll help you out if you're feeling anxious.  :)
19:43 < Flannel> nhaines: I believe cactaur was interested
19:43 < nhaines> Flannel: cactaur will make a great presenter.
19:43 < Flannel> Yeah, what nhaines is 100% true.  We can help you make the presentation, help you walk through it, and even help with the presentation itself if you're feeling anxious about it.
19:44 < Flannel> (And you can always team up to present too, they don't have to be solo presentations)
19:44 < erichammond> I'm still up for a short EC2 demo, shell and desktop.
19:44 < nhaines> Right, so bring a friend!  We'll also have friends available on-loan from the LoCo.
19:44 < Flannel> nhaines: Is there a deposit?
19:44 < nhaines> Flannel: I think you can use bottle cap points.
19:45 < Flannel> nhaines: nice.
19:46 < Flannel> So, anyone have comments on any of those three topics?
19:48 < nhaines> I think a "going from Windows to Linux" talk would be hugely popular.
19:48 < nhaines> I also don't remember if SCaLE already has one this year.  :)
19:48 < Flannel> Alright.  Those are our four then?
19:48 < sn9> going from osx to ubuntu would be an idea to include in that, IMHO
19:48 < Flannel> At least, at the moment.  Assuming we can find speakers whow ant to do them.
19:49 < nhaines> Let's make those our four.
19:49 < Flannel> Alright.  If anyone wants to volunteer, watch for it on the mailing list!
19:49 < Flannel> Next topic is:  our booth
19:50 < Flannel> Not a whole lot has changed.  We've gotten a lot done on buntustand!
19:50 < Flannel> It should be usable within the next few days, from what I understand.
19:51 < Flannel> Also, we've modified our CD Sleeves slightly.  They've got a different font, for the legalese, which makes them much more legible.
19:51 < Flannel> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/CDSleeves  the second one at the bottom, for those of you interested in them.
19:52 < Flannel> erichammond's company (campus explorer) has volunteered to print them for us this year.  Hopefully that still stands :)
19:53 < Flannel> And I think that's all that's changed on the booth side.  Within the next week we'll be looking to confirm that we're getting everything we need from everyone who volunteered.  Its not too late to volunteer to bring stuff!
19:53 < Flannel> Anyone have questions regarding the booth?
19:54 < Flannel> Heartsbane, undertakingyou: I know you haven't heard me spout on about any of this before, any questions?
19:54 < Flannel> They're two of the few people coming from other LoCos who have graciously volunteered to help out at some point.
19:54 < erichammond> Flannel: Yes, I can print a few hundred color pages.
19:54 < Heartsbane> None here I know that atoppne was looking to help at the booth
19:55 < undertakingyou> I think I am up to speed.
19:55 < Heartsbane> I am really looking forward to just the GBJ
19:55 < Flannel> Heartsbane: You can help out just at the bug jam if you want.  We'll need volunteers both places.
19:55 < Heartsbane> Flannel: send us a list and I will see how it rounds out with the 4 of us going
19:56 < Flannel> For everyone:  We'll have some sort of volunteer-for-time thing going up on the wiki soon.  It certainly won't be required for you to sign up, but if everyone does, we'll know more about whos manning when, and what times we're thin, etc.
19:56 < Flannel> Heartsbane: Will do.
19:56 < Flannel> I think that's everything.  Yasumoto, you want to discuss the bug jam any/
19:57 < sn9> bug jam goes on bug bread...
19:57 < Heartsbane> I have to touch base with scorche over at the OLPC booth for packaging stuff for the book reader application but other than that
19:57 < undertakingyou> nice
19:57 < Yasumoto> As you guys can see from the wiki
19:57 < sn9> Heartsbane: is that the rockbox guy manning the olpc booth last year?
19:58 < Yasumoto> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale7x/BugJam
19:58 < Yasumoto> We'll start at 11am and move until 6pm on saturday
19:58 < Yasumoto> and 11 to 4 on sunday
19:58 < Heartsbane> I don't know I can ask Fizz he is a big rockbox guy, undertakingyou & I have been mostly supporting the banshee project
19:59 < Yasumoto> we'll have presentations throughout the day
19:59 < Heartsbane> sn9: so we all have our interests, but I will ask scorche if you want?
19:59 < Yasumoto> during breaks for the normal SCaLE talks (hopefully to drive attendance)
19:59 < sn9> just trying to place the face with the name
19:59 < Yasumoto> and between those, we'll have Bug jamming sessions
19:59 < Flannel> Yasumoto: presentations on what?
20:00 < Yasumoto> the 4 we discussed
20:00 < undertakingyou> The wiki says something on "how to bug" presentatiotns
20:00 < undertakingyou> s/tns/ns/
20:01 < Flannel> Yasumoto: What bug jam presentations?
20:01 < Flannel> Is there just going to be one presentation over and over?
20:01 < Yasumoto> ah
20:01 < sn9> bugging presentations? with zoneminder, of course?
20:01 < Yasumoto> I'm thinking we'll have two
20:01 < Yasumoto> one that's for "Triage Bugs in Ubuntu"
20:02 < Yasumoto> and "Running a Bug Jam"
20:03 < Yasumoto> these will just have a generic set of steps to follow, such as filing and working on a bug in launchpad
20:03 < nhaines> Might we repeat the triage one more and have one 'howto-run' presentation each day (at different time slots).
20:03 < Yasumoto> so although it might be different depending on the presenter, itll probably be very similar
20:03 < nhaines> Or do you have other (probably better) plans?  :)
20:04 < Yasumoto> I think it'll be good to go over things multiple times
20:04 < Yasumoto> An important addition will be having a Q/A session, as people will get experience with bugs throughout the day
20:04 < Yasumoto> and learning where to get answers to questions will be important
20:05 < nhaines> Sounds great!
20:06 < sn9> we could send some to irc
20:06 < Yasumoto> exactly
20:06 < nhaines> Did we have a confirmation on that projector?
20:07 < nhaines> #ubuntu-bugs might make for great background "noise".
20:07 < Yasumoto> no, it's unavailable, unfortunately
20:07 < sn9> i think we confirmed the lack of it
20:07 < Flannel> sn9: Different projector
20:07 < Flannel> Yasumoto: So, we need to find a projector then?
20:07 < nhaines> So it's cactaur with a dry-erase marker and five cans of Red Bull then....
20:07 < sn9> well, same answer, apparently
20:07 < Yasumoto> I'm going to try to get in touch with Chapman's media services
20:07 < Yasumoto> nhaines: :)
20:07 < Yasumoto> sn9: yeah
20:13 < Flannel> Alright.  Does anyone else have anything to add to our meeting?
20:13 < Yasumoto> If anyone wants to get involved with planning the bug jam, let me know
20:14 < erichammond> Flannel: 7pm Sat is during BOFs
20:14 < Flannel> And if anyone has access to a projector, let us know :)
20:14 < erichammond> http://scale7x.socallinuxexpo.org/conference-info/birds-of-a-feather
20:14 < Flannel> erichammond: Eh?  They're not on the... sigh
20:14 < Flannel> Why on earth is there a separate agenda?
20:14 < erichammond> I'll be facilitating the EC2 BOF and expect lots of Ubuntu interest.
20:15 < Flannel> Yasumoto: I'd like to file a formal complaint regarding the SCaLE website's lack of a coherent schedule.
20:15 < Heartsbane> lol
20:16 < Yasumoto> haha
20:16 < Flannel> erichammond: Yeah.  We'll figure something out.  I think it's a bit late tonight though.  Maybe we'll do it before 7.  We'll have to ask if anyone is planning on attending that last slew of talks
20:16 < Yasumoto> bah
20:16 < Yasumoto> ah, good point erichammond
20:16 < Yasumoto> Flannel: what about doing it in the afternoon?
20:16 < Yasumoto> late afternoon?
20:16 < Flannel> Yasumoto: Uh, you mean during the expo?
20:17 < Yasumoto> yeah
20:17 < Flannel> Yasumoto: I'm not sure abandoning the booth would be a good idea
20:17 < Flannel> But after 6, the expo closes.  And we can finish by 7, for the EC2 thing
20:18 < Yasumoto> ah, good point
20:18 < Yasumoto> yeah, that'd be cool
20:18 < Flannel> I think we'll have to do that.  Finish by 7, start as soon as we can.
20:18 < nhaines> Sounds good.
20:18 < Yasumoto> cool
20:19 < Flannel> Alright.  We've got a few things to figure out on the mailing list.  and a few other logistical things too.
20:20 < Flannel> Thank you all for coming.  Our next meeting will be in two weeks on Saturday, likely a little after 6, but we'll firm that up before then.

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