Sunday, May 3rd, 2009, 7:00pm (1900) PDT


  1. Release Party Wrap-up
    1. Photos: Nathan Haines' photo from the SoCal party; Santa Monica party photo

    2. Still looking for photos from Walnut Creek party
    3. Writeups: San Francisco party, Walnut Creek party

  2. OSCON
    1. Thread about description of us for the registration form: April, May

    2. Discussion about putting stuff about Ubuntu vs. Ubuntu California vs. OSCON activities in description, consensus was that we should talk about Ubuntu, maybe mention the LoCo, and link to the Ubuntu website

    3. Further discussion moved to mailing list
  3. Jaunty Installfests
    1. Since we don't have the resources to do one ourselves (especially in North California), we're going to look into attending LUG installfests with CDs and support materials instead
  4. Discussion about splitting up mailing list
    1. Discussion about making an -announce list or -chat list to separate announcements (low-volume) and discussion (high-volume?)
    2. LoCoFAQ says we should stick with one list

    3. List currently isn't high-volume enough to consider it
    4. Maybe standardize formatting of announcement emails so people can filter them with procmail
    5. identi.ca and Twitter feeds focus on announcements, for people who want that

Original Agenda

  1. Release Party Wrap-up
  2. OSCON
  3. SoCal Install Fest


19:11:54 < Yasumoto> Welcome to the Ubuntu California meeting for May 3rd, 2009
19:12:00 < Yasumoto> Our agenda for tonight is:
19:12:12 < Yasumoto> 1. Release Party Wrap-up
19:12:16 < Yasumoto> 2. OSCON
19:12:24 < Yasumoto> 3. Southern California Install Fest
19:12:36 < Yasumoto> anyone have anything they'd like to add or mention before we get started?
19:12:38  * indigo747 raises his hand, hoping it's not too late
19:12:47 < Yasumoto> welcome indigo747
19:12:55 < nhaines> indigo747: welcome to the meeting!
19:13:04 < Grantbow> indigo747: welcome
19:13:09 < indigo747> thank you
19:13:17 < Yasumoto> alright, so let's start with the release party
19:13:44 < Yasumoto> http://www.flickr.com/photos/nathanhaines/3478110439/
19:14:11 < Yasumoto> That's the one from SoCal, if anyone has any other pictures please post them
19:15:09 < rww> Grantbow: who has photos from the WC party? A couple of other people were taking photos, so I didn't take any.
19:15:29 < Grantbow> I haven't gotten in touch with the photographer yet
19:15:36 < Grantbow> the one I have is blurred and not useful
19:15:47 < Grantbow> I don't think we have any from SF, it was way too dark
19:16:10 < Yasumoto> Grantbow: from all accounts, that one was pretty epic though, right
19:16:12 < Yasumoto> *?
19:16:20 < Grantbow> yes, full detailed summary on the mail list
19:16:26 < Grantbow> I'm slow with the WC summary
19:16:32 < Grantbow> it's coming to the mail list soon
19:17:37 < Yasumoto> no worries, sounds good
19:17:51 < Yasumoto> So any comments about the different events we had in terms of organization or promotion?
19:18:29 < Grantbow> I think I'm the only one that got to all three.  Each were different but I think they were all very successful!
19:18:44 < Grantbow> well, four including Felton yesterday
19:18:51 < nhaines> I liked the Lake Forest event because it took the least amount of effort.
19:19:12 < Yasumoto> nhaines: bah..
19:19:45 < Grantbow> I didn't hear much about the Santa Monica event
19:20:22 < Grantbow> oh, they took a group picture, excellent
19:21:04 < nhaines> Grantbow: link?
19:21:44 < Grantbow> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/JauntyRelease links to it
19:22:30 < rww> http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3478/3469549812_1dd45e0699_o.jpg
19:22:59 < Grantbow> rww: thanks
19:23:23 < Yasumoto> cool
19:23:31 < Yasumoto> for further discussion, I
19:23:38 < Yasumoto> *I'll point you to the mailing list
19:23:47 < Yasumoto> any more comments?
19:25:10 < Yasumoto> Alrighty, moving on to OSCON discussion
19:25:46 < Yasumoto> So we're currently in the process of registering, and we need to get a logo, a 50-word description, and a homepage link
19:26:43 < Yasumoto> I'll point you guys to this thread: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2009-April/000542.html
19:27:03 < Grantbow> unfortunately the discussion spans both months of archives
19:27:17 < Yasumoto> yeah
19:27:33 < Grantbow> no biggie
19:27:34 < rww> The May part of it starts at https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2009-May/000550.html
19:27:44 < Yasumoto> I'm essentially torn between choosing a description about "Ubuntu" vs. one for "Ubuntu California"
19:28:36 < Flannel> Yasumoto: whys that?
19:28:40 < Grantbow> since we have three things (logo, link and description) to provide each can be pointed where we think is best
19:28:47 < Flannel> Yasumoto: Or rather, What's wrong with Ubuntu?
19:29:04 < Yasumoto> Flannel: it seems that most of the description on the OSCON site are about the distro/company as a whole
19:29:30 < Yasumoto> but since we're a LoCo team, I think it'd be good to talk about what LoCos do and why it's cool, rather than rehashing
                     what Ubuntu is
19:29:37 < Yasumoto> (what most people probably already know)
19:30:03 < Grantbow> people in this case is Oscon attendees, right?
19:30:14 < Grantbow> s/is/ar/
19:30:18 < Grantbow> s/is/are/
19:30:22 < Yasumoto> Grantbow: yes, good clarification
19:30:24 < Flannel> Well, We're there promoting Ubuntu.  Can we not be an Ubuntu booth, and then include the LoCo team in the description or
19:31:50 < Yasumoto> that was my initial idea, to somehow discuss a bit of both
19:32:21 < Yasumoto> but rww and Grantbow both had some good takes on the description that really played on the community aspects of LoCos,
          which would be a good way to represent the team
19:32:53 < Grantbow> Canonical's planned presence is also an unknown variable
19:33:12 < Grantbow> though Jono is organizing that Summit just before Oscon and will I'm sure be there.
19:33:20 < nhaines> I feel it's usually better to talk about Ubuntu.  We'll all have LoCo name badges.
19:33:38 < Yasumoto> Grantbow: now that I think about it, their booth at SCaLE was actually called Canonical
19:33:48 < Yasumoto> so I think we'll be alright for the "Ubuntu" namespace
19:33:54 < Flannel> Yeah.  Canonical won't be there for "Ubuntu" they'll be there for "Canonical"
19:33:56 < Grantbow> Yasumoto: interesting
19:34:08 < Flannel> We have a monopoly on an "Ubuntu" Booth
19:34:20 < Flannel> (we being the community)
19:34:23 < rww> In which case, we'd want to link to http://www.ubuntu.com/ rather than CaliforniaTeam
19:34:42 < Yasumoto> yeah, I think we should stick to linking to ubuntu.com
19:34:50 < Grantbow> rww: +1 it's designed for that type of viewer
19:36:24 < Yasumoto> so for the link, I say www.ubuntu.com
19:36:32 < Flannel> But mentioning the LoCo would be good, so people know they can come check us out for purposes other than Ubuntu
19:36:49 < Yasumoto> Flannel++
19:36:49 < Flannel> but the bulk of it ought to be regarding Ubuntu proper.
19:37:01 < Yasumoto> other thoughts?
19:38:29 < nhaines> Heya, scunizi.  Welcome to the meeting!  :)
19:38:38 < scunizi> thanks..!
19:38:49 < rww> Okays, let's do some more hashing out of the summary on the mailing list, then?
19:38:57 < Yasumoto> rww: sounds like a plan :)
19:39:18 < Yasumoto> Last topic is Installfest
19:40:06 < Yasumoto> The plan is to set up one up in Southern California (probably Orange County)
19:40:13 < Yasumoto> anyone want to set one up anywhere else?
19:41:01 < Grantbow> There are a few near the San Francisco area that I'll be attending and providing discs for.
19:41:13 < Yasumoto> Grantbow: awesome
19:41:27 < Yasumoto> what about trying to tie in the installfest with an OCLUG meeting?
19:41:32 < rww> Grantbow: can you send details of that to the mailing list? You're much better at finding things like that than me :)
19:41:39 < Grantbow> rww: sure
19:43:53 < Yasumoto> Yasumoto: alright, sounds like we'll move it to the list
19:44:37 < rww> Yasumoto: yeah. I don't think we have the resources to make our own NorCal one, so I'm thinking it'd be better to have a
                presence at the various LUG installfests instead.
19:44:50 < Yasumoto> rww: yeah, that sounds like a good call
19:45:21 < Yasumoto> rww: I think that may be a good idea for down here too
19:45:55 < Yasumoto> Alright guys, any other questions/comments/concerns?
19:46:43  * rww just thought of something
19:47:14 < Yasumoto> rww: go for it :)
19:48:17 < rww> I've noticed that the mailing list has been getting more posts recently. At some point, we're going to need to split it so
                that people who want announcements about what we're doing aren't inundated with (e.g.) multiple posts about wording for
                conference paragraphs. I think this has come up (and been rejected) before, but it's something that I feel will happen
                eventually, and that we should keep in mind.
19:48:35  * rww steps down from soapbox
19:49:09 < Grantbow> The other night I found some discussion about this on a LoCo focused wiki page.
19:49:14  * Grantbow looks for the link
19:49:24 < Yasumoto> mm, that's actually a pretty interesting point
19:49:41 < Flannel> I think we'll be fine without an -announce for a bit longer
19:49:52 < Grantbow> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoFAQ at the bottom
19:50:36 < Yasumoto> mm.. I see
19:51:25 < Flannel> A dozen posts surrounding an announcement isn't going to drown them out.
19:52:40 < Yasumoto> fair point
19:53:49 < rww> Flannel: but it is going to dissuade people who just want to attend events, rather than plan them, from joining the list
19:54:20 < rww> definitely a question that has two sides... and if LoCo policy leans one way, I guess that's the way we should go :)
19:55:05 < Grantbow> The LoCoFAQ implies the scope of the list to be discussion, not just announcements
19:55:07 < Flannel> rww: A dozen posts a week isn't high volume
19:55:25 < Yasumoto> LKML ftw :-X
19:56:06 < Flannel> rww: If we think there's an issue, we try and set up some standardized format for announce emails so you can procmail
          them or something.
19:57:03 < Flannel> rww: Is anyone going to want to attend LoCo events and not want to discuss them anyway?  I'm not sure how wide of an
          audience that is.
19:57:09 < Grantbow> nhaines: what do you think?
19:57:21 < Flannel> or at least, "not want to" to the point that the discussion is prohibitive
19:58:45 < Grantbow> If there are other comments can we direct people to the list?
19:58:52 < Grantbow> lol
19:59:17 < Flannel> Yeah, this is something we can take to the list.  Let people who don't wnat to discuss chime in (since theywouldn't be
                    at the meetings anyway)
19:59:20 < nhaines> I think we don't need a separate list at the moment.
19:59:24 < Flannel> and then see if we need to find a solution.
19:59:54 < Yasumoto> alright, well I say we'll call this adjourned
20:00:05 < Flannel> Actually, isn't our twitter feed fitting that bill nicely?
20:00:06 < Grantbow> good timing
20:00:07 < Yasumoto> thanks for coming everyone, we'll see you in two weeks
20:00:08 < Yasumoto> :)
20:00:13 < Yasumoto> Grantbow: I do what I can
20:00:42 < Flannel> Our twitter doohickey is currently only for announcements (except
                    during activities)
20:00:44 < Grantbow> Flannel: I wish we could have posted something about this meeting
                     to the identi.ca/twitter feed
20:00:53 < rww> Grantbow: it was on identi.ca
20:01:02 < rww> (I love the identi.ca/twitter feeds, btw. Forgot about those.)
20:01:06 < Grantbow> did it not forward?
20:01:11  * Grantbow double checks
20:01:31 < rww> Grantbow: it was right before the meeting started, you might have
                missed it
20:01:35 < Flannel> It's a bit tardy.
20:01:42 < Flannel> We'll have to work on that.
20:01:57 < Flannel> Maybe I'll have to figure out how you kids do stuff, in order to
                    keep it up to date.
20:02:24 < Grantbow> twitter.com has been having issues lately
20:03:03 < Grantbow> I see it on the website but it didn't pass through the sms
20:03:37 < Grantbow> thanks everyone for coming
20:03:56 < Flannel> Open source to the rescue?
20:04:34 < Grantbow> if only the followers were on identi.ca too
20:07:00 < Grantbow> followers/subscribers

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