Sunday, April 18th, 2010, 7:00pm (1900) PDT


  1. New people introductions
  2. Announcements
    1. This year's Linux Picnic is on August 21st

    2. There's a Geeknic in the Bay Area on May 1st

    3. Grant has some projects he needs Python help with: Acire Snippits, Sugar's Toaster project, and Supybot plugins

    4. Ubuntu 8.10 reaches end of life on April 30th

    5. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS will be released on April 29th
    6. Ubuntu Open Week is May 3rd to May 7th

    7. Nathan wants to see Ubuntu Hours in California, and is starting one in Orange County. Others were enthusiastic about the idea; he'll send more details to the mailing list.

  3. Discussion of help resources for packaging
  4. "Tour" idea is going to be decoupled from the release events
    1. It will be a series of activities culminating with a few large installfests, and is still in the planning stages.
  5. Lucid release

    1. Need to get things up and running, get the event details settled, and put them on the wiki
    2. Going to double-check event details that have been on the wiki for a while with the coordinators
    3. More discussion to happen on the mailing list
  6. Meeting cancellation discussion
    1. Consensus was that we should decide a month before each cancellation candidate instead.

Original Agenda

  1. Announcements
    1. 8.10 End of Life on the 30th.

    2. Ubuntu Open Week

  2. Spin-off Tour idea to a separate project (not tied to Lucid release)
  3. Lucid Event Planning
  4. Decide which meetings to cancel due to holidays this year. Some (possibly not all) candidates:
    1. May 30th: day before Memorial Day
    2. September 5th: day before Labor Day
    3. October 31st: Halloween
    4. November 14th: Sunday after Veterans Day
    5. November 28th: Sunday after Thanksgiving
    6. December 26th: day after Christmas


19:05:03 < Flannel> Alright, welcome everyone to tonight's meeting.  Our agenda tonight is available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/10April18
19:05:04 < Izinucs> dragon: hugely.. I couldn't stand 3.5 .. but 9.10's 4.x aint bad
19:05:39 < Flannel> It currently consists of: Announcements, Tour <-> Lucid changes, Lucid Event Planning, and some holiday/meeting potential conflicts
19:06:29 < Flannel> If anyone else has anything to add to the agenda, speak up and we'll see if we can fit it in.  Also, feel free to ask questions about the items when we're covering them, I know we've got some new people tonight.
19:07:06 < Flannel> Anyone who's new feel like briefly introducing themselves?
19:07:29 < magevid> Alright I'll go.
19:08:29 < Flannel> magevid: Go ahead
19:09:01 < magevid> My name is Brandon and I just joined about a day ago.  I've been using Ubuntu since about Hardy Heron.  I have been working with computers since I was a kid so I am pretty much a techy at heart :P
19:09:57 < Flannel> magevid: Welcome, and thanks for deciding to get involved
19:10:09 < Flannel> Anyone else?
19:10:12 < rww> welcome :)
19:10:45 < magevid> :)
19:10:47 < Flannel> Alright, we'll move on to announcements then.
19:11:35 < rww> magevid: if you haven't already, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/GetInvolved might be useful to check you're joined and subscribed and whatever to everything you want to be joined/subscribed/whatever to :)
19:11:55 < rww> (that goes for any other new people we have lurking, too :)
19:12:02 < Flannel> First up, before I forget, Linux Picnic is happening again this year, on August 21st.  I was asked to mention it a few months ahead of time so people can make travel arrangements and things.
19:12:10 < Flannel> The website for more details is http://www.linuxpicnic.org/twiki/bin/view/Picnix19/
19:12:44 < pleia2> Flannel: mind if I jump in for a moment?
19:12:49 < Flannel> pleia2: go ahead
19:13:03 < pleia2> there is also a geeknic coming up in the bay area: http://geeknic.org/?p=100
19:13:08 < pleia2> May 1st
19:13:34 < pleia2> we're going to try to do these every month over the summer - but skipping August due to the linux picnic
19:13:34 < grantbow> I'll be there.
19:13:59 < pleia2> places all over the bay, so if you have suggestions follow the links to the wiki page
19:14:03 < dragon> geeknic +1
19:14:09 < pleia2> we'll do ubuntu demos and things in parks :)
19:14:10 < rww> I might be, depending on my work schedule
19:15:09 < grantbow> Flannel: mind if I give a personal announcement?
19:15:19 < Flannel> grantbow: go ahead
19:15:26 < grantbow> I have three projects I'm looking for some python help with.  http://aciresnippets.wordpress.com/ http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Activities/Toaster and http://github.com/grantbow/plugins - talk to me after the meeting in this channel.
19:15:33 < grantbow> Flannel: thanks
19:15:53 < Flannel> Right, so.
19:16:06 < Flannel> Ubuntu 8.10 is reaching its End of Life at the end of April
19:16:32 < Flannel> It'll no longer get updates for security, or otherwise.  Users still on 8.10 are strongly encouraged to upgrade to 9.04
19:17:37 < magevid> no worries here, running lucid :D
19:17:45 < Flannel> The next version of Ubuntu  (10.04, Codenamed Lucid) is also going to be released at the end of April, on the 29th.
19:17:52 < rww> more info about 8.10 EOL: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2010-March/000130.html
19:18:09 < Flannel> It will be an LTS (Long Term Support), so supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 on the server.
19:18:16 < grantbow> rww: thanks for the link
19:18:17 < Flannel> You can upgrade directly from 9.10 or 8.04
19:18:50 < Flannel> The week following the release is Ubuntu Open Week, which is May 3 to May 7 (M-F)
19:19:17 < Flannel> It's a chance for you to catch some presentations on all aspects of Ubuntu, technical, community, etc.  There's also a lot of listener interaction, Q/A sessions, etc.
19:19:27 < Flannel> The current schedule can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek
19:19:58 < Flannel> Anyone have questions? or any other announcements we may have missed?
19:20:27 < nhaines> I have one.
19:20:51 < nhaines> I'm starting to think about Ubuntu Hour as summer draws near and the light lasts longer.
19:21:16 < nhaines> So I'll probably get something started in Orange County after work, but I think it's a good chance to do something in a lot of places.
19:21:31 < nhaines> I'll try to get my thoughts up on the mailing list tonight or this week.
19:21:42 < magevid> i'm up for that, orange county isn't far from me
19:21:44 < rww> (Ubuntu Open Week is awesome and you should try to attend it or read the logs afterwards. btw.)
19:22:07 < grantbow> There can be many Ubuntu Hours if people step forward.  That's great nhaines.
19:22:56 < nhaines> grantbow: yup, hoping to get the ball rolling.  :)
19:23:08  * grantbow cheers
19:23:27 < magevid> i guess i do have a question
19:23:28 < nhaines> Err, that's all.
19:23:43 < Flannel> magevid: Sure
19:23:47 < grantbow> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hour
19:24:40 < magevid> well i would also like more on packaging and linux development so I was wondering if we there are any meetings in regards to getting people up to speed with things like that
19:25:06 < pleia2> not locally that I'm aware of, but the ubuntu dev teams have irc-based sessions regularly
19:25:12 < grantbow> we can talk later but you might be looking for https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek
19:25:15 < nhaines> magevid: Check out Ubuntu Open Week, and sometimes we do things for the Global Jams.
19:25:17 < rww> magevid: The MOTU team has some. There are details at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Packaging/Training
19:25:27 < Flannel> magevid: That's also something that we could cover during a Global Jam
19:25:40 < pleia2> thanks rww
19:25:56 < rww> (the packaging guide there is pretty useful too)
19:26:04 < magevid> yeah, i was just mor elooking for some face to face stuff, i learn better that way but i'll try to sit in on the irc sessions to, can always benefit
19:26:16 < magevid> thanks all, that's all from me
19:26:27 < pleia2> ubuntu open week that Flannel mentioned also has some intro to dev sessions
19:26:31 < grantbow> the logs of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek are available too, just click.
19:27:50 < Flannel> magevid: Global Jams exist because face to face is a more efficient way to teach, so next time those come around, we'll have to look into one
19:28:01 < magevid> Flannel, will do
19:28:07 < grantbow> +1 global jams
19:28:33 < Flannel> So, our next agenda item is sort of an announcement anyway, but whatever.
19:29:25 < Flannel> Last weekend we had a few dicsussions about the tour idea, and we came to the conclusion that it might be better to detach it from a release and make it a separate entity
19:30:04 < Flannel> There was a lot of stuff we wanted to do for it, and trying to squeeze it into Lucid didn't make sense, especially because attaching it to a release was somewhat arbitrary to begin with
19:30:06 < dragon> I'm out of the loop, and Google didn't help much on this one. What is Tour?
19:30:41 < Flannel> dragon: We discussed it the past few meetings, and I haven't made a project page because we were considering giving it a more googleable name ;)
19:31:30 < dragon> Flannel: I see. What is it supposed to do?
19:31:55 < Flannel> dragon: It culminates with a few installfests throughout the state, and leading up to that we do a lot of smaller activities to promote those installfests.  Holding informational meetings/parties, presenting at other groups, etc
19:32:40 < Flannel> dragon: It's all still up in the air as far as specifics, but basically a large push to generate interest/knowledge, and then give people a place to make the switch with people around to help
19:32:52 < akk> dragon: AIUI, it's a way of getting local Ubuntu events in places that seldom have in-person events, and maybe reaching out to people who aren't (yet) Ubuntu users.
19:33:12 < grantbow> if it's still up in the air can we move to the more pressing release agenda item?
19:33:55 < dragon> That explains a bit. It'd be nice to see what it evolves into - and even better to be a part of that process.
19:34:17 < Flannel> dragon: Yeah, I imagine it'll evolve a lot over the course of it, should be a lot of fun.
19:34:27 < Flannel> Does that answer your question?
19:34:34 < dragon> Flannel: yes, thanks.
19:34:40 < Flannel> Anyone else have questions?
19:35:06 < pleia2> dragon: some of the details (from when we wanted to tie it to the release) were posted to the list: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2010-April/001125.html
19:35:25 < pleia2> so pretty much the same idea, but not tied to the release
19:35:42 < dragon> pleia2: cool, thanks
19:36:15 < Flannel> Alright, so lets move on to our next topic, Lucid Release stuff
19:36:31 < duckleet> yes lets
19:36:50 < nhaines> Now that we don't have to tie release events to the Tour stuff, we can focus on making these pretty great.
19:37:05 < nhaines> So the basic idea is, whenever there's a new release, we party.  :)
19:37:27 < nhaines> It's a time where we're able to get together and meet and celebrate, and just sort of have a good time.
19:37:47 < nhaines> We've done more community outreach stuff before as well...
19:38:04 < nhaines> But release parties have tended to be of the "let's get together and eat" style of affair.
19:38:59 < grantbow> or party with dancing robots
19:39:08 < nhaines> There have also been dancing robots.  :)
19:39:22 < MarkDude> The robots will be free from India shortly
19:39:27 < MarkDude> Long story
19:39:29 < nhaines> So the most important thing is to get things up and running and get the information settled and published on the wiki.
19:39:55 < grantbow> nhaines: +1
19:40:06 < nhaines> That way people will be able to attend.  That's the key to success for any party, release or not.  :)
19:40:51 < nhaines> So, we'll need to pick venues, dates, and times.  There's no reason to do it on the 29th, because the following weekend and couple of weeks are just as good of a time as any.
19:41:56 < nhaines> So do it.  Get on the mailing list and figure it out a couple of key locations for your area of the state and let's get a small crowd.
19:42:37 < pleia2> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/LucidRelease is the wiki page (there are all several planned or in the works)
19:43:06 < pleia2> I'll know more details about the SF one at Thirsty Bear once jono replies to my email ;)
19:43:21 < rww> Considering that the events on that page mostly appeared on there shortly after Karmic release, I'd like it if we made sure that they are, in fact, all happening :)
19:43:38 < nhaines> rww: agreed.  :)
19:43:44 < pleia2> I can't speak for the Felton one, but the other three are
19:43:46 < grantbow> rww: no problem
19:44:09 < nhaines> Also, rest assured that there will be something in the LA/OC area too, and I'll get that up this week as weel.
19:44:18 < nhaines> So if anyone has any venue ideas there, get those up on the ML.
19:44:21 < pleia2> nhaines: yay, I had someone from LA asking today :)
19:44:36 < rww> Once that's all done, we can push them out to loco.ubuntu.com and to the blogosphere :)
19:45:23 < Flannel> rww: Those look like mostly events we're advertising for, not hosting, correct?
19:45:34 < Flannel> (so we'll have to ping their respective coordinators to find out?)
19:46:08 < grantbow> Flannel: many of the coordinators are here and/or read IRC logs
19:46:10 < rww> Looks like, though "coordinator" in some cases is people who are in here right now, so shouldn't be too hard.
19:46:41 < jono> pleia2, hehe, sorry, was at conferences since I saw you
19:46:44 < jono> will reply tomorrow :)
19:46:48 < pleia2> jono: thanks :)
19:47:10 < jono> pleia2, was great to see you, albeit briefly
19:47:10 < jono> :)
19:47:14 < pleia2> you too!
19:47:32 < jono> :)
19:47:38 < rww> I just want to make sure all the details are right and everyone knows what's happening before we start advertising, since a lot can change in six months and all that
19:47:58 < nhaines> Okay, anything else for release events?
19:49:17 < Flannel> Looks like we'll move on to our last item on the agenda,
19:49:48 < Flannel> rww took the time to look forward for the rest of the year, and marked the meetings that could possibly conflict with a holiday
19:50:14 < rww> I took the liberty of removing Flag Day from that list ;P
19:50:56 < Flannel> (for you new comers, rww is british, and as such had no idea about the importance of some holidays)
19:51:15 < pleia2> hahah
19:51:23 < Flannel> That list is available on the agenda, I think just linking you to the page is probably easier than copy/paste
19:51:27 < pleia2> flag day :)
19:51:30 < Flannel> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/10April18
19:51:41 < Flannel> Hmm, Actually.
19:51:53 < nhaines> pleia2: not to be confused with the hacker jargon use of flag day!  :)
19:52:48 < grantbow> What is the purpose of this agenda item?  a vote on each item?
19:53:07 < Flannel> May 30 (Memorial Day -1); September 5 (Labor Day -1); October 31 (Halloween); November 14th (Sunday after Veterans Day (Thursday)); November 28 (Thanksgiving weekend); December 26 (Day after Christmas)
19:53:26 < Flannel> grantbow: Not a vote, but just so we can begin to think about which meetings we might want to cancel
19:53:57 < grantbow> because meetings must be canceled
19:54:34 < duckleet> ok
19:54:48 < dragon> Are we making a decision about canceling some of those meetings *today*?
19:54:49 < Flannel> grantbow: We figured doing it now to give people plenty of notice would be better than as they came up.
19:54:52 < grantbow> the premise of this agenda item is a little bit unclear to me
19:55:07 < rww> Alright, I put it on there, so I'll explain it a little:
19:56:16 < grantbow> What do we need to do tonight about this agenda item?
19:56:20 < rww> We have meetings every two weeks. Sometimes, this schedule conflicts with holidays, which means that a lot of people are busy and can't make it (or are travelling or whatever). We usually decide on this the meeting beforehand, but since apparently deciding things a mere two weeks beforehand isn't enough time, I figured we should just look at them all at once and figure it out.
19:56:33 < rww> I personally think we should figure it out, but this sentiment is apparently not shared?
19:56:47 < pleia2> I don't plan that far ahead :)
19:56:49 < rww> "it" being which to cancel and not cancel
19:57:28 < dragon> Are we voting on canceling meetings today, some other day, or never?
19:57:54 < Flannel> rww: The only concern I have is we've always considered what we had on the agenda when we decided to cancel/not to (which is why we did it close to it).  That said, I like the idea of giving advanced notice, so I'm not sure where I stand.
19:58:05 < Flannel> dragon: We're not voting.  We're discussing.
19:58:12 < grantbow> -1 for canceling 6/8 meetings during the holidays
19:58:21 < eps> Among my peers, the general sentiment in the Bay Area seems to be to cancel conflicting events in November and December, but not the rest of the year.
19:58:35 < akk> I'm with pleia2 -- I don't generally plan that far ahead.
19:59:02 < rww> grantbow: I didn't say "Cancel six to eight meetings", I said "These are meetings that are near holidays, which should be canceled"
19:59:15 < Flannel> eps: Yeah, that's what I had, and then some people in here mentioned that Halloween would be busy for them, which makes sense, since a lot of halloween activities are halloween night only.
19:59:33 < MarkDude> it COULD be <shifted> the meeting times - to avoid a once a month issue
19:59:48 < rww> MarkDude: there are plenty of conflicts on alternate weekends too.
19:59:54 < rww> Apparently, the general thought is that we can't, in fact, plan this ahead of time, and I'm personally fine with deciding it the meeting beforehand.
20:00:11 < Flannel> rww: Perhaps two meetings beforehand (one month-ish)
20:00:17 < akk> rww: Maybe with different punctuation? Like: "These are meetings that are near holidays. Which should be canceled?"
20:00:23 < nhaines> Yeah, I thought looking at it in advance was a good idea, but if we decide one or two meetings beforehand that might be good.
20:00:30 < pleia2> Flannel: +1 to one month beforehand
20:00:46 < grantbow> +1 to one month beforehand
20:00:47 < Flannel> rww: That'd give us plenty of notice, and also a reasonable idea of agenda items
20:00:52 < MarkDude> As long as cancellations dont coincide with contentious agendas
20:00:53 < eps> Flannel: events for young children tend to happen earlier, while events for adults tend to happen later.
20:00:57 < akk> +1 to the month before.
20:00:58 < MarkDude> Anymore
20:01:03 < dragon> In my opinion it's not a good idea to cancel this many meetings.
20:01:06 < Flannel> eps: Right, we've got both.
20:01:14 < rww> dragon: Thankfully, I didn't recommend that we cancel them all.
20:01:24 < grantbow> is there consensus?  sounds like there is.
20:02:41 < Flannel> I agree, visiting these holidays around a month in advance seems reasonable
20:03:12 < Flannel> So, with that, I believe our meeting is wrapping up.  Does anyone have any questions or anything?
20:03:32 < pleia2> thanks Flannel :)
20:03:39 < Flannel> Thanks everyone for coming, our next meeting is May 2nd, 7pm.

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