Sunday, August 8th, 2010, 7:00pm (1900) PDT

Original Agenda

  1. Maverick Global Jam initial planning (Aug 27-29)

  2. Second LoCo Banner

    • Former supplier has outsourced to a much more expensive supplier, supplier suggestions?
    • Is it in our best interest to update with the new Brand?

  3. Website update

  4. Picnix planning (Aug 21)


19:03:45 < Flannel> Welcome everyone to tonight's LoCo meeting.
19:03:53 < Flannel> Our agenda for tonight is available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/10August08
19:04:21 < Flannel> and it consists of: Global Jam planning, LoCo banner printing, our Website, and Picnix planning.
19:04:55 < Flannel> If anyone has anything else to add, feel free to speak up anytime tonight in-between topics.
19:05:39 < Flannel> Oh, we'll have announcements first, and before that, if anyone is newish and would like to introduce yourself, feel free to do so now :)
19:07:09 < Flannel> Alright, we'll move right along into announcements then.
19:08:19 < Flannel> 10.04.1 is coming out next Thursday, on the 12th.
19:09:02 < Flannel> If you're already on 10.04, you'll have it with updates automatically, and won't notice a difference.
19:09:11 < Flannel> If you're burning CDs, be sure to grab the new iso that drops.
19:09:18 < eps> Any idea if/when CD/DVD ISOs will be available? Tangible media?
19:09:34 < Flannel> eps: They should be available Thursday (when it releases)
19:10:24 < Flannel> 10.04 ISOs are still perfectly valid, of course, this just rolls-up updates so there's fewer from a fresh install.
19:12:08 < Flannel> Any other questions?
19:12:14 < rww> I don't think Canonical ships point release CDs, if that's what "tangible media" means.
19:12:32 < Flannel> rww: That's correct.
19:13:05 < Flannel> Any other announcements?
19:15:01 < Flannel> Alright, our first agenda item is the upcoming Global Jam.
19:16:03 < Flannel> The global-global jam is the weekend of August 27-29th.  Our California ones will be various times throughout the weekend.
19:16:55 < Flannel> So far, there's one planned on the 27th, and I know more will be planned within the next few weeks.
19:17:04 < Flannel> That wikipage is: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/MaverickGlobalJam
19:18:04 < Flannel> Anyone have questions about Jams in general?
19:18:23 < jbermudes> Are there any plans for a socal event?
19:18:36 < jdeslip> Is the jam before or after the new package freeze?
19:18:50 < Flannel> jbermudes: We will be having at least one, we haven't planned specifics yet though
19:18:51 < grantbow_booksto> A'Cuppa Tea again? Who planned that one?  lol.
19:19:13 < rww> jdeslip: it's after feature freeze and the day after UI freeze
19:19:18 < rww> grantbow_booksto: jono
19:19:22 < rww> (surprise!)
19:19:38 < rww> at least I won't get lost trying to find it this time ;P
19:20:04 < pleia2> jdeslip: for reference https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickReleaseSchedule
19:20:05 < Flannel> rww: and a day after the Beta Freeze (week before the Beta release)
19:20:59 < pleia2> the timing of the global jam is particularly trick this time around because we're releasing the october release a few weeks earlier than normal to hit 10.10.10
19:21:09 < pleia2> tricky
19:21:52 < rww> we can eschew packaging in favor of LoCo Directory work. You all secretly want to know how to improve LD, even if you don't know it yet :D
19:21:52 < pleia2> but hopefully jams are broad enough that you can still work on things that'll be useful to maverick :)
19:22:12 < Flannel> rww: There's plenty of other things to work on too
19:22:26 < rww> indeed
19:23:12 < rww> documentation freeze isn't until september 9th. is probably stuff to do there for Maverick
19:23:38 < Flannel> rww: I'll solicit Jam topics on the ML, be sure to mention that :)
19:24:16 < Flannel> Any other Jam questions at the moment?
19:24:54 < jdeslip> So, if I say wrote a pygtk app and deb that I want to get into the repos.  Aug 12 is last day?  Can't work on that at jam?
19:25:32 < jdeslip> (i.e. I am screwed until next cycle... ;) )
19:25:54 < grantbow_booksto> jdeslip: no, just plan ahead and submit it before that
19:25:55 < pleia2> jdeslip: there are freeze exceptions, but probably not for $random-pygtk-app
19:26:05 < Flannel> jdeslip: I believe so, yeah.  At least in the official repos.  There's always PPAs
19:26:27 < jdeslip> Ya, already have PPA.  Just lazy about submitted it for review. :)
19:26:53 < jdeslip> Ok, I might use the jam to learn about the review process and submit my app for next release anyway.  Thanks for info.
19:27:24 < pleia2> jdeslip: speaking of apps, squirrelcam ftw, I check it out a few times a week ;) once they had run out of food!
19:27:43 < grantbow_booksto> squirrelcam: 8100+ downloads
19:27:51 < jdeslip> pleia2: Got  more food ready to go for tomorrow!
19:28:01 < pleia2> :D
19:28:15 < jdeslip> For the record - the pygtk app I want to get into Ubuntu is not related to squirrelcam ;)
19:28:21 < pleia2> darn
19:28:24 < pleia2> hehe
19:29:00 < Flannel> Our next agenda item is getting a second banner printed
19:29:39 < pleia2> yeah, so I spoke with jdeslip and unfortunately his former resource for these isn't available anymore, and the alternative they seem to use now is quite pricey
19:30:03 < sn9> where is the first banner now?
19:30:12 < pleia2> sn9: it's being shipped up here for the linux picnic
19:30:17 < Flannel> sn9: I have it
19:30:18 < pleia2> here == sf
19:30:28  * akk notes that googling for squirrelcam is unhelpful with 4,310 results
19:30:38 < sn9> no one coming up here from socal personally?
19:30:38 < pleia2> akk: it's an android app
19:30:54 < Flannel> Luckily, shipping doesn't look to be too expensive, so for picnix and solano stroll, the banner will be shipped up there.  We still need to look into a second one to make this less of an issue in the future.
19:31:18 < pleia2> so now we're looking at some online options, but I think shopping locally would be nice
19:31:31 < pleia2> I also emailed a company out in chicago who has offered some discounts to locos
19:31:38 < Flannel> If costs are comparable, I'd love to support a CA business.
19:31:41 < grantbow_booksto> akk: https://launchpad.net/squirrelcam
19:31:47 < pleia2> Flannel: yeah, me too
19:32:16 < pleia2> Flannel: maybe you can check out some CA shops down there, and I'll cover some here and come back to a meeting in the near future with some quotes?
19:32:29 < grantbow_booksto> Flannel: me too
19:32:52 < pleia2> wherever we get it printed, I'm happy to pitch in
19:32:58 < Flannel> pleia2: Yeah, there's a few down here, and I also want to see if our printshop at work would be able to help
19:33:07 < pleia2> excellent :)
19:34:00 < jdeslip> I'm also willing to pitch in some $ for a banner that could stay in NorCal.
19:35:00 < pleia2> jdeslip: yeah, the plan is to keep one in norcal and one in socal
19:35:00  * sn9 still kicks himself over forgetting the banner in the exhibit hall
19:35:15 < pleia2> that way we can easily move it around our regions, no more shipping back and forth up the state :)
19:35:18 < Flannel> I'd like to stay away from giving them designations besides #1 and #2 (or A and B, or whatever).  I'm sure there'll be a time where they need two of them near each other.
19:35:30 < rww> my "have one and keep it in Bakersfield so that everyone is equally inconvenienced" plan was vetoed :(
19:35:38 < pleia2> rww: haha
19:35:49 < eps> How about "old brand" and "new brand?"
19:35:58 < eps> Er, "Human" and "Light"
19:35:59 < Flannel> eps: Current plan is to keep them both the same
19:36:23 < sn9> rww: not san luis obispo?
19:36:47 < pleia2> yeah, I don't know that we're up for rebranding our team right now
19:37:00 < Flannel> eps: We aren't updating our logo with the new brand, and half-old/half-new would be awkward
19:38:36 < jdeslip> For the record, the place I was recommended to print the banner (and the place the lab now prints all their stuff) costs $6 a squarefoot for vinyl
19:38:49 < jdeslip> That comes to ~ $180 total.
19:38:50 < Flannel> jdeslip: Good to know, thanks.
19:39:11 < sn9> that banner was 30 sq ft? no way!
19:39:13 < pleia2> and we can probably make a banner wiki page where we keep links of all the SVGs, as well as the "were am I know" table that tells us were banners A, B... etc are at any time, and who to contact about getting one for an event
19:39:15 < Flannel> pleia2: You have the dimensions of our banner offhand?
19:39:34 < pleia2> Flannel: nope, I assumed it was 3x8 but I've never actually seen it :)
19:39:46 < Flannel> pleia2: I thought I told you, hold on, let me look
19:40:40 < Flannel> since when getting quotes, that'd be important.
19:41:04 < pleia2> just checked logs, doesn't look like it, I just have links to svgs and pdfs
19:42:24 < grantbow_booksto> 10 foot wide by 3 feet tall, right?
19:42:27 < Flannel> looks like its 100in by 32in
19:42:34 < Flannel> pleia2: svg has dimensions :)
19:42:45 < pleia2> oh, I didn't realize those were accurate :)
19:42:49 < jdeslip> Oops, cost was $8 a squarefoot
19:42:58 < Flannel> 8 1/3 x 2 2/3 apparently.
19:43:03 < jdeslip> But, total should be ~$180
19:43:36 < Flannel> pleia2: As far as I know they're accurate, I'll go measure after the meeting though.
19:43:45 < pleia2> ok, well 3x8 is pretty standard and that's what I've been looking for quotes on
19:43:46 < jdeslip> Ya, just double checked - $8 a square foot - http://www.crazycopy.net/
19:43:55 < pleia2> thanks jdeslip
19:44:28 < pleia2> I think it's probably not worth paying a significant difference for a non-standard size just so they're identically sized
19:44:51 < pleia2> but we can shoot for identical :)
19:44:57 < Flannel> pleia2: I don't remember this last one being non-standard, so I'll doublecheck.
19:45:05 < pleia2> ok, great
19:45:11 < Flannel> Anything else on the banner for now?
19:45:17 < pleia2> I'm set
19:46:43 < Flannel> Our next order of business is the website,
19:46:49 < Flannel> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Website
19:47:12 < Flannel> right now we're interested in getting a good feel for content possibilities, so we can make an informed choice of platforms and whatnot.
19:48:24 < Flannel> as jbermudes has brought up in the past, we're looking for design/theme ideas as well.
19:48:54 < pleia2> fwiw, there is a website team creating wordpress and other themes that look pretty much identical to ubuntu.com for locos
19:49:06 < pleia2> (I have reservations about these, I quite like that locos have different looking sites)
19:49:22 < Flannel> pleia2: I think having a site that looks distinct is a plus
19:49:28  * pleia2 nods
19:49:38 < rww> same. might be a good starting point, though
19:49:40 < Flannel> but those default themes does mean we'll never be held-up because we don't have a theme, I suppose.
19:50:11 < pleia2> there are also tons of themes on wordpress theming sites that can be tweaked (that's what I did for ubuntupennsylvania)
19:50:24 < jbermudes> If anyone wants to see what the state of the art is for loco sites: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamList
19:50:41 < eps> Surely we can do better than WordPress.
19:51:25 < pleia2> not sure we want to get into a CMS bashing session right now
19:52:08 < sn9> cms bashing on the agenda for next meeting, then
19:52:09 < pleia2> wordpress works well for a lot of teams, the ubuntu fridge is moving to it, a number of us use it personally
19:52:13 < Flannel> sn9: :)
19:52:32 < eps> I like the fridge the way it is. Sigh.
19:52:50 < rww> should move it all to Google Wave. I hear that's the future :3
19:52:50 < Flannel> Alright, anything else for website at this time?
19:52:58 < eps> rww FTW
19:53:05 < jbermudes> Canonical provides some guidelines for colors/logo usage, etc here: http://design.canonical.com/the-toolkit/ubuntu-brand-guidelines/
19:53:05 < pleia2> rww: lol
19:53:09 < grantbow_booksto> Did you read the Tyrrany of the rww: haha
19:53:14 < grantbow_booksto> oops, mt
19:53:17 < jbermudes> and information about website design here: http://design.canonical.com/the-toolkit/guides-for-websites/
19:54:09 < jbermudes> I didn't know this, but apparently the dotted background has special meaning, haha
19:54:26 < eps> Remember to leave space on the banner for a QR code.  ;-)
19:54:31 < sn9> rofl @ grantbow_booksto
19:54:37 < pleia2> Flannel: do you know what this agenda update is about? we didn't really make much progress :)
19:54:46 < Flannel> jbermudes: The spacing is significant, in marketing land
19:55:15 < Flannel> pleia2: I think it's just to touch base, make sure everyone's got their stuff up there, next week we'll start 'doing'
19:55:38 < pleia2> ok, fair enough
19:55:45 < rww> would be nice if we could actually get /something/ set up before next meeting, even if it's just a hello world page
19:55:53 < jbermudes> I think that as long as we stick to the colors we can go ahead and have some fun with the design
19:56:09 < jbermudes> i saw that quite a lot of loco pages were just clones of ubuntu.org
19:56:15 < pleia2> I'd need a heads up if we decide to go with my hosting though, I have to upgrade the server from 8.04 some time and it'd be nice to know if I have time now, or should hold off a few months until we have things rolling
19:56:23 < Flannel> jbermudes: I think we just have some fun with the design, and don't worry about it too much unless its excessive
19:56:34 < pleia2> (shouldn't break anything, but you know how it goes)
19:57:57 < jbermudes> I'd like to assign some homework for those interested in helping with the site. If you'd take a look at that list of other loco sites and see what you like, what works/doesnt, and then maybe we can use that as a good starting point for deciding what our site needs to be like
19:58:22 < jbermudes> then maybe we can talk about it a bit on the mailing list or bring it up for next meeting
19:58:28 < pleia2> jbermudes: sounds good!
19:58:38 < Flannel> jbermudes: You want to head that up?  Maybe a /Design subpage for that to collect ideas and things
19:59:02 < jbermudes> Flannel: sure. I'll whip something up
19:59:06 < Flannel> jbermudes: Thanks
19:59:23 < Flannel> Alright, I think that wraps that up; next is picnix planning.
19:59:30 < rww> pleia2: I don't think anyone's come up with any other options, so...
19:59:35 < rww> (for hosting, that is)
19:59:38  * pleia2 nods
20:00:00 < pleia2> and unfortunately canonical has started to slip back to being lousy at RT requests these past few months :(
20:00:06 < pleia2> they were doing ok for like 8 months
20:00:12 < pleia2> now my mails go into the black hole again
20:00:22 < grantbow_booksto> uh oh
20:01:34 < pleia2> well, I'll find time to get prepared for hosting on the -us server then :)
20:01:51 < pleia2> I need to do the upgrade anyway, regardless
20:02:41 < pleia2> I think we can move on the picnix :)
20:03:39 < eps> There's going to be one.
20:03:59 < Flannel> We have two tables there?
20:03:59 < grantbow_booksto> registration is live now for the picnic finally
20:04:04 < grantbow_booksto> http://linuxpicnic.org
20:04:13 < pleia2> a .pl, typical :)
20:05:01 < Flannel> Do we have any plans for the tables yet?
20:05:16 < grantbow_booksto> map of picnic tables and number were mentioned during the last meeting.  I'll find them again.
20:05:33 < Flannel> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Picnix19 has a link
20:05:35 < Flannel> and the table numbers
20:05:58 < eps> http://www.linuxpicnic.org/twiki/bin/view/Picnix19/Picnx19TableLayout
20:06:04 < pleia2> we'll have a banner! :D
20:06:21 < pleia2> I also bought some plastic on-table holders for fliers last week (container store, yay!)
20:06:24 < grantbow_booksto> 3H & 3I
20:06:40 < grantbow_booksto> Container store and Tap Plastics are great for those
20:06:41 < Flannel> So, we'll have flyers
20:06:45 < pleia2> we'll probably want to grab some plastic orange tablecloths (I can probably find some)
20:07:11 < Flannel> pleia2: Party City has them, if you have them up there.
20:07:18 < Flannel> all of the primary colors
20:07:21 < pleia2> Flannel: cool, thanks
20:07:38 < pleia2> I know dollar stores frequently have them, but I'm still too new to the city to know all the cheap-shops-for-stuff
20:07:42 < grantbow_booksto> Flannel: nice
20:08:01 < Flannel> With two tables, we'll need more than one type of flyer, what sorts of things do we need to generate?
20:08:25 < pleia2> well, I was going to print some color ones to put in the holders, plus a bunch of B&W to hand out
20:08:41 < pleia2> was going to grab one from spreadubuntu, then toss together a california one in inkscape that we can critique
20:09:00 < Flannel> pleia2: sounds like we could use an ubuntu specific one as well
20:09:17 < pleia2> yeah, that's what I'm going to grab from spreadubuntu
20:09:51 < Flannel> so, loco specific, ubuntu specific, kubuntu too might be nice.  Any other topics?
20:10:21 < pleia2> if I have time I might try to put together some other stuff, but still planning
20:10:49 < Flannel> pleia2: What other things?  We've got a few people who can help pull things together
20:11:11 < pleia2> I'm thinking of getting one of those tri-fold cardboard-backed poster things
20:11:18 < pleia2> and sticking pretty fliers to it
20:11:43 < pleia2> hoping we could put together such a thing at one of the linux nights at noisebridge in the coming weeks
20:11:52 < pleia2> but I'll let people know what we have and what we need soon
20:12:03 < Flannel> pleia2: Sounds good.
20:12:07 < rww> reminds me, I said this in-channel the other day, but: if you have fliers etc. from past events, give them to me or put them in bzr or something, because they could be useful at some point..
20:12:31 < pleia2> and everyone is welcome to contribute to our table, I don't want it to seem like I'm a leader here or anything, I certainly would love it for people to bring things
20:12:38 < rww> files of such, not the things themselves, obviously
20:12:44  * pleia2 also has some penguin toys to bring, some ubuntu books for display
20:13:22 < Flannel> Anyone have anything else?
20:14:01  * pleia2 will add a "stuff we have, stuff we want" chart to the picnix wiki page
20:14:48  * akk has dollar stores nearby, can help look for festive stuff
20:15:26 < pleia2> ooh, orange balloons
20:15:45 < Flannel> So, picnix is the day before our next meeting, so be sure to pay attention to the ML for updates.
20:15:45 < grantbow_booksto> and aubergine
20:15:56 < Flannel> I think that about wraps up this meeting though, anyone have anything else?
20:15:59 < pleia2> yep, I'll post updates to the mailing list as we plan
20:16:21 < pleia2> I'm good (and itching to set up my new TV :))
20:16:28 < grantbow_booksto> thanx Flannel, thanx everyone
20:16:30 < Flannel> Thank you all for coming, our next meeting is the 22nd, at 7pm.

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