Sunday, August 22nd, 2010, 7:00pm (1900) PDT

Original Agenda

  1. Announcements
  2. Picn*x recap

  3. Maverick Global Jam updates (This weekend, Aug 27-29)


19:00:47 < rww> Alrighty, it's 7:00pm. Meeting time!
19:00:58 < rww> The agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/10August22 . Anyone have anything to add before we get started?
19:01:04 < MarkDude> This meeting sounds like a recap & overview , yay
19:01:24 < rww> oh, good, someone is actually here. I was wondering ;)
19:01:47 < JGrub> hello
19:02:18 < MarkDude> Greetings JGrub 
19:03:05 < rww> JGrub: Hi! You're new, right? Want to say a couple of words of introduction while I'm checking for announcements :)?
19:03:17 < JGrub> yeah sure
19:03:43 < JGrub> i only started with ubuntu this year and want to get involved in the community
19:04:11 < JGrub> i live in the SF bay area and am open to meeting up with people
19:04:38 < MarkDude> Very cool JGrub 
19:04:45  * MarkDude is in the Bay
19:04:56 < MarkDude> We have lots of events in the area
19:05:00 < JGrub> Umm I'm not sure what else
19:05:15 < MarkDude> Thats a good enough intro
19:05:28 < rww> awesome, another Bay Area person :)
19:05:52 < MarkDude> There are quite a few of us here, not all of them use IRC
19:06:24 < JGrub> I'm kind of an intermediate programmer I was just hoping I could help someone out developing some software
19:06:42 < MarkDude> Python?
19:06:46 < JGrub> C++
19:06:52 < rww> JGrub: We'll be talking about global jam stuff later in the meeting; you might want to attend one of those, they tend to have programming stuff.
19:07:00 < JGrub> and I'm just learning python in the last few days
19:07:07 < rww> Any other new people? If not, we'll go on to announcements.
19:08:11 < rww> Alrighty! Announcements:
19:08:45 < rww> 1) Ubuntu 10.04.1 was released recently. The announcement is at http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/2106 . If you're burning CDs, you'll probably want to get the updated ISOs; existing 10.04 users have 10.04.1 already if they've been doing regular system updates.
19:10:00 < rww> anyone have any questions about that? point releases tend to be a little confusing
19:10:35 < JGrub> how do i make sure that I have 10.04.1?
19:10:36 < eps> Why does the 10.04.1 directory on cdimage.ubuntu.com contain the 10.04 bits?
19:10:36 < MarkDude> That means we need to hand out all the CDs we have now
19:11:01 < rww> eps: Ubuntu Netbook doesn't have 10.04.1 ISOs, if that's what you mean. I'm not sure why.
19:11:21 < eps> There are _also_ no netbook ISOs on releases.ubuntu.com
19:11:22 < rww> JGrub: "lsb_release -a" in the terminal will tell you.
19:11:50 < rww> eps: Yeah there are. http://releases.ubuntu.com/lucid/ , ubuntu-10.04-netbook-i386.iso   
19:12:04 < eps> Not for the point release.
19:12:33 < rww> oh, you meant 10.04.1. I thought you meant in general. Yeah, as I said, it doesn't look like they're doing them.
19:12:45 < rww> I'll go hunt down information about that later; I've been wondering too.
19:13:20 < eps> Other people burn CDs, so I primarily burn DVDs and put copies of the netbook release on SD cards.
19:14:22 < rww> makes sense
19:14:35 < rww> Anyone have any other questions/comments about it?
19:15:49 < rww> Alrighty. 2) Software Freedom Day is September 18th. There's a mailing list thread about it starting at https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2010-August/001256.html ; if you have any input, make sure to reply to that.
19:16:18 < rww> That's it for announcements from me. Anyone else have anything?
19:16:55 < eps> Is there a San Francisco Ubuntu Hour this coming Tuesday? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/UbuntuHours
19:17:54 < rww> eps: pleia2 added an event for it at http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/274/detail/ , so yeah
19:18:18 < rww> one on the 26th in Lake Forest, too: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/228/detail/
19:18:39 < rww> (which is in socal, but I figured I'd mention it for completeness)
19:19:42 < rww> Anything else announcement-wise?
19:20:30 < rww> Next topic: Linux Picnic recap!
19:20:42 < rww> MarkDude, eps: You want to do this, so I'm monologuing less ;P?
19:21:14 < rww> or anyone else who went and is lurking in the shadows
19:22:29 < seidos> rww, I'm content watching :/
19:22:56 < rww> Looks like everyone else is too ;P
19:22:56 < eps> We had a table that looked very nice, with lots of people.
19:23:30 < akk> The table(s) looked fantastic, best display at the picnic by far, and there were always lots of people hanging around.
19:23:45 < rww> Mark put photos up at http://picasaweb.google.com/tuxwingsgroup/LinuxPicnic . I think some other people took photos too, so link 'em if you've got 'em.
19:24:05 < eps> Fedora was supposed to have a table as well, but they were sort of no-shows, so grantbow and a few other Ubuntu California people filled in for them.
19:24:17 < MarkDude> http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/4916268315/in/set-72157624782020058/
19:25:30 < rww> yeah, there were a lot of people there. more than I expected, though this is my first time going so...
19:25:36 < rww> it was awesome :)
19:25:53 < MarkDude> Very cool, seeing therobots also
19:26:23 < MarkDude> I hope we can carry some momentum to the geeknic in Sept
19:26:44 < eps> And a huge thank-you to whoever remembered to bring the sunscreen!
19:27:00 < rww> anyone have any notes on things we did awesome / things we could improve / etc.?
19:27:25 < rww> hah, I'm sunburned on my neck. first time this year; I guess I need to go outside more ;P
19:27:51 < eps> Other than more publicity, not much. We were at a bit of a disadvantage, not having LinuxWorld/OpenSourceWorld this year.
19:29:25 < eps> Although someone commented that we seemed to have more Linux techies this year and fewer "suits."
19:29:55 < rww> I can't think of anything I'd improve, myself. Lyz did an awesome job with the table, the canopy was awesome, and I don't remember wishing we had something we were missing.
19:30:20 < MarkDude> Oh, having the banner was excellent - it made it look real professional
19:30:31 < akk> I can't think of anything to improve either. The table was awesome, and the banner looks great.
19:30:49 < akk> It's really heavyweight and hangs nicely -- yes, very professional looking.
19:31:16 < seidos> are photos for events typically posted to picasaweb?
19:31:19 < MarkDude> Ulitimately it might be needed to gat a 2nd banner, until then we can ship it
19:31:23 < seidos> what about videos?
19:31:28 < akk> I don't think lack of OpenSourceWorld hurt anything -- this was the geekiest and most fun picnix I've been to, and I've been going for years.
19:31:38 < rww> seidos: they generally get posted wherever people post them. we don't (yet) have a centralized website to put them on
19:31:49 < seidos> rww, all right
19:31:53 < MarkDude> That TV station was there
19:32:17 < eps> There were amateur radio enthusiasts there with video cameras, and there was someone going around doing interviews.
19:33:11  * MarkDude brought the wrong radio, I thought we were using 2 meter radio - oops
19:34:17 < eps> K6BEN-ATV, I think.
19:35:48 < rww> if anyone uploads/sees blog entries or additional photos or whatever, link them in-channel later and I'll put them on the wiki (along with those two photosets mentioned above)
19:36:42 < rww> The general consensus seems to be that everything went really well :). Anyone have any additional comments/questions/etc., or shall we move on?
19:37:03 < MarkDude> http://picasaweb.google.com/tuxwingsgroup/LinuxPicnic# was mine one of the 2 mentioned?
19:37:10 < rww> yeah
19:37:28 < MarkDude> nevermind
19:38:35 < rww> alright, next topic. Global Jam! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/MaverickGlobalJam
19:39:22 < nUboon2Age> i'm watching.
19:40:05 < rww> Jono organized one on Friday 27th in Berkeley; if you're attending, set your attendance status on http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/223/detail/ (and if you need help with LoCo Directory, ask me later and I'll help with it)
19:40:16 < rww> 27th August, that is
19:41:51 < rww> we're also going to be doing one in Southern California. I think we're still looking for a venue for that one, since the ideas we had for venues didn't pan out: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2010-August/001263.html
19:42:24 < rww> Neal and I talked about it earlier today, but my evening's been... hectic... so I can't remember if there was anything since that email he wanted me to mention :(
19:42:47 < nUboon2Age> rww: how do we add ourselves to that event?
19:43:04 < JGrub> Yeah I want to know too,
19:43:13 < rww> (as you may have guessed, Neal and Nathen are both otherwise occupied, hence you all having to put up with me as meeting lead ;P )
19:43:56 < rww> so if anyone has any ideas for venues, now is your chance to be a suggestions rockstar. or, if anyone was thinking of doing another jam anywhere, that too.
19:44:09 < rww> nUboon2Age, JGrub: I'll run you both through it right after the meeting
19:45:09 < nUboon2Age> rww: JGrub i figured it out.  log in and click on the 'register for this event' thing near the bottom
19:45:14 < MarkDude> rww meetings are better when you are leading :)
19:45:18 < rww> nhaines: sorry, I misspelled your name :(
19:45:39 < rww> nUboon2Age: oh, you have an LP account already? yeah, it's rather simple then :)
19:46:17 < nUboon2Age> that link is not easy to find btw rww, JGrub.
19:46:47 < rww> nUboon2Age: yeah, there's a bug open about making registration on LoCo Directory easier and more obvious
19:46:53 < rww> (I'm one of the LoCo Directory developers)
19:47:00 < nUboon2Age> oh cool rww.
19:47:06 < JGrub> I'm on XChat how the hell do I message just one person?
19:47:21 < seidos> JGrub, /msg nick yourmessage
19:47:31 < JGrub> cool thanks
19:47:35 < akk> JGrub: Right click the user and choose "query", or else what seidos said.
19:47:38 < rww> that ^^^ for private message, just type their name for public directed messages.
19:47:38 < seidos> np
19:47:52 < rww> Anyone have any Global Jam questions/suggestions/comments etc.?
19:48:02 < akk> JGrub: oops, not query, "Open dialog window"
19:48:10 < rww> Like I said, there may have been additional points I was supposed to cover there, but I'm failing at remembering properly :(
19:48:31 < seidos> akk, I don't have a query command in xchat.  what version are you using?
19:48:54 < akk> seidos: See my second line.
19:49:10 < seidos> akk, ah
19:49:14 < akk> remembered it wrong (it's /query if you type it)
19:49:19 < MarkDude> seidos,  are you using Fedora?
19:49:28 < seidos> MarkDude, no.
19:49:33 < seidos> MarkDude, are you?
19:49:44 < MarkDude> That must be why it looks different :D
19:49:59 < MarkDude> Not at the moment
19:50:22 < seidos> xchat has a query command in the gui in fedora?
19:50:24 < rww> I guess that's a "no, there aren't any additional Global Jam comments" ;P
19:50:32 < seidos> MarkDude, thanks, you have confused me.
19:51:08 < MarkDude> sry
19:51:16 < seidos> rww, I already sent a msg to nhaines, but I'll ask now anyway, I want to see if we ever posted video of the globaljam I attended.  It was either a globaljam or a bugjam...
19:51:33 < seidos> s/we/anybody
19:51:35 < rww> seidos: was that the video involving inkscape and business cards?
19:51:41 < seidos> s/attended/first attended
19:51:48 < seidos> MarkDude, I am easily confused
19:52:07 < eps> Do we have any unscheduled business?
19:52:21 < rww> eps: I was about to ask that ;P
19:52:22 < seidos> rww, yeah, there's that one.  I also did a rather self gratifying presentation that I'd like to watch, but I don't know if the camera was on.
19:52:52 < rww> seidos: I think there is video from it. I'll try and hunt it down if they don't first.
19:53:08 < rww> I'll send an email to the list tonight if Flannel gets back and notices that I failed at conveying some important information (which is likely; note to self: write notes during conversations from now on).
19:53:20 < seidos> rww, cool, thanks.  nUboon2Age was interested in watching me make a fool of myself.
19:53:24 < rww> hah
19:53:36 < rww> Anyone else have anything about global jams, or any other topics they'd like to discuss tonight?
19:54:06 < nUboon2Age> well i have one 
19:54:28 < nUboon2Age> i just wanted to let people know that i and some other people from the Beginners Team
19:54:50 < nUboon2Age> are working on a revived Wifix project that is designed to
19:55:12 < nUboon2Age> help people get the correct wifi driver for their adaptor.
19:55:34 < nUboon2Age> we have an LP project.
19:55:51 < nUboon2Age> https://launchpad.net/wifix
19:55:52 < JGrub> what is LP?
19:55:57 < rww> (The Beginners Team, for anyone who hasn't come across it before, has information at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam )
19:55:59 < nUboon2Age> Launchpad
19:56:20 < seidos> JGrub, what nUboon2Age said.
19:56:20 < rww> nUboon2Age: awesome. Where would people go if they wanted to help with that? #ubuntu-beginners?
19:56:23 < nUboon2Age> and you can ask me whatever questions about it whenever. ;-)
19:56:42 < rww> JGrub: I'll walk you through Launchpad too; you'll need it to register on LoCo Directory :)
19:56:54 < nUboon2Age> actually #wifix would be the most direct, but 
19:57:18 < nUboon2Age> #ubuntu-beginners or #ubuntu-beginners-dev would work too
19:57:54 < rww> Cool. As someone who deals with wifi in #ubuntu from time to time, I know there's a need for that sort of thing :)
19:58:09 < rww> Anyone else have any topics, or shall we finish up the meeting?
19:58:13 < nUboon2Age> we will be releasing our 0.3 ver tuesday after next
19:58:28 < seidos> I got a question, what's the loco directory, and how can I tell I'm on it?
19:58:34 < nUboon2Age> and we will need support and testing at various times
19:58:57 < nUboon2Age> there's need for more than just devs so if anyone has an interest, please speak up.
19:59:17 < rww> seidos: It's a directory of LoCo teams and events, and everyone with a Launchpad can use it; we use LP authentication rather than separate accounts.
19:59:39 < rww> Looks like we don't have any other business, so I'll close up and we can have a quick Launchpad/LD tutorial :)
20:00:02 < seidos> rww, ah found the link to it on wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam.  thanks
20:00:23 < rww> Our next meeting will be on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/10September05 ; hope to see you there! Check the list tomorrow to see if I sent any errata about that global jam stuff.
20:00:45 < rww> on September 5th, and the agenda's at that URL, that is :)
20:00:53 < rww> </meeting-log>

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