Sunday, July 25th, 2010, 7:00pm (1900) PDT


  1. Announcements
  2. Website discussion status

  3. Printing of a second banner


19:04:22 < Flannel> Welcome everyone to tonight's meeting.
19:04:31 < Flannel> Our agenda for tonight is available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/10July25
19:04:46 < Flannel> And consists of Announcements, Website Status, and Banner printing
19:05:17 < Flannel> If anyone has anything to add to it, feel free to speak up, as always.
19:05:35 < Flannel> Before we begin, do we have anyone who's new and would like to introduce themselves?
19:06:47 < Flannel> Alright, so on to announcements
19:07:46 < nhaines> The Ubuntu Hour experiment down in Lake Forest has been a comfortable success.
19:07:58 < Flannel> We've got an Ubuntu Hour coming up this Tuesday in San Francisco, and another on Thursday in Lake Forest
19:08:06 < Flannel> And, nhaines types faster than I do.
19:08:15 < pleia2> loco entry for the SF one is here: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/182/detail/
19:08:21 < nhaines> There've been 1-3 visitors every week except one, and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.
19:09:22 < nhaines> I'm going to start advertising on Craigslist and looking at those free print community magazines that are all around the OC.
19:09:41 < nhaines> The next two Thursdays will be Ubuntu Hours and then it's going to switch to every other week, I think.
19:09:52 < Flannel> nhaines: I already spoke to you about potential Reader connections, right?
19:10:27 < nhaines> Flannel: yup!
19:10:39 < nhaines> So now would be a good time to see what they need for a writeup or an ad.
19:10:44 < DarkwingDuck> One thing that worked here in MS too was going to Coffee shops and lounges with little flyers
19:11:06 < nhaines> DarkwingDuck: now that I have the Ubuntu font available I think it'd be a perfect time to start making some fliers.
19:11:15 < Flannel> DarkwingDuck: Are most places pretty receptive to that?
19:11:30 < DarkwingDuck> Yes, esp if they have open mic nights and such
19:11:37 < pleia2> nhaines: the one that jack was working on at our global jam is a nice start, I'll see if I can dig up the links
19:11:41 < DarkwingDuck> Look for artists. They love stuff like this.
19:11:47 < nhaines> pleia2: that'd be great.  :)
19:11:56 < DarkwingDuck> nhaines: Let me get at you after the mtg... I would like to get those.
19:12:14 < nhaines> My main goal with Ubuntu Hour down here was to get a meatspace gathering and see if there was any interest.
19:12:17 < Flannel> DarkwingDuck: You have it available too, as a member
19:12:29 < grantbow> sounds like a LUG
19:12:35 < nhaines> And now that that's been proven, I'm looking to leverage this into outreach.
19:12:35 < DarkwingDuck> Very true.
19:12:51 < nhaines> grantbow: it's not.
19:12:54 < pleia2> DarkwingDuck: http://design.canonical.com/2010/07/the-ubuntu-font/ has instructions
19:12:55 < Flannel> grantbow: Ubuntu Hours are for initial contact, not regular attendendees
19:13:09 < DarkwingDuck> pleia2: I owe you coffee. :)
19:13:17 < pleia2> \o/
19:13:36 < grantbow> still sounds like a LUG
19:13:38 < MarkDude> Ubuntu hours are what you want them to be, IMHO
19:14:04 < nhaines> grantbow: I can't imagine how.
19:14:25 < DarkwingDuck> In a way a LoCo is a LUG
19:14:28 < nhaines> In any case, I'm now convinced that Panera is a good venue for outreach.
19:14:43 < grantbow> DarkwingDuck: true
19:15:13 < grantbow> many of the LoCo documents spell that out explicity
19:15:33 < lfitz> nhaines: good turn out last week, btw :)
19:15:40 < nhaines> So that's about all I have to say.  Might be time for a progress report or other lengthy analysis or something.
19:15:49 < Flannel> Anyone have any other announcements?
19:15:52 < nhaines> lfitz: I thought so too.  Thanks for showing up recently.  :)
19:15:52 < seidos> grantbow, I can see it as a LUG.  LUGs are good, no?
19:16:00 < nhaines> pleia2: any thoughts about your UH?
19:16:03 < grantbow> seidos: yes
19:16:17 < pleia2> nhaines: too early to say, our last meetup was nice
19:16:28 < nhaines> pleia2: I look forward to hearing that Tuesday is nice as well.  :)
19:16:29 < pleia2> hoping people will come to this one on tuesday too
19:16:46 < pleia2> might switch to 2nd AND 4th tuesdays of the month or something
19:17:06 < pleia2> need to check on conflicts and stuff, there is always something going on here
19:17:46 < Flannel> pleia2: If you change-up the days (Tuesday one week, Wednesday the other) then that can help alleviate those conflicts
19:17:57 < pleia2> yeah, we'll see
19:18:09 < nhaines> Can get hard to annouce though.  :)
19:18:18 < pleia2> it's different every week, I just need to figure out what'll work best
19:19:23 < Flannel> Any other announcements before we move on?
19:19:46  * MarkDude can give the OSCON wrap- up pretty quickly
19:19:55 < MarkDude> I have an announcement, YokoZar freakin' rocks. We gave out close to 500 CDs at the Ubuntu table at OSCON
19:20:27 < MarkDude> Valorie Z was excellent as well, as were the others that helped
19:20:28 < grantbow> YokoZar: +1
19:20:56 < MarkDude> We also handed out fliers for Ubuntu Women :)
19:21:00 < pleia2> yay :)
19:21:19 < MarkDude> & case badges with tux or Ubuntu Logo
19:21:50 < MarkDude> Courtesy of Zareason. My pics will be up by mid week
19:21:52 < Flannel> MarkDude: How's the OR LoCo doing?  I imagine this gave them a decent kick start
19:22:13 < MarkDude> Not as much as I would have liked
19:22:30 < MarkDude> Free Geek acts as the FOSS center in Portland
19:22:47  * MarkDude met people from the Bay mostly
19:22:51 < pleia2> yeah, free geek has been doing linux deployments for *years*
19:22:57 < MarkDude> and not the west coast
19:23:42 < grantbow> MarkDude: and FreeGeek Vancouver, BC, CA too
19:24:12 < MarkDude> True, Ifny LaChance is very cool
19:24:40  * MarkDude got some good ideas for Geeknics also
19:24:46 < pleia2> woo geeknics
19:24:58 < MarkDude> Geeknic3 will be on August 28th
19:25:07 < MarkDude> 99% sure of that
19:25:10 < pleia2> MarkDude: looking forward to seeing the oscon pictures :)
19:25:18 < MarkDude> 100% sure it will rock
19:25:27 < nhaines> Okay, any other announcements before we move on?
19:25:31 < grantbow> big geeknic http://linuxpicnic.org Sat, Aug 21st coming up.
19:25:36 < DarkwingDuck> Oh, for those that were wondering... My presentation re documentation at CampKDE from Feb is up on youtube... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeMyUTTdvXM
19:25:42 < Flannel> DarkwingDuck: Nice
19:25:45 < nhaines> DarkwingDuck: excellent.  :)
19:25:47 < MarkDude> pleia2, my 1st pics are on FB
19:25:47 < pleia2> DarkwingDuck: nice!
19:26:06 < MarkDude> Ass kickin' DarkwingDuck
19:26:20 < DarkwingDuck> That was in SD. grantbow was able to make that. :)
19:26:42 < grantbow> DarkwingDuck: it was awesome
19:26:43 < DarkwingDuck> They are looking for venues for CampKDE 2011 right now.
19:26:54 < DarkwingDuck> If you want to bid http://camp.kde.org
19:27:24 < pleia2> re: linuxpicnic, we (ubuntu california) have a couple tables there
19:27:27 < MarkDude> Oh, if anyone is interested in havng a geeknic at the O'Reilly orchards , let me know
19:27:39 < pleia2> thanks to grantbow for attending their volunteer meetings and getting that all squared away :)
19:27:48 < MarkDude> We might see about camping there
19:27:59 < MarkDude> grantbow is everywhere
19:28:05 < pleia2> it's a pretty huge event from what I hear, so I'm pretty excited about it
19:28:05 < grantbow> not hardly
19:28:11 < DarkwingDuck> Also, 10.10 is stable enough to run and test. ALL varients are looking for Alpha testors for bug running.
19:28:13 < Flannel> pleia2: When/What is Linux Picnic?
19:28:21 < pleia2> Flannel: the link grantbow gave above
19:28:36 < pleia2> it's a linux picnic held every year for 19 years in the bay area
19:28:38 < Flannel> pleia2: Ah, missed that.
19:28:39 < grantbow> http://linuxpicnic.org is Sat, Aug 21st at the Baylands Park in Sunnyvale
19:28:53 < nhaines> Okay, so we have some geeknic and Linux Picnic stuff coming up.  Be sure to check that out.  :)
19:29:12 < pleia2> pretty much the most famous linux picnic in the world (as far as these things go :))
19:29:23 < nhaines> First up on our agenda, is the California Ubuntu Website.
19:29:27 < Flannel> Oh, that's the one we did last year too, right.
19:29:39 < grantbow> yes
19:30:54 < pleia2> I need to scoot, later all
19:30:59 < Flannel> bye pleia2
19:31:04 < grantbow> we have tables 3H and 3I http://www.linuxpicnic.org/twiki/bin/view/Picnix19/Picnx19TableLayout
19:31:34 < MarkDude> Later Princess
19:31:54  * MarkDude bows to her exiting stage left
19:31:58 < MarkDude> ;)
19:31:59 < grantbow> pleia2: later
19:33:04 < grantbow> between wedge 3 & 4 at the 19th Linux Picnic is a path to an open area where some activities can take place
19:33:30 < grantbow> shall we move to the next item on the agenda?
19:34:09 < Flannel> grantbow: You mind mailing the list about it, so everyone knows about it and we can start generating stuff for it?
19:34:22 < grantbow> sure
19:34:55 < Flannel> Alright, our next agenda item is a status check on the website
19:35:39 < Flannel> We're in the planning stages still, looking for ideas for content and design,
19:35:42 < Flannel> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Website
19:36:13 < MarkDude> What is the domain name going to be?
19:36:37 < Flannel> MarkDude: Haven't thought about it yet, we have a few options on that page already, if you have more, feel free to add them
19:37:13 < Izinucs> Flannel: I haven't read all the page.. but what's going to run the site? a cms or hand coded?
19:37:34 < nhaines> Izinucs: probably  aCMS, but we need to determine content first,
19:37:46 < nhaines> That way we can pick the best CMS,
19:37:47 < Flannel> Izinucs: It'll probably be a CMS, but which one we choose will depend on what our needs are, which is why we're collecting ideas
19:37:57 < Flannel> and, once again, nhaines is quicker
19:38:04 < Izinucs> fast fingers
19:39:14 < DarkwingDuck> I've used drupal as a cms for many years. its stable and there are built in modules for all the things listed on the wiki
19:39:35 < DarkwingDuck> also, its fully open source writen in php
19:39:39 < grantbow> Jono talked about wordpress highly during one of his last shot of jaqs.
19:40:14 < Izinucs> So.. content... Calendar of events, About, specific Links to help at other sites, links to public stuff our group does.. like youtube )... Wordpress has a new easier backend.. joomla has tons of plugins as well.
19:40:36  * MarkDude bow in moment of silence for the passing of SofJ 
19:40:54 < nhaines> So any other ideas about content?
19:41:05 < MarkDude> Gallery is very importnt
19:41:11 < grantbow> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/UserGroupContacts/Groups
19:41:11 < Izinucs> member map location (like the wiki
19:41:15 < DarkwingDuck> I think it sould be picked on the least amount of a learning curve for the maintainers
19:41:30 < MarkDude> Pics *are* worth 1000 words, IMHO
19:41:33 < DarkwingDuck> imo
19:41:34 < MarkDude> DarkwingDuck, +1
19:41:40 < Izinucs> member pics - their website links
19:41:48 < grantbow> pics +1
19:42:33 < MarkDude> For those hosting their own, we should pick system that allows easy linking
19:42:51 < Flannel> If everyone can take a look and add their things to the content section by next meeting or so, we'll be able to move on from there
19:42:58 < Izinucs> a link shouldn't be an issue with any system
19:43:28 < eps> There are plenty of issues open to debate.
19:44:05 < nhaines> eps: are there?
19:44:09  * MarkDude is concerned about using a *fully* Open Source solution
19:44:14 < Izinucs> now there's a segway
19:44:15 < MarkDude> RMS happy
19:44:39 < eps> 1. A bad CMS is worse than no CMS
19:44:47 < eps> 2. Remote image loading is perilous
19:44:49 < Izinucs> MarkDude: in what way? you mean a hosting solution running linux.. and cms Open source option?
19:44:51 < nhaines> RMS refuses to have anything to do with Open Source software.
19:44:55 < rww> MarkDude: I don't know of any good closed-source CMSes anyway, so I don't think that'd be a problem ;)
19:44:58 < Flannel> We won't be hotlinking images, we'll be hosting them.
19:45:09 < eps> rww: Vignette?
19:45:17 < nhaines> eps: se're not deciding on CMS options right now.
19:45:22 < Flannel> Half of the reason we wanted to do that was because we ran into issues with image hosting sites being unstable
19:45:38 < eps> Or people replacing their images with pr0n
19:45:55 < nhaines> eps: that hasn't been an issue so far.
19:46:02 < Flannel> eps: We haven't run across that issue before to my knowledge, actually.
19:46:27 < nhaines> But it's irrelevant.  We won't be hotlinking.
19:46:59 < Flannel> Anyway, try and take a gander at that page before the next meeting so we can keep moving along.
19:47:03 < Flannel> Anyone have questions?
19:47:04 < grantbow> except for Ubuntu countdown banners
19:47:38 < Flannel> grantbow: I'd actually rather see a php image script that just spits out [current image data] instead of just redirecting
19:47:46 < Flannel> (or any language, really)
19:48:09 < DarkwingDuck> better then my hack a couple releases ago lol
19:48:11 < grantbow> me too, but for the wiki we have tried for several cycles to get something better
19:48:32 < rww> and now that we're going to have an actual webserver, making something better will be trivial.
19:48:46 < Flannel> Yeah, we can do that now, and have it wiki-friendly
19:48:49 < DarkwingDuck> although my hack did work for the wiki
19:48:58 < grantbow> DarkwingDuck: the hack the website team did last cycle is equivalent to your hack two cycles ago.
19:48:59 < Flannel> DarkwingDuck: Indeed it did!
19:49:07 < grantbow> they call it facebook but it's the same thing
19:49:25 < DarkwingDuck> ill write it up in a script and bomb it to the ML
19:49:35 < grantbow> lol
19:50:02 < Flannel> Any other questions?
19:50:06 < DarkwingDuck> ill call it joys of .htaccess hehehe
19:50:47 < Flannel> Alright, our next item is a second LoCo banner
19:51:19 < grantbow> LoCo banner?  There aren't any LoCo banners yet.
19:51:37 < grantbow> berkeleylug loaned one to the team - it cost quite a bit.
19:52:11 < Flannel> pleia2 spoke with jack, and jack believes he can get another one printed, so assuming everything works out, we'll have two.
19:53:13 < Flannel> If something comes up, we'll find another solution.  But keep your fingers crossed.
19:53:13 < grantbow> I repeat, we'll have one.,
19:53:15 < eps> Are we talking vinyl sign-cutter banner, or HP DesignJet banner?
19:53:30 < grantbow> vinyl, yes.
19:53:33 < Flannel> eps: the vinyl one, yeah.
19:53:35 < eps> sweet
19:54:06 < DarkwingDuck> neal, you're slow tonight lol
19:54:08 < nhaines> I'm for just using the same design as our current banner.
19:54:27 < seidos> there's a Berkeley LUG with their own banner?  cool
19:54:43 < grantbow> the borrowed banner?  Berkeley LUG did a great job with that, didn't they?
19:54:44 < Flannel> nhaines: Yeah, we've already given the artwork and stuff.
19:54:49 < Flannel> grantbow: Please stop.
19:54:55 < grantbow> Flannel: please stop
19:55:23 < nhaines> grantbow: please stop.
19:55:25 < Flannel> Alright, anyone have any other topics for tonight's meeting?
19:55:38 < grantbow> more ignored objections, nice
19:56:00 < nhaines> grantbow: you will first need to state an objection for it to be addressed/ignored.
19:56:04 < Flannel> grantbow: I'd be happy to discuss whatever it is you feel like discussing after the meeting, but it'd be rude to waste everyone's time on them during it.
19:56:31 < seidos> it isn't surprising that the Berkeley LUG would do a great job.  Is the LUG at the University?
19:56:32 < grantbow> you steal a banner and I'm the bad guy?
19:56:56 < Flannel> seidos: Yeah, jack got the banner printed at the University print shop
19:57:10  * seidos doesn't know jack, or Jack for that matter
19:57:12 < rww> to be fair, I wasn't under the impression that it was borrowed
19:57:19 < grantbow> Jack is jdeslip
19:57:31 < seidos> oh
19:57:34 < grantbow> he's been traveling this summer
19:57:36 < nhaines> Neither was I, but I'd be happy to discuss it with Jack to make sure there weren't any misunderstandings.
19:57:58 < Flannel> grantbow: This is the first time Ive ever heard of "stealing" or "borrowing", as I said, I'd be happy to discuss it with you after the meeting.
19:58:32 < grantbow> This place is closing now so I have to go.  I welcome a phone call.
19:59:06 < grantbow> bye
20:00:08 < Flannel> So, in summary, Jack is trying to get another printed so we don't have to deal with the logistics of having our banner in many places at once.
20:00:19 < Flannel> Anyone have any other topics for tonight's meeting?
20:00:29 < nhaines> It's definitely very generous of him.  :)
20:00:42 < Flannel> nhaines: I agree.
20:00:54 < MarkDude> Flannel, when I asked about the banner...
20:01:08 < MarkDude> The location answer I got was
20:01:14 < MarkDude> "its down here"
20:01:17 < nhaines> MarkDude: after the meeting.
20:01:20  * MarkDude is *just sayin'
20:01:52  * MarkDude quites down
20:02:25 < seidos> s/quites/quiets :D
20:02:43 < rww> quite
20:02:44 < Flannel> MarkDude: I have our banner.  We kept it down here since at SCaLE I asked people, and the next banner-needing event we could think of was SCaLE (in 2011).  Because OSCON moved to Oregon.
20:03:19 < Flannel> I thought we already had this discussion, but I may be mistaken.
20:03:22 < MarkDude> Flannel, same thing nhaines said after the meeting :)
20:03:38 < Flannel> Anyway, Thank you all for coming tonight.  Our next meeting is on August 8th, 7pm.

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