Sunday, March 21st, 2010, 7:00pm (1900) PDT


  1. Announcements
    1. Lucid Beta 1 released (we have two betas this release cycle, because it's LTS)
  2. Global jam planning

    1. Three events planned: Berkeley, SF Bay, Orange
    2. Events are on the Loco Directory: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-california

  3. Preliminary discussion for Lucid release events

    1. Timeframe: scheduled Lucid release date is April 29th, release parties will be around that date, installfests will be a few weeks later (to let the update servers settle down and work out bugs)
    2. Discussion of 'tour' idea: have parties around CA, over the course of a weekend or two, and have the same flyers advertising for parties across the whole state
    3. Discussion of possible locations
  4. Discussion of CD sleeves
    1. Discussion of whether to change them to fit the new Ubuntu branding
    2. Got feedback about them from emmajane at SCaLE, so will hopefully respin with that in mind
    3. Licensing discussion

Original Agenda

  1. Global Jam planning

  2. Lucid Release event preliminary planning


19:06:07 < Flannel> Alright, it's 7:05, we'll go ahead and get started.
19:06:24 < Flannel> Welcome everyone to Summer time :)  And happy equinox!
19:06:53 < Flannel> Our agenda for tonight can befound here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/10March21
19:07:26 < Flannel> It currently consists of two things, Global Jam planning, and Release party preliminary planning
19:08:12 < Flannel> If you've have any items to add, feel free to do so throughout tonight and we'll tack them onto the end if we have time.
19:08:17 < Flannel> First though, announcements.
19:08:44 < Flannel> Lucid Beta 1 was released last week,
19:09:26 < Flannel> (and yes, we do have two betas this time around, for the LTS)
19:09:33 < Flannel> Anyone else have anything?
19:09:49 < dragon> Do we have some new people amongst us tonight?
19:10:24 < DonkeyHotei> i think Jamezq12323 is new; haven't seen him
19:10:34 < Jamezq12323> No, I was here last time
19:10:39 < Flannel> He was here last time
19:10:41 < Flannel> yeah, what he said.
19:10:43 < DonkeyHotei> ok
19:10:48 < dk_> I'm new --
19:10:53 < nhaines> Jamezq12323: well, glad you're back.  :)
19:11:05 < Jamezq12323> Welcome dk_
19:11:21 < grantbow> aloha dk_
19:11:31 < Jamezq12323> :/ getting used too the buttons on lucid.
19:11:52 < Flannel> Howdy dk_, welcome, and be sure to ask if you've got questions
19:12:11 < dk_> Flannel: thanks, no worries - i'll ask... but have no questions at the moment
19:12:16 < Flannel> Anyone else have announcements?
19:13:09 < Flannel> Alright, we'll move on to our first item of the night, global jams.
19:13:33 < Flannel> Global Jam is next weekend, and we're holding three events arranged around the state.
19:14:44 < Flannel> Anyone from either the Berkeley or SF Bay one have anything that still needs any final-pinnings?
19:15:13 < Flannel> From the wiki page ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/LucidGlobalJam ) It looks like the SF Bay one doesn't have a solidified time, is that still the case?
19:15:16 < pleia2> not really, but I will say that our agenda for berkeley is still fluid, so if you want to participate/present/show something you're welcome to propose something :)
19:16:17 < Flannel> nhaines: The orange one still is looking for ideas for a second topic, correct?
19:16:24 < rww> I found out today that I have work on Sunday. Was hoping to go to both :(
19:16:27 < grantbow> Flannel: it's all day on Friday
19:16:30 < pleia2> Flannel: afaik 10-6 is the solid time, people can stay later but they should shoot for that timeframe since that's when jono will be there
19:16:31 < grantbow> jono: ping
19:16:37 < nhaines> Flannel: second, third... we could use a couple more ideas.  :)
19:16:50 < Flannel> pleia2: so it's "10 to at least 6" gothca
19:16:55  * pleia2 nods
19:17:57 < pleia2> also, all three of them are up on loco.ubuntu.com, so people can rsvp: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-california
19:18:31 < grantbow> pleia2: nice
19:18:47 < Flannel> So, in summary, we've got one on Friday from 10am to 6am in East SF Bay,
19:18:56 < jono> grantbow, hey
19:19:06 < Flannel> One on Saturday from 2 to 8pm on Orange,
19:19:13 < jono> gonna be fun :)
19:19:14 < mrandrzejak> hi all
19:19:15 < Flannel> and one on Sunday from noon to at least 3pm
19:19:21 < Flannel> in Berkeley
19:19:22 < rww> Flannel: 10am to 6Pm, actually. We're not /that/ crazy about Ubuntu.
19:19:31 < Flannel> rww: Did I say am? oh, I did.
19:20:10 < Flannel> rww: We should add a topical summary on the wikipage as well
19:20:39 < Flannel> rww: I don't mind doing it later unless someone else would like to volunteer
19:21:56 < Flannel> Anyone have anything else about the global jams?
19:22:26 < Flannel> Next weekend should be a lot of fun, be sure to check it out if you're near one.
19:22:57 < Flannel> We'll go ahead and move on to our next topic, which is prelimiary discussion for Lucid Release events.
19:23:38 < Flannel> We're not worried about pinning things down in firm details yet, more just as a brainstorm for ideas and things
19:23:46  * grantbow cheers - about 6 weeks until release.
19:23:54 < Flannel> Oh yeah.
19:24:09 < nhaines> Actual scheduled release date is April 29th, 2010.
19:24:19 < Flannel> Lucid releases at the end of April (last Thursday, which is the 29th) and it'll be our third LTS.
19:24:57 < Flannel> In the past we've done both release parties and installfests associated with the release,
19:25:32 < Flannel> with the parties being near release, and installfests being at least a few weeks later to let the servers settle down and bugs get worked out before handing it to new users
19:26:09 < Flannel> but we don't have to stick to that, I believe Lucid should be a bit more stable because of the adjusted release schedule
19:26:44 < mrandrzejak> Are the release parties on the day, or sometime soon after the release date?
19:27:03 < nhaines> mrandrzejak: could be either.  :)
19:27:04 < Flannel> mrandrzejak: Anytime we want, although I think the usual thing is to wait for the weekend
19:27:52 < Flannel> mrandrzejak: Lots of parties do happen on Thursdays though too
19:28:23 < Flannel> One thing we were throwing around at SCaLE was having a 'tour' of parties around CA, over the course of a weekend or two.
19:28:45 < pleia2> seeing as it's an LTS release, I'd really like to see CA shine this time around
19:28:54 < pleia2> florida had 7 release parties on release
19:28:58 < Flannel> So like (in SoCal) We'd have one in SD County, one in LA County, Orange County, Riverside, etc (those pretty much cover all of te lower SoCal)
19:29:45 < Flannel> And we'd do them all on one weekend or whatnot, with the same flyers advertising for parties across the whole state, which might generate some excitement
19:30:47 < Flannel> Looks like we might want to bring this topic to the ML.
19:31:00 < eps> ...or have one party on Amtrak, spanning several counties?
19:31:01 < Flannel> Those of you who are here, does a tour type thing sound interesting?
19:31:15 < Flannel> eps: Hah.  That could be expensive
19:31:31 < grantbow> sounds interesting
19:31:37 < akk> The tour sounds great -- yay for having meets in lots of places.
19:31:46 < eps> Flannel: it's an LTS! Splurge a little.
19:32:31 < Flannel> akk: I really like the idea of a single flyer for advertising across the whole state, I think it might get people excited and go who otherwise wouldnt
19:32:57 < Flannel> eps: I'd like to gear it more towards new people rather than just celebrating
19:33:03 < dk_> Flannel: is there a document/wiki somewhere that describes the structure/events at one of the parties?
19:33:05 < pleia2> Flannel: I agree, it makes us look like an organized, professional group, rather than just some geeks getting together ;)
19:33:18 < Flannel> eps: I don't think many people would spend $15 or whatever to learn about that "ubantu thing"
19:33:25 < akk> Good point, pleia2.
19:33:36 < dk_> Flannel: having tried to organize LUG events in Riverside County, it can be a "dry" place - lacking in public forums to put things like this on, other than a university campus
19:33:55 < Flannel> pleia2: We've always tried to look organized and professional, it's something we pride ourselves on
19:34:15 < nhaines> dk_: that's good to know.  But even a restaurant, coffee house, or so forth can be a good place.
19:34:33 < nhaines> Easier than an installfest, anyway.
19:34:35 < Flannel> dk_: Have you tried university campuses?  I can make some calls to people at UCR and Redlands and see what I can scrounge up in terms of rooms
19:34:38 < grantbow> bulletin boards too
19:34:41 < dk_> i guess for a one time event, a restaurant or coffee house can be found
19:34:55 < dk_> Flannel: are you near Riverside or Redlands?
19:35:04 < Flannel> dk_: San Diego, but I know people at both
19:35:05 < pleia2> dk_: yeah, our global jam is just in a pizzeria, the bay one is in a coffee shop
19:35:31 < dk_> ok - so there wouldn't necessarily be an expectation of providing network access or power (or a projector)
19:35:32 < Flannel> pleia2: having a fat pipe for downloads does make things easier though
19:35:45 < pleia2> Flannel: yeah, depends on the type of event though :)
19:35:47 < dk_> for the global jam, but for the party too?
19:35:48 < eps> I'd think that for a release party, you'd want to show something running, even if it's just a late beta.
19:35:56 < akk> It's always tough to find public places with good public bandwidth.
19:35:57 < grantbow> many coffee shops have network access now
19:36:00 < Flannel> dk_: We'll get by without it, but having something like that certainly helps if we're going to try to do install stuff
19:36:29 < Flannel> dk_: Global Jam depends on the topics presented, some of them require network of some sort, others don't
19:36:40 < pleia2> I just don't want people to feel limited and can't have an event (even if it's just a party to liven the spirits of locals) because they can't find good wifi
19:36:41 < grantbow> akk: true, good access is harder to find
19:36:47 < dk_> Flannel: I'm in redlands - if you want to put me in touch with someone you know at either UCR or UofR - feel free to connect them to me
19:37:07 < pleia2> burning a pile of cds (and those lovely cd covers!) the night before could be plenty useful
19:37:36 < eps> pleia2: do we _have_ artwork?
19:37:50 < Flannel> eps: Artwork for what?
19:37:55 < pleia2> eps: actually, redesigning the team cd covers hasn't really been talked about
19:38:05 < eps> Flannel: CD sleeves
19:38:13 < pleia2> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/CDSleeves
19:38:14 < Flannel> eps: We've got ours, yes.
19:38:22 < eps> For Lucid?
19:38:28 < grantbow> eps: as you know with the new branding some of those materials are still coming out like the full new font, etc.
19:38:59 < eps> Uh-huh. Aren't those a dependency for us?
19:39:23 < eps> (I mean prerequisite.)
19:39:27 < Flannel> eps: Not if we just don't re-design, but yeah, it'd be nice if they were out anyway.  Not sure when the community will get access to those things.
19:39:30 < rww> eps: They haven't been changed for the new branding strategy. My personal reasons for not working on it are 1) that we don
19:39:39 < pleia2> last I heard the artwork svgs "should be out by the end of the month"
19:39:44 < Flannel> eps: The current sleeves will still work though
19:39:46 < pleia2> the font is taking longer though
19:39:54 < pleia2> and yeah, the current sleeves are fine for now :)
19:39:57 < rww> 't have access to the materials yet, 2) I'm waiting to see to what extent the rest of the community changes their branding :)
19:40:12 < eps> rww: I like that.
19:40:18 < pleia2> I think they require a new checkbox for 10.04 though
19:40:30 < rww> pleia2: there's a version on the wiki with a 10.04 checkbox
19:40:38 < pleia2> rww: oh good :) thanks
19:40:38 < Flannel> pleia2: The SCaLE ones had 10.04, but yes :)
19:41:12 < Flannel> We got some good feedback from emmajane as well, so I hope to respin with some of that in mind as well
19:41:24 < grantbow> what's the CD sleeve license?
19:41:42 < Jamezq12323> Are we going to make it have a purple tint?
19:42:00 < pleia2> Flannel: is her feedback posted somewhere? we might end up trying to gather some opinions about it from our global jam too since we're also redesigning a pamphlet there
19:42:08 < Flannel> Jamezq12323: Printing backgrounds has some problems associated with it
19:42:18 < Jamezq12323> Like what?
19:42:35 < Flannel> pleia2: she wrote notes on my CD Sleeve, I can scan it I guess.  a lot was verbal as well
19:42:36 < rww> grantbow: as I've mentioned, http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/
19:42:40 < Flannel> pleia2: I can write something up from memory
19:42:51 < pleia2> Flannel: that would be very helpful :)
19:42:52 < Flannel> grantbow: CC0 with additional recommendations
19:43:41 < Flannel> and the posted ones will be updated with that once we sort out exact wording
19:43:48 < rww> grantbow: as I've also mentioned, the wiki page will be updated to reflect that when aforementioned recommendations are written :)
19:43:55 < grantbow> rww: you mentioned it but I don't see it posted
19:45:17 < Flannel> Anyone else have anything else for release discussion?
19:46:51 < Flannel> That's all we've got on our agenda, anything else before we call it a night?
19:47:10 < DonkeyHotei> other than drama, no
19:47:19 < rww> grantbow: should be dealt with in the next week or so. more important stuff keeps pushing it off my todo list
19:47:28 < nhaines> Just that branding and font source materials is supposed to be available by the end of the month.
19:47:29 < mrandrzejak> did i miss anything from 7:31 to 7:40? I had no chat text so i logged off and back on
19:47:44 < Flannel> mrandrzejak: Yeah, I'll pastebin it for you
19:47:49 < mrandrzejak> ty
19:48:33 < Jamezq12323> Well, is ubuntu going to make it easier to configure button position? Is the only question for me.
19:48:42 < nhaines> Jamezq12323: no.
19:48:47 < Jamezq12323> :(
19:48:56 < Flannel> Jamezq12323: Someone will make a tool, I'm sure.
19:48:58 < akk> Button position?
19:49:11 < Flannel> akk: The minimize/maximize/close buttons moving to the left
19:49:12 < nhaines> Jamezq12323: TweakUbuntu has a easy way, I believe.
19:49:27 < akk> Oh, well, use a window manager that lets you configure that!
19:49:37 < akk> There are only like 150 of them available in the repositories. :)
19:49:43 < grantbow> akk: for beta one they are one the left instead of right though this may change back.  Either way it's configurable with gconf-editor
19:49:56 < grantbow> s/one/on/
19:49:58 < Flannel> That looks like we're finished with the meeting, so thank you all for coming.  Our next meeting is in two weeks, April 4th, at 7pm.

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