Sunday, May 2nd, 2010, 7:00pm (1900) PDT


  1. New people introductions
  2. Announcements
    1. Ubuntu 10.04 released. Discussion of new features and issues.
    2. Ubuntu 8.10 end of life (8.04 is still supported and directly upgradeable to 10.04)
    3. Ubuntu Open Week starts tomorrow

  3. 10.04 release events

    1. Southern California release party next Saturday (May 8th) from 5pm to 8pm (more info on wiki page)
    2. Recaps
      1. Berkeley event (25th): Grant presented, it went well. General discussion about 10.04, Ubuntu One, UEC, etc.
      2. San Francisco event (29th): Elizabeth's recap (includes photos); event was packed, perhaps make reservations (but consider cost)

      3. Walnut Creek event (30th): normal DVLUG meeting, followed by visit to the Cheesecake Factory. It was fun, though would have benefited from some advertising for more people
      4. Felton and SFLUG presentations: Grant presented at both, went well. He found the release overview page useful.

    3. Robert to add links to photos to the wiki page
  4. May 30th meeting cancellation?
    1. People aren't doing anything special, so not cancelled

Original Agenda

  1. Announcements
    1. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Released
    2. Ubuntu Open Week - May 3-7

    3. Ubuntu 8.10 EOL
  2. Lucid release events

    1. Recap of events that already happened
    2. Announcements of upcoming events
  3. Decide whether to cancel May 30th meeting because of Memorial day


19:07:34 < Flannel> Welcome everyone to tonight's meeting, our current agenda is available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/10May02
19:08:23 < Flannel> It currently consists of : Announcements, Lucid Release event Recaps (for those already complete) and reminders (for those yet to come), and lastly, discussion about whether to cancel the May 30th meeting due to Memorial day.
19:08:56 < Flannel> Before we get started, do we have any new people here tonight who would like to introduce themselves?
19:09:45 < brieweb> I am Brian Lavender from Sacramento. Lurker to the meeting. I am a grad student at Sac State in Comp Sci.
19:10:32 < grantbow> welcome new people
19:10:41 < rww> Glad you could make it :)
19:10:52 < wiretapped> I'm Leif. I met a few of you at the thirsty bear, and have met a few before
19:11:30 < Flannel> Welcome wiretapped and brieweb.  Feel free to ask questions at any point during the meeting :)
19:12:11 < Flannel> So, we'll go ahead and head off into our first order of business: announcements.
19:13:23 < rww> Ubuntu 10.04 was released! It's an LTS release, will be supported for three years on the desktop and five on servers.
19:13:34 < rww> You should read the release notes before upgrading or installing; they're at http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1004
19:13:58 < eps> I find the part about "Partition alignment changes may break some systems" especially disturbing. "Some?" That's a _major_ understatement. Bad, bad Canonical.
19:14:22 < rww> New shininess includes the usual upgrades to packages, a new "Me-Menu" to interface with IM, social networking, and Ubuntu One, more integration elsewhere in the system with Ubuntu One, and a kickass new theme :)
19:14:30 < Flannel> The various other flavors have releases too.  Edubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu.  I don't know about the other flavors.
19:15:01 < rww> Kubuntu 10.04 is awesome; if you haven't checked out KDE in a while, I'd recommend giving it a look :)
19:15:54 < rww> eps: It's not really a major understatement. If it were "most", I'd have heard more about it...
19:16:36 < rww> Anyway! Along with the release of 10.04 comes the end of life of Ubuntu 8.10, which I believe we've covered in announcements in the past.
19:16:37 < grantbow> UEC is new, Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud. Netbook was renamed from Release to Edition.
19:17:13 < eps> rww: It is if you install dual-boot systems. This is a sneaky way to break non-Ubuntu installs.
19:17:19 < rww> The tl;dr is that if you're using Ubuntu 8.10, you should upgrade to Jaunty or above asap. Do "/msg Eureka !upgrade" for more info.
19:17:49 < Flannel> 8.04 is still supported (being an LTS itself) and you can upgrade straight to 10.04 (also an LTS)
19:18:02 < rww> (from 8.04, not from 8.10)
19:18:52 < rww> eps: It's a very convincing case for more beta and ISO testing, since the bug report only surfaced in March.
19:19:05 < rww> Anyway! Anyone have any questions about 8.10 or 10.04 or what not?
19:20:59 < rww> Alright. Our last announcement is about Ubuntu Open Week, which starts tomorrow. It's a week of IRC sessions aimed at the general Ubuntu community.
19:21:21 < rww> You can get more information and the schedule at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek ; I'd highly recommend attending if you can, it's a lot of fun and very educational :)
19:21:43 < grantbow> seconded
19:22:44 < Eureka> wiki: /CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/10May02 edited
19:22:49 < rww> Anyone have any other LoCo announcements, things they'd like to add to the agenda, etc., before we get into our first topic?
19:23:15 < grantbow> seems someone already did
19:23:26 < rww> (apart from Neal rephrasing my bad English ;P )
19:23:58 < Flannel> Thanks for handling the announcements rww.
19:24:11 < Flannel> So, our next topic is Lucid Release Events
19:24:36 < Flannel> Before we get started on the recaps of the ones we already did,
19:25:00 < Flannel> the Southern Caliornia release party is happening next Saturday, May 8th, from 5pm to 8pm.
19:25:35 < Flannel> It's going to be held at the Pat and Oscars in Buena Park, which is centrally located and near lots of freeways, so people should have an easy time getting there from all over.
19:26:04 < Flannel> Exact location, and a google maps link and stuff can be found on the Lucid release event page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/LucidRelease  under the SoCal party
19:26:12 < rww> (woot for pizza!)
19:26:15 < Flannel> Anyone have questions about that before we dive into recaps?
19:27:59 < Flannel> Alright, we've had a few release shindigs already.  I guess we'll just do this chronologically.
19:28:33 < Flannel> Did anyone get a chance to attend the Berkeley LUG event on the 25th?
19:29:08 < grantbow> I presented.  It went well.  pretty casual but some good questions.
19:29:45 < grantbow> I mentioned this meeting too.
19:29:59 < Flannel> grantbow: What topic was central to the questions, if you had to narrow it down to one or two?
19:30:42 < grantbow> 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx - general stuff about Ubuntu One, UEC, etc.
19:30:58 < rww> reminds me, I need to come up with a two minute "What's new in Lucid?" pitch
19:31:05 < grantbow> I don't recall all the questions.
19:31:29 < grantbow> rww: I use the 1004overview link which works well
19:31:55 < Flannel> grantbow: technical questions about them? or privacy/social/soft-topic/etc sorts of questions?
19:32:06 < rww> grantbow: Is there a decent link somewhere for UEC info? I keep meaning to read up about it.
19:32:20 < grantbow> linked from our LucidRelease wiki page - I would copy and paste but I am not at home right now
19:32:53 < grantbow> rww: ubuntu.com is a good place for UEC reading
19:33:12 < grantbow> Flannel: I don't recall, we talked about a lot of things.
19:33:32 < grantbow> mix of both
19:34:22 < Flannel> grantbow: Anything else about that? or should we move on to the next
19:34:42 < grantbow> Flannel: ready when you are to move on
19:35:02 < Flannel> Alright, so our next event was at the Thirsty Bear on Thursday.
19:35:15 < Flannel> I know people who are here attended, would someone like to recap?
19:35:25 < grantbow> pleia2 had a great blog entry but she's afk
19:35:41 < rww> http://princessleia.com/journal/?p=2900
19:35:49 < rww> (covers SF and Walnut Creek)
19:36:03 < grantbow> and geeknic
19:36:09 < rww> Lots and lots of people, from the sound of it :)
19:36:32 < Flannel> So, would someone care to summarize Thirsty Bear specifically?
19:36:35 < grantbow> it was packed - another party or two were finishing up when we got there
19:37:28 < grantbow> I think the link is a great summary.
19:38:52 < Flannel> Is there anything that went particularly well, or didn't work out that we should address next time around?
19:39:00 < grantbow> have the pictures been linked yet?
19:39:14 < rww> grantbow: they're on aforementioned blog entry.
19:39:48 < grantbow> rww: I meant from LucidRelease like we talked about
19:39:49 < rww> Flannel: I think that talking to the venue and making reservations might be a good idea next time.
19:39:57 < Flannel> grantbow: If you're on a phone or something that makes it difficult to type, would you rather postpone wrap-ups until the next meeting? so they can be covered appropriately?
19:40:14 < Flannel> Since you seem to be the only active person who attended, at least that one
19:40:51 < grantbow> Flannel: I would not prefer that.
19:41:11 < grantbow> Flannel: I don't understand what you find inappropriate
19:41:50 < grantbow> many people attended, about 70 I am guessing including rww
19:42:01 < rww> I didn't go to the SF event.
19:42:24 < grantbow> oops, sorry, got my nights mixed up
19:42:45 < grantbow> so many parties, so little time :-)
19:43:04 < Flannel> grantbow: Not inappropriate, just inadequately.  With only one person giving feedback, it's almost going to have to come up at a later meeting anyway, so it might save us some time tonight.
19:43:12 < MarkDude> Both wevents rocked
19:43:35 < grantbow> other active people attended but are afk like pleia2
19:43:58 < grantbow> Flannel: I don't know what you find inadequate
19:44:03 < MarkDude> Or the 3 of here find CA team meetings lame
19:44:08 < Flannel> grantbow: I'm not arguing that no one else attended, but feedback is a good thing
19:44:57 < grantbow> Your adequate and mine are subjectively different
19:45:22 < rww> Moving on. Anyone have any comments on what went particularly well or needs improving for next time for those two events, or shall we go on to Walnut Creek's?
19:45:36 < Flannel> rww: What about reservations would've helped?  Was there not enough room? or just a courtesy thing? or what?
19:45:40 < MarkDude> Bigger room for next time
19:45:55 < MarkDude> rww we should have 100+ next time :)
19:46:01 < MarkDude> for SF
19:46:01 < rww> Flannel: Apparently it turned out okay, so courtesy, plus it was rather crowded.
19:46:15 < eps> Another -- larger -- group had reserved ThirstyBear's upstairs.
19:46:38 < MarkDude> Convention was there, taking the big room
19:46:49 < eps> So yes, we'd be in a better negotiating position if we could guarantee higher attendance.
19:46:52 < grantbow> cost might be a concern when talking about reservations
19:47:17 < rww> grantbow: good point. Can't hurt to ask, though.
19:47:38 < grantbow> rww: agreed, jono is still traveling I think
19:48:00 < rww> Would be good to keep in mind for future reference that stuff Jono blogs/tweets/facebooks about is going to get a last minute surge of attendees )
19:48:02 < rww> :) **
19:48:28 < Flannel> So, any other comments about Thirsty Bear?
19:48:34 < pleia2> sorry, was out running errands
19:48:47 < pleia2> great turnout, jono really did a great job working the crowd (as always!)
19:48:48 < grantbow> anyone who attended that hasn't spoken yet?
19:49:24 < pleia2> and yeah, we might look into reservations next time (I'll touch base with jono)
19:49:33 < grantbow> pleia2: wb :-)
19:49:44 < pleia2> thanks :)
19:49:59  * wiretapped had a great time
19:50:11 < grantbow> wiretapped: great!
19:51:08 < rww> Alright. Looks like that's it in terms of comments
19:51:19 < Flannel> Alright, anyone attend the Walnut Creek event who wouldn't mind giving a summary?
19:51:42 < rww> i can
19:52:59 < rww> pleia2, grantbow, mparic and I met up at DVLUG and talked about Lucid for about an hour or two. It was chill, La Scala was its usual self. After that, we went to Spaghetti Factory to celebrate Grant's, Lucid's, and the Queen of some country that isn't mine's birthday, which was really fun :)
19:53:11 < pleia2> cheesecake factory!
19:53:14 < rww> yes, that!
19:53:21 < rww> MarkDude, Chris, Courtney, and sn9 turned up for the latter part.
19:53:25 < grantbow> yummy
19:53:30 < MarkDude> It was good, yep
19:53:33 < pleia2> at la scala we also had a woman drop by our table being like "neat, ubuntu!" :) so that was cool
19:54:05 < rww> yeah, getting accosted by random people asking about Ubuntu is always a good thing :)
19:54:08 < FashionGirl> Happy birthday Grant!
19:54:28 < grantbow> FashionGirl: thanks
19:54:55 < Flannel> So, we've got some things that went well.  Did anything not go so smoothly and is something we can address next time?
19:55:01 < rww> As far as suggestions and such, we had the usual DVLUG not-huge-numbers-of-people thing (compared to SF, anyway), we could probably do more advertising next time around
19:55:43 < rww> If we wanted to discuss Lucid over dinner (we didn't this time, but just saying), we'd probably want a different venue, since sn9 can attest that sound didn't exactly travel well
19:56:17 < Flannel> alright.  Anything else?
19:56:37 < Torikun2> http://www.datamancer.net/steampunklaptop/steampunklaptop.htm
19:56:52 < rww> not that I can think of. It went well in general :)
19:57:07 < Flannel> Did anyone get a chance to attend the FeltonLUG meeting yesterday?
19:57:22 < MarkDude> Dangerous G
19:57:26 < FashionGirl> Happy birthday Grant! What time was it?
19:57:32 < pleia2> that's where grant did a lucid presentation, most of us are further up north (so we were at the geeknic)
19:57:34 < grantbow> I presented with the overhead projector for an hour.
19:58:09 < grantbow> It went quite well.
19:58:56 < rww> cool :)
19:59:10 < Flannel> And did anyone get a chance to attend the SF-LUG meeting today?
19:59:18 < grantbow> Again I used the 1004overview page and people really appreciated hearing about UDS in Dallas.
19:59:46 < grantbow> I presented today at sf-lug.org.  Same story.
19:59:52 < rww> ( http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1004overview , for people following along at home)
20:00:00 < grantbow> thanks rww
20:00:08 < Flannel> grantbow: Did people have a lot of questions at either?
20:00:19 < pleia2> grantbow: awesome work with all these presentations :)
20:00:40 < grantbow> Felton had about 15 or 20 people
20:00:53 < grantbow> sf-lug had about 7
20:01:19 < grantbow> good questions and I am following up with emails to their lists with answers
20:01:31 < Flannel> grantbow: What type of questions were the most popular?
20:02:28 < grantbow> they were all over.
20:02:29  * wiretapped looks at the 1004overview page and shudders
20:02:50 < grantbow> in Felton we had somone ask about 10G ethernet drivers from UC Santa Cruz
20:02:54 < Flannel> grantbow: so, technical questions about various things?
20:02:59  * wiretapped wonders why the list of mirrors is above most of the text
20:03:02 < grantbow> typical talk about 32bit vs 64 bit
20:03:40 < rww> wiretapped: It's the standard link for "Here's what's new in Lucid and how to get it"; the download links are what most people want
20:03:44 < grantbow> peple still ask about flash, patent and copyright/blob issues for drivers
20:04:14 < eps> Flash is easy.
20:04:49 < MarkDude> for eps
20:04:57 < MarkDude> Not for some newer-users
20:05:00 < Flannel> Anything else about any of the release events?
20:05:00 < grantbow> Flannel: anything else?
20:05:01 < MarkDude> :)
20:05:32 < Flannel> grantbow: Nah, just like to get a feel for the questions we get, so we can be proactive about them when possible
20:05:41 < rww> Is there a date/time pinned down for the Noisebridge installfest?
20:06:02 < grantbow> Flannel: give more presentations to get more questions
20:06:08 < wiretapped> no
20:06:11 < Flannel> grantbow: Excuse me?
20:06:13 < wiretapped> i'm fine with either day
20:06:36 < rww> alright
20:06:39 < MarkDude> Im not doing drama
20:06:40 < pleia2> yeah, I am too
20:06:48 < rww> grantbow: I'll go look around for blog and picture links for LucidRelease, will add them tonight
20:06:53 < grantbow> I am fine with either day
20:06:55 < MarkDude> flannel grantbow  enough
20:07:01 < MarkDude> BOTH
20:07:05 < grantbow> rww: thanks
20:07:11 < rww> Thanks to everyone who's blogged and put up photos, btw. I'm glad we're getting better at doing that :)
20:07:18 < pleia2> wiretapped: are you on the ubuntu-us-ca mailing list?
20:07:22 < grantbow> rww: +1
20:07:46 < wiretapped> yeah
20:08:06 < pleia2> oh yeah, I just looked at the NB thread :)
20:08:24 < pleia2> we'll follow up on list to pound out the details for that event
20:08:49 < rww> Alright. If anyone thinks of any comments about the release parties that we didn't cover above, ML would work for that too.
20:09:11 < Flannel> Anything else for release events?
20:09:41 < Flannel> Alright, moving on to our last topic.
20:10:07 < Flannel> At our last meeting we decided to discuss meeting cancellations one month ahead of time, and May 30 is one month from now.
20:10:30 < Flannel> May 30 is the Sunday on Memorial day weekend, and was a scheduled meeting.
20:11:09 < Flannel> I personally don't see any reason to cancel it, most memorial day things happen on the Monday of Memorial Day.  What does everyone else think?
20:11:40 < rww> I agree. I'm not doing anything special around then either.
20:11:50 < grantbow> I agreee.
20:11:59 < MarkDude> Whatever.
20:12:27 < brieweb> What if you just say that you need a quorum?
20:12:35 < brieweb> Then if you have one, you host the meeting.
20:12:57 < rww> brieweb: because we don't have a definition of quorum, or membership, or whatnot
20:13:14 < Flannel> brieweb: "Holding the meeting -- maybe" is even worse than holding it or not.  You potentially cancel the meeting after everyone's either taken time out of their day to attend
20:13:14 < rww> Looks like meeting is happening as planned :)
20:13:26 < Flannel> er, s/either//
20:14:19 < grantbow> rww: great
20:14:27 < Flannel> So, looks like that wraps up our meeting.
20:14:30  * wiretapped leans toward sunday for the NB installfest; will check with jesse
20:14:45 < Flannel> Thank you all for coming, our next meeting will be in two weeks, on the 16th, at 7pm.

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